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The FOX announcers for last's night's game were about the worst I've ever heard. They were too busy worshipping Saint Tebow to even pay attention to what down they were on for much of the game. They really made the game painful to watch. Honestly, what the fucking hell does living in a leper colony have to do with the game? Really?

Oklahoma screwed themselves out of a championship last night, several times. The two missed touchdowns and that retarded offensive line penalty cost them the game. And maybe if the receivers could have caught a damn ball (instead of just handing it over to the other team, literally) once in awhile even those things wouldn't have mattered. Florida wasn't a better team; they just made fewer mistakes.
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Some traits of my worst hotel experience ever:

1. I found a pubic hair in my sheets on the first night.
2. The bedding smelled funky. I don't even know how to describe it, but it was not a fresh or clean smell.
3. There were stains all over the carpet.
4. I had an excellent signal with the wireless internet's router, but the internet didn't work the entire time I was there. The front desk person either didn't care enough to fix it or was too computer retarded to know what I was talking about. I'm going for the latter, but it could have been both.
5. There was a half inch gap between my room's door and the door frame. I'm not even exaggerating. I went outside on the first night to call Jeremy since my cell phone signal SUCKED, and I saw light coming through the side of the door. I looked into the hole from outside and could see the entire room all the way back to the bathroom. WTF. People could watch EVERYTHING I did in there, and the gap was large enough that pretty much any flying insect could get in. Fantastic. I stuck a towel in the door while I was in there, but it wasn't long enough to cover the whole gap.
6. There was a huge wad of soapy hair clogging the bathtub drain, and when I took a shower the tub filled up with the water that the clog was blocking. Gross.
7. There must have been a stain in the bottom of the bathtub at one time, because the owners had the brilliance to PAINT the bottom third of the tub with bluish gray paint. It looked awful. It was uneven, there were stains in the paint itself, and the paint was chipping off in places. I actually wore shoes in the shower, but with the water backing up from the clog it didn't do much good.
8. There was no skirt around the bottom of the bed, so I could see the box spring under the mattress. Normally this would be no big deal, but it was full of stains and rips and holes. Very attractive.
9. The air conditioning unit was so loud that it woke me up every time it came on. That happened about six or seven times over the course of the first night. At least it worked...
10. The lobby that was supposed to have coffee 24 hours a day didn't even have coffee in the morning when I dragged my half asleep ass downstairs to find it. They only made it after I asked for it. There was no continental breakfast btw.
11. The hot tub had about six inches of murky, mosquito-breeding water in it, and for some stupid reason there were hundreds of rocks in it from the gravel driveway nearby. It was a nice hot tub, too, and it looked fairly new. What a waste of money.
12. The owners walked around the front lobby and other public areas in their pajamas.
13. This is not a complaint on the hotel itself, but when I was walking to my room on the second night there was a fat, disgusting fuckwad sitting on the balcony checking me out as I walked by. He called out to me with a white trash southern accent and said, "You know, you should just walk around in a bikini top." When I gave him a pissed off look he called me a "sourpuss." Yeah...that's EXACTLY who I want staying a few doors down from me when the entire outside world can see me changing clothes in the "privacy" of my hotel room. When I was loading up my car to leave the next morning there was some kind of dried up splash mark on my passenger side window. I didn't see it happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of those drunk fucks pissed on my car.

I'm never staying there again. What a waste of 76 dollars. Just so you don't take this out of context, you should know that I hardly EVER complain about things like restaurants and hotel rooms. If only one or two of those problems existed while everything else was fine, I wouldn't have said a word. The sum of all of it is what pisses me off. It's just blatant neglect on the part of the owners, and it's substandard no matter where you are (even if it is middle-of-nowhere Kansas).
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Damn, man, shut up and move on already.

I drove through a nice downpour for most of my trip in to Norman this morning, but we're missing the worst of it by about 60 miles. There's a broad line of heavy rain that has basically been redeveloping over the same areas continuously since last night. There have been high water rescues, road closures, homes flooded, and all kinds of other problems there, and it's not letting up anytime soon. It will be interesting to see over the next day or two how the rivers here respond to all that water collecting upstream.
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What? It was the only severe wind report in the ENTIRE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA. Don't you think at least one other person would have noticed 90 mph wind gusts? People suck at estimating wind speed, even meteorologists.

Um, no.

Jun. 11th, 2007 12:28 pm
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I got this in a mass email just a little bit ago from MoveOn.Org:

"The Senate votes this week on climate and energy legislation. Please call your senators and ask them to vote against a proposal to use billions of tax dollars to make "liquid coal" America's next fuel—a global warming disaster.

Senator James Inhofe
Phone: 202-224-4721

Senator Tom Coburn
Phone: 202-224-5754"

They want me to do what??? Are they serious???
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Some horribly evil person in this department ate my fetuccini alfredo that was in the grad student lounge freezer. Apparently food has been disappearing from that fridge for weeks now. WHO EATS OTHER PEOPLE'S FOOD???? How incredibly rude.
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Dear American Airlines,

If you are going to wimp out about an ice storm by cancelling two of my flights in a row and thus making me miss an entire day of my conference, then do NOT try to tell me that I have to pay hundreds of dollars to get on an earlier flight if it becomes available. You guys are the reason I'm on this flight, and the timing of my call to reschedule was the only reason I'm not on an earlier one. You can kindly shove your change fees and fare changes right up your asses.


Heather, who will never EVER fly with you ever again (after today)

(By the way? They're still cancelling about half of the flights to Dallas as of this morning, even though there's not a cloud in the sky)
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My flight was just canceled again, and this time I don't think they had any good reason to do it. The storm is winding down, and other flights are making it. Bastards. The shittier part is that the only other flight they could get me on doesn't depart until TOMORROW NIGHT, so I'm going to miss the entire first day. The first cancellation didn't bother me much, because I knew it was coming and still had some wiggle room to make it there by tonight. Now I'm infuriated.
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In my geology class this morning:

Person 1 (big ass football player freshman) walks in the door.
Person 2 says "Hey, did you get tear-gassed?"
Person 1 laughs and says "Yeah."
Person 2 says "Awesome."

So basically the attitude I've seen on campus is that the rioters were cool, and the cops were automatonic thugs. I still maintain that anyone involved in the riot was a fucking drunk moron. Anyone not involved in the riot and still got pepper sprayed, tear gassed, or beaten probably had a choice in whether they were there or not.

I guess this is further enforced by the fact that maybe two stories in the entire Iowa State Daily today was about something other than VEISHEA or the riot.
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So, apparently a huge riot took place less than two blocks from my apartment last night. I had my window open, and I was having trouble sleeping because I kept hearing noises outside like pops of windows breaking. It was freaking me out, because it sounded kinda close by. Hm, people can be so stupid sometimes.
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You guys have no idea how much I hate Mexican polka music. I thought that I just might never have to hear it again when I got away from Kansas and up here to Iowa, but my neighbors have insisted on blaring it for the last three days straight. It's a nice day, and I want to keep my window open, but I'm going to go crazy if I have to listen to this shit anymore.

Oh my God, what the fuck?! I just cranked up my own music so that I wouldn't have to listen to it, and I think he just turned his up more. (@*$&#@*&(*@^#$!!!
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That is the LAST fucking time I leave my keys at home and get locked out. I sat outside that goddamn door for 20 fucking minutes pounding and kicking the door trying to get her to fucking wake up. I also tried calling the phone something like 5 times. It finally took almost fucking breaking the door down to get her attention. God damn it, I'm so mad right now that I could just scream. I was almost about to cry before she finally came and opened the door.
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I was awakened by a car horn blaring right below my window at 8:30 this morning. While you think once would be enough for them, they kept pushing it on and off for another ten minutes. They were also blaring Mexican music along with it. I hate my neighbors sometimes. Argh.

My grandma and grandpa just called to wish me a happy birthday. They love to talk my ear off and ask all kinds of questions about school, but I love hearing from them. I think my poor grandpa is doomed to never be completely healthy again. He just went in for surgery last week to get something on his foot fixed. He told me "Don't let anyone ever tell you that growing old is fun. They're full of crap." I couldn't help but giggle. He also gave me a hard time because I wasn't doing my job as a meteorologist. I'm supposed to be making rain for them, but it hasn't been happening. I told them that we got about 18 inches of snow last week, and he told me that he thinks they've gotten 18 inches of snow in the last 18 years. It's so dry there.
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I just love the sound of squealing belts on POS cars screaming outside my window for 30 seconds straight. It's therapeutic for the nerves, let me tell you. It's almost as calming as the polka music they blared for the entire block to hear earlier this afternoon.

I miss living in the country. So much.
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1224.1 - Beat that beyotches.

I had to use my 4WD to get across town to Wal-Mart tonight. Now, normally I would bitch about the snow, but that was actually rather fun. There's a certain exhileration to the fact that you can get places and do things other cars can't do. For instance, my car was buried in an 18-24 inch drift in the parking lot, because when they clear the snow off the parking lot, they basically just pile it in front of the cars that are parked there. All I had to do was back up a little bit and take a running go at it, and I was over the drift and on my way. My roommate, however, had to spend about an hour digging hers out before she could even go anywhere. We essentially drive the same type of car, too. Mine is a 1992 GMC S10 Jimmy, and hers is a later model S-10 pickup variety. I think the difference is in engine power and 4WD. Mine has the 4.3L Vortec engine in it, and I think she said hers has a 4-cylinder. She also has no 4WD while mine does. It makes a difference, boys and girls.

If there was ice, I'd flat out refuse to drive at all. It's just snow....a lot of it. It's not slick on the roads unless you're a dumbass who doesn't know how to drive. A fucking Ford Econoliner nearly slid into me while I was waiting to pull into the Wal-Mart parking lot. Hrmph.
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The temp outside right now is -1 fahrenheit. The high is supposed to be 3. I was watching the weather channel this morning, and they were freaking out about how cold it was in Cleveland where the high was supposed to be in the 20s. Wimps.

The crazy part about all this is that there is one particular individual on campus who is wearing shorts every single time I see him. I didn't think people that stupid went to college. *shrug*
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Ok people, Eskimo Joe's is not emo, ska, or punk. It's also certainly not vintage, unless you bought the damn shirt in 1976. It's a fucking restaraunt in Stillwater, Oklahoma that has a very well-known logo and happens to make good money by selling shirts, keychains, coffee mugs, cups, pants, shot glasses, hats, and just about everything else that they can put it on. Hell, in Stillwater, college students get so many of those damn cups from the restaraunt that they punch holes in the bottom of them and use them as lantern lights in their dorm rooms and apartments.

Um....they also have good cheese fries.
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I have a large amount of rage for someone in this building. Since there's only one washer and dryer for six apartments here, it's usually customary (albeit rude) to take someone's clothes out of the washer or dryer if you need to use it and theirs are done. I have no problem with people doing that to my clothes. So, when my clothes needed to go in the dryer, I took the dry clothes out that were in there and placed them in a chair nearby. Well, I don't know who the numbnut was, but when he went down there after I was gone, he took my very wet clothes out of the dryer and put his DRY clothes back in USING MY CYCLE. So basically, he robbed me of three very precious quarters. When I noticed this, I very willingly ripped his clothes out of the dryer and put mine back in...with three more quarters of course, because I don't know how much time he took from my other load. If I were a meaner person, I would have left his shit on the dirty concrete floor, but I didn't. People piss me off sometimes.
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I am playing Literati with the slowest and quite possibly dumbest person on the planet, although I did show my redneck pride and use all my letters on the very first turn to spell out M-U-L-L-E-T-S.

Oh God, crawn is not a word, buddy.
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An exercise in futility is being in a class called "Geology for Engineers" and debating on flood management with the stance that the flood control structures in place (dams, levees, etc.) are not the most logical solution to the problem. I don't want to offend any engineers reading this, but you just have no common sense whatsoever. Let's just spend billions upon billions of dollars to build the biggest dam we can so that those people can live right on the river. And when it breaks, we'll spend billions more to build an even BIGGER dam!


Beating my head against a wall sounds better than debating against all of them when I'm outnumbered 20 to 1.


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