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It's time for a cool down/hydration break after working outside for the last two hours. The builder of this subdivision brought some topsoil fill dirt in a dumptruck but left it in a huge pile so that it's our job to spread it around. You see, instead of laying down sod for the lawn, he just left bare ground figuring that the grass would fill in on its own. Well that was a stupid idea. We have more weeds and stickers than grass, and a few good rainstorms have washed huge ruts downslope to the ditch. The natural soil here is mostly clay, and the recent drought has made it rock hard so the grass is not only drying out but is also having trouble getting established in the areas that are still bare. The purpose of the rich top soil is to fill in the ruts and hopefully give the grass a chance to quickly grow into it to prevent more erosion. Jeremy and I have spent several hours in the past two days getting the dirt where it needs to be. Now Jeremy's at work all day, so the job falls to me. Woo. Hoo.

On an unrelated note, today is my journal's fifth anniversary. Yay!
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God damn it, Heather. Get off the fucking computer and go DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE! You have a shower to take, a cat to feed, work to do, money to make, a senior thesis to construct, a Spanish test-out to study for, the GRE to study for, and bills that are due today! WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL SITTING HERE?!?!?!?! Most people started their day three or four hours ago and are being productive members of society. You're here writing a livejournal post to yourself, in your pajamas. You. Are. Pathetic.
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Why is Excel completely stupid when it comes to exporting the charts and graphs into image files? It really shouldn't be this difficult to figure out how to do it, so is there something reeeeaaally obvious that I'm overlooking? I'm trying to avoid copying it into Powerpoint and then saving as an image since a) that seems to degrade the quality of the image, and b) that would be a huge pain in the ass. Death to Microsoft.

It's interesting that I just finished in an hour what I said I'd have done in two weeks. I must be awesome.
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The heat index could be as high as 105 tomorrow. *dies*

I do have an extra window AC unit sitting in my closet, but I'm kind of against using it. It would probably be too much of a pain in the ass to put in the window by myself, I don't think the side guard things are wide enough for my window (which kind of defeats the purpose), I'm not sure if it still works since it's been sitting for about five or six years, and that's extra electricity usage down the drain. I'll probably just spend the hotter part of the day somewhere on campus with good AC, like the library or up in the map room at Agronomy. I definitely have things I could be doing, and I'd be able to concentrate much better there since it will be more comfortable.

Work is kind of a pain in the ass right now, too. The corn was around our knees when we started the project, but now the thickest part of the canopy is right at eye level. My arms are all cut up and itchy from pushing the leaves away from my face, and I got poked in the eye once when I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I'm going to have to wear long sleeves tomorrow whether I like it or not, and I'll have to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes.

Ah, the joys of living in Iowa....
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I got the callback for SCEP about an hour or two after my ORISE call this morning. I was selected as the top candidate to be forwarded to region from the Des Moines office. They're only hiring four SCEP students out of 20-something candidates from all the NWS offices in the central region (although I wonder if all of them are actually going to have candidates since some of the offices are a million miles from the closest university...*cough* Goodland, KS). Brenda (the Meteorologist in Charge at Des Moines) thinks I'm a "strong candidate," but I'm going to try not to get my hopes up. My job is to just make myself sound as irresistible as possible on the full application and list good references. The rest is up to the folks at the Central Region office. I'd rather have this than ORISE anyway, since I can do it during the school year and it pays better. Ok, so money's not really a big deal to me, although it would be nice to pay back some of my loans before I'm out of school. SCEP is what I've wanted to do since I started school here at Iowa State. It's an amazing opportunity and a gateway to a lot of things. Plus, I believe it would look even better on a resume to have done it in these times of budget cuts. Fewer SCEP spots are open now than have been available in the last several years, so I've gotta go for it when I have the chance.
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An email I just received:

"Hi Heather,

Although, the ORISE program has not been reopened things are moving
forward. For planning purposes I need a little information. When would
you plan to leave OHD to return to college? You should plan on leaving
at the end of the week.

Please let me know. Thank you.


So they have accepted me (FINALLY) for the ORISE thing at OHD in Maryland. My entry in the running for the SCEP position in Des Moines is already in the pipes, and I've told Dr. Hornbuckle that I can assist him with his field project this summer. What the fuck do I do now?
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I cannot possibly study any more for atmospheric physics tonight, so now I listen to Mars Volta and chill.

I guess I can lay out my plans for the summer while I'm at it, so here goes:

In one week, I'll be in Washington, DC. I'm giving myself just enough time after finals to get my shit together, and then I'm gone. It is going to be so nice to get away, especially since I'll be with Jeremy.

God damn I miss that boy. More than anything, I just miss touching him. I need human contact after going without for so long, even when it's as simple as a hug, a back scratch, or a hand to hold. I never felt like I needed it when I was single, but I've developed an appreciation for it over the past year.

Anyway, back to the summer. I'll be in DC with Jeremy for three weeks until May 31st. We've already begun making plans for things to do. He saved all of his sightseeing of the area for when we're together, so we're trying to figure out when we want to do what. For May, I think we're going to explore northern and western Maryland a bit more. We're going to go camping (CAMPING!!! It's been years, so I'm stoked as hell) in the mountains somewhere where we can do a lot of hiking and exploring. I believe he has already reserved a campsite at one of the Chesapeake & Ohio Park sites. He also mentioned something in passing about heading east to the Chesapeake Bay and doing a little fossil hunting. I think most people would rather do more touristy stuff than that, but come on...I'm a geology minor! He knows how to appeal to my interests. :) He does still have to work during the week, so those are primarily weekend plans. Since he'll be gone during the day so much, I'm bringing my senior thesis research stuff so that I can get a jump start on it. I have a full load next fall, so I want to get as much out of the way as possible during the summer.

Once I get back to Iowa, I'll be participating in a research project just south of Ames. They're going to fly planes over a watershed and calculate soil moisture and whatnot from the air. They need a student to gather data on the ground, so that's possibly what I'll be doing through the first part of July. It's in the same watershed that my senior thesis focuses on, so I thought it was a good opportunity to have involvement with. Plus, it's paid experience, which is precious in my field of study. Most student work is volunteer-based.

By July 4th I'll be back in DC with Jeremy for a couple of weeks. I think at this point we're planning on heading out to the far western portions of Maryland (in the panhandle) to camp since it's supposed to be very scenic and beautiful out that way. Plus, I'm a sucker for mountains. What can I say....when you're from somewhere as flat as Kansas, mountains are fascinating. I also spent a lot of childhood family vacations in Colorado. Hopefully I'll see the ocean at some point, too, since I've never seen one before. Yes, I was in Connecticut a year and a half ago and never saw the ocean once. Long Island Sound, yes. Atlantic Ocean, no. And no, the Chesapeake Bay does not count in my book as ocean. I'm always on the wrong side of the plane when we land, so I never get a good look. I'm also told that DC is a hip place to be on the 4th of July by a native of the area, so we may have to catch the fireworks from the nation's capital for a cool memory and good photo-op.

I'll probably have to be back in Iowa by mid-July so that I can pack up my shit and be out of this apartment by the 31st. I'm hoping that my new apartment will open up early so that moving will be easier.

Anywho, that's my plan. It's not nearly as interesting as my sister spending the next six months in JAPAN, but meh. She better send me cool souvenirs or take pictures or SOMETHING. I'll get out of the US someday and see the world. It's just not happening anytime soon.
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Before: http://www.meteor.iastate.edu/~mt206/windmill/oldforecasting.html

After: http://www.meteor.iastate.edu/~mt206/windmill/forecasting.html

I'd call it an improvement! I'm giving weather discussions and forecasts for a nonmajor meteorology course of about 200 students. As part of the course, they have to make at least 25 forecasts during the semester, and they will use this page to help them. When I took the course, I found the page very inconvenient to use, ugly, and I thought some of the recommended websites were useless. So...when they asked me to be their meteorology student lackey, I begged them to let me change the page, because there was no way I could use it to give the forecast discussion. It didn't take much convincing for them to let me fuck with it (gee, I wonder why). So, there you go. I at least find it much easier to use, and I'm hoping that the students will like it, too.
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Ho hum. You can tell by my lack of entries that there really hasn't been much going on in my universe over the last couple of days. I voted early with Jeremy since he wasn't going to be able to vote on election day. He has been giving me SUCH a hard time for voting for a republican on my ballot. It's the fucking County Auditor for crying out loud! She's the incumbent, and she seemed to have done a good job at it, so I figured what the hell. How does partisanship make a different in a position like that anyway? She'll probably win by a landslide anyway. I left half the damn ballot blank because I knew nothing about any of the judges or boards up for re-election, and I don't want to throw my vote away to someone who doesn't deserve it just because I've never heard of them before. Maybe I should have done some research first, but it was kind of a spontaneous decision to vote on that day.

I'm going to be second author on a presentation that my advisor is doing at a conference in San Francisco in December. Wheee! If it's a conference presentation, does that mean I'm published or does it have to be in a journal of some kind?
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I feel like complete shit this morning. I feel nauseous, dizzy, run down, my throat hurts, and my nose is stuffy. On top of all that, I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm groggy as hell. I tried to eat some pop tarts this morning to calm my tummy down a bit, but it's starting to rumble again. Gah, I just want to go home. Maybe I will. I only have one more class today (hydrology), and it's not exactly nuclear physics, so it's safe to skip as interesting as it may be. I'm at work right now, but everything I'm doing here can be done from home. However, there's also the thought going through my head that if I managed to peel myself out of bed and drag my ass all the way over here, then I might as well stick it out for the rest of the day. Hmph, decisions, decisions.
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I woke myself up snoring this morning. It was a loud one, too, so I can just imagine how much I probably torture anyone who has to sleep even remotely near to me.

Only two and a half more hours to go until the end of my last summer work day. Woo hoo!
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Watch as steam rolls out of Heather's ears. Why can't all browsers follow the same rules? Is that too much to ask?

I'm building a webpage for the National Forecasting Contest here in my department. I realize that it looks like a mess at the moment. Bear with me. My problem is with the header and news thing at the top. Mozilla and anything Netscape-based displays it just fine. IE 5.x (Mac version), however, doesn't get the width right and has about a 3 pixel section of the table hanging outside of the main div. I don't know what other IE versions do to it, but I'd be willing to bet they have a similar problem. I've been messing with width attributes in both the CSS and the HTML for about two hours now, and I just cannot get IE to squeeze it all in. I've tried hacks, too. It does not want to cooperate with me.

Anyone else have a suggestion?

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I am in a very pleasant state of mind tonight. I'm peaceful, I'm docile, and I have coffee. I'm happy that classes start on Monday. All I have to do to get psyched for school is to glance over at all the new textbooks I've bought in the last few weeks. Unless I get another terrible instructor for Diff. Eq. and barring the fact that I have 8am classes twice a week, I think it will be a fairly interesting and pleasant semester. Most of all, I'm just thrilled that my work hours will be cut back. That seems like an odd thing to say, but I'll be largely supported by scholarships and loans through the semester, which allows me to work less and concentrate more on classes. I think Takle is also happy about it considering that I will fall back under Federal Work Study. That means that if my wage is $9 an hour (which it will likely be this semester...yay for raises!), only $3 of it comes out of his pocket. The government picks up the other $6 as part of my federal aid package. See, the government does spend some of its money on good things. :)

Ooohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....so at peace. I just drink my coffee, play my online games, listen to my music, and chiiiilll.
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I've been on a cleaning rampage today. I dusted for the first time since I moved in, and I vacuumed for the second time. Yeah....I moved into this place over a year ago. Considering that I have a cat that sheds pretty much year round, I'm amazed that I don't vacuum more often. The dusting was badly needed as well. Now my apartment smells so fresh and clean from the powder that I sprinkled on the carpet.

Things that still need to be done:

  • The remainder of my laundry

  • Dishes (which I'm really hoping someone else steps up and does themselves)

  • Vacuum the living room

  • Wipe down kitchen counters and stovetop with 409

  • Clean bathtub, sink, and toilet

  • Take out the trash

  • Clean out and wipe down refrigerator

Some of this will not happen today or in the near future. I will only clean that much in one 24 hour period when I move out.

I also managed to get some work done for Takle, so I've had a very productive day today. That's so unlike me.
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God this last hour of work is so long today. I even did one of those Quick Kwiz things to make it go faster...

Your LJ Band!
LJ Username
Lead singer luckychere
Lead guitar jgrams
Bassist oldbustdhotness
Drummer miraje
Band Manager sherbetlemon
# 1 Groupie fortune_cookie
This fun quiz by ScarletRaven - Taken 738 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology

P.S. I am getting very, very annoyed with Five for Fighting and their whiny ass lead singer.
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Today is my journal's three year birthday! Woohoo! It's hard to believe that I've had it this long. I'm not one of those people who switches names all the time, but I guess I've never had a reason to.

I just ate my Pop-Tarts, and I'm still hungry. I've only been at work for 20 minutes, so I'm going to have to go find something else to eat before long. Maybe I'll take a little trip down to the Union and get something at the coffee shop while I'm there. Mmmmmm.............coffee................
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Calling all people who run unusual browsers or low res displays!!! Go to this site and let me know how it looks to you. I've already tested IE, Netscape, and Mozilla, so unless you have ancient versions of those, don't worry about it. It's pretty basic code, but I suppose it's always good to check. I'm tossing around the idea of making the graphic bigger, but if it already takes up the whole screen on 800x600, I'll leave it alone.
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It looks like I'm going to be spending Monday planting corn by hand near Ankeny. I have to meet the other people at 8 in the freaking morning. I guess I don't mind so much since it's extra money and it's outdoors.

I'm so excited about this trip to Kansas City! I just have this feeling like everything about it is going to be amazing. It's definitely going to be good times. :)
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.....*stifled giggle*

So I'm sitting here in my office, trying to look busy. There's another guy working in the same room as me now, so we each try to mind our own business. Anywho, a couple of you guys have written some pretty funny shit today, and normally I would just laugh out loud at some of it. However, I've been trying to hold in the amusement so that the office mate wouldn't think I'm some kind of freak, but I'm just making it worse because instead of it coming out like a normal, natural laugh, it's coming out in oddly sounding spurts. You know, the nasalish stuff that happens when the outward rush of air goes through your nose instead of your mouth. Maybe you don't know. Eh well.

I think it's a general assumption that most people think I'm strange anyway.

...two more hours to go.
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BWAAHAHAHAHA!! I don't know where it came from, but Marshalltown got .02" of precip this morning, verifying my forecast. That should put me somewhere near first place so far for the period. The skies were clear when they got it, too, so it must have been the fog from a few hours earlier that did it. Nevertheless, it's recorded. It counts!

Well, 3 and a half more hours of work to go, and I still don't want to be here. It's beautiful and sunny outside. I want to be out in that. I'm also hungry, but I feel weird eating in front of my new er...office mate. Eh well, screw what he thinks. My stomach beckons.


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