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I just took that online SkinID evaluation to see what kind of products they recommend for me. I have no intention whatsoever of buying them. The website's dumb enough to tell you what the active ingredients are so all you have to do is go and buy cheaper, generic versions of the same stuff. Plus, they recommended almost the exact same regimen that I already use. They just charge twice as much for it.
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I just tried to make sweet and sour chicken for the first time tonight and ROCKED IT. Damn, if I knew that making chinese food from scratch was so cheap and easy I would have never spent 12 bucks a pop all those times for takeout up in Ames.

Jeremy and I have planned out everything we want to do in Colorado for our vacation next month. We're going whitewater rafting for the first time AND climbing a "fourteener" for the first time. I'm so excited! I've always wanted to go whitewater rafting. This is going to be fun!! Did I mention I'm excited about it? Well, I am. This whole mountain climbing thing means I finally need to get around to working out at the gym on a regular basis. If I tried to climb Mt. Elbert tomorrow I'd probably get 100 yards up the mountain and start crying. I can't even make it up four flights of stairs at the weather center without feeling completely worn out. My Dad, my sister, and I climbed the West Spanish Peak (13,000 feet and some change) back when I was in junior high. I was in probably the best shape of my life back then (I played a lot of sports even though I sucked at them, go me), and that climb wore me out. What has me worried about this one is that the Mt. Elbert hike is about three times longer than the Spanish Peak trail, both in terms of elevation climb AND distance. Gah, we're going to have to get up so freakin' early to beat the afternoon thunderstorms. I'd rather not be a lightning rod, thankyouverymuch.
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I'm still a little swollen, but I'm feeling much, much better. I feel more like myself now instead of like a lazy slug with a watermelon for a face. Drugs and oral surgery will do that to you I guess.

I've been a little too zonked to look at things myself, but it sounds like we're in for a major ice/snow storm over the next couple of days (it's in the mid 60s right now...how unfair). It wouldn't worry me so much if I didn't have to fly to San Antonio on Sunday afternoon with a layover in Dallas. Let's see, I'll be flying with American Airlines. If I do recall correctly, my sister flew American in a wimpy rainstorm with a layover in Dallas and was delayed about seven hours. This should be even more fun. It's also supposed to rain half the time I'll be in San Antonio due to the same storm system too. So much for a sunny and warm getaway.
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I still feel like shit. Boo. I'm also feeling like a horrible slacker because I'm not doing anything that should be getting done. I want to drive in to Norman tomorrow and work on my research a little more, but I'm coughing and hacking up various colors of sticky fluid and really have no business being around other human beings in a professional setting. Hopefully after a hot shower and a dose of decongestant I'll feel well enough to go in, but we'll see when tomorrow comes.

Did I mention that I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled Monday? Now that will be exciting. If I want to get anywhere with my work then I really need to get it done this week, because I guarantee that no matter how crappy I feel right now, I will feel so much worse after my teeth get pulled. Then I'm off to the annal AMS conference in San Antonio the next week after that barring a horrible complication with the tooth extractions, and then break is over. How sad.
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I woke up at 11:30 this morning. God it's good to be lazy after going through the three weeks of hell since Thanksgiving. Even though I don't have class I'm still going to try to go in tomorrow to get a good start on my research.

By the way? Holy crap I need exercise. The most physical activity I've had in the last month has been walking to and from my car every day. Granted, I have to park about two blocks from the Weather Center, but that's still not enough. It's nice today, so I should go out and do something. Maybe I'll walk a few miles and actually appreciate that it's going to be almost 70 today whereas it would be in the 30s if I were in Iowa right now.
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I have had a massively bad headache for the past two hours, and it is showing no sign of leaving me alone. I usually never get headaches, so I've been running down the list of things that could have caused it. The culprit could have been a) complete lack of caffeine today, b) lack of decent sleep, c) I'm getting sick, or d) it's just my lucky day.

I'm also fucking freezing, and I'm thinking a hot bath sounds positively delightful. Too bad I have to be at a group homework session in 30 minutes.
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Something has been wrong with me for the last month or so. I can't seem to concentrate on anything for more than a minute or so at a time, and even when I get my head together enough to do it, it almost seems like an artificial concentration of sorts. By artificial I mean that it feels like I'm forcing my brain to focus, but it doesn't seem to store anything even when I try, like there's some kind of wall blocking me from learning or remembering anything. The rest of the time it feels like my head is swimming around in some kind of fog where I have no bearing whatsoever on what is going on around me or what I'm supposed to be doing. I stare off into space for ungodly amounts of time and find myself not thinking about a single, god damned thing. For example, I went in to talk to Flory about the 311 final and to pick up my last lab. He has this binary electronic clock on a shelf in his office, and I asked him about it. I remember him explaining what the first couple of lights meant, but about the time he started explaining how to read the minutes, it just felt like my brain shut off. All that was left of me was a blank stare. When he was explaining how the grade distribution looked, I started to do it again. Jeremy's been getting on to me lately for not listening to him, too. For instance I'll ask him a question about whatever we're talking about, and he'll just give me this ridiculous look and tell me that he just said that like five minutes ago.

It's kind of an on and off thing, though. Some days I feel like I'm running at 100%. I understand everything we do in class, ask good questions, and even point out calculation mistakes on the board. I feel like myself on those days, and it's a good feeling. The rest of the time I just feel like slapping myself across the face in some attempt to wake me up.

Yes, I know I have a lot on my mind at the moment with the personal things going on, but I've dealt with worse before and have been fine. I've also been getting decent sleep. Not great sleep, but between 6 and 10 hours every night, which is enough for me to function on. I also realize it's the end of the semester, and considering the shitty schedule I had this Fall, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm getting a little burned out on classes and schoolwork.

I just hope Christmas break will serve as the vacation it should be and allow me to regroup at some capacity. Next semester is going to be crazy as fuck, too, and I need the time off before it starts.
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I love having pumpkin pie and butterscotch pudding for breakfast. We had an early Thanksgiving dinner yesterday with my Mom since I'll be with Jeremy's family for the actual holiday. We made waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much food, but it was all yummy. We had turkey, stuffing, (real) mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet pickles, devilled eggs, cottage cheese salad, fruit salad, butterscotch pudding, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, and egg nog. I'm having two more Thanksgiving dinners this week before all is said and done, so I'm going to HAVE to get some exercise when I get back. What is that, 12000 calories over three days? They're not consecutive, but still. x_x
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So. Fucking. Full. I never learn my lesson when it comes to ordering food at Hickory Park. Everything is good there, and the desserts are among the best I've ever had, so I always order some at the end of the meal thinking I have just enough room left in my stomach for it. Of course, I'm always wrong about that and then end up in pain for the next several hours while the overstuffed tummy works to digest everything.

I had forgotten until 30 minutes ago that I have a Stat exam at 8am tomorrow. Time to cram, which will be difficult since all my body wants to do is sleep. I can't stop sneezing either. I sneeze when I eat too much, no lie. It has been a trademark of mine since high school. My aunt does it, too, so apparently I inherited some kind of itchy nose gene that didn't kick in until after I hit puberty. Not too much I can do about it I guess. *shrug*
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I feel like complete shit this morning. I feel nauseous, dizzy, run down, my throat hurts, and my nose is stuffy. On top of all that, I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm groggy as hell. I tried to eat some pop tarts this morning to calm my tummy down a bit, but it's starting to rumble again. Gah, I just want to go home. Maybe I will. I only have one more class today (hydrology), and it's not exactly nuclear physics, so it's safe to skip as interesting as it may be. I'm at work right now, but everything I'm doing here can be done from home. However, there's also the thought going through my head that if I managed to peel myself out of bed and drag my ass all the way over here, then I might as well stick it out for the rest of the day. Hmph, decisions, decisions.
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Here's a lesson in bone stucture ladies and gentlemen.

This is a normal, healthy spine for an adult:

This is my spine:

I want you to notice the upper back and neck area. See the wiggle on the left? Normal spines aren't supposed to do that. See how my neck curves forward while the other curves back? That's not normal either. And believe me, that little wiggle and curve hurt like a fucking bitch. The chiropractor thinks that this problem started with my car accidents, particularly my most recent graceful performance of rolling in the ditch. It didn't hurt at the time, so I didn't think I had an injury. Well, lo and behold, my neck gave me its first fit about three months later, and it has been happening on a yearly/bi-yearly basis after that. I'm on round number three now. Most of my pain stems from the fact that the muscles on each side of my neck are trying to compensate for the curvature by tightening on one side and loosening on the other. At least that's what it was doing in the beginning. Now, since the problem has been allowed to progress for a year and a half now, the muscle spasms have spread into my shoulder muscles. Mr. Chiropractor said that the heat readings he was getting off the muscles in my neck are almost off the chart, so they're pretty badly inflamed at this point.

I was hoping for a quick snap, crackle, pop today and then be pain free forever, but I guess my problem is a lot more severe than I expected. It's so bad, in fact, that I have to see Mr. Chiropractor 12 more times over the next 2 months. Yeah, that works great with my already crazy ass schedule. Sheesh. I sure hope my insurance is going to pick up the tab for this shit.
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Today is not my day. First of all, I've caught a bug from someone, so I'm achy, sniffly, sneezy, sore, and coughing. I took some Tavist this morning to hopefully clear it up a bit, but it hasn't totally worked yet.

Second of all, I only got about two hours of real sleep last night because of the fact that I'm sick. I tossed and turned until damn near 5 am before I finally was able to doze off.

Third, the little sleep that I did get forced my body position to be in such a way that I've totally thrown my neck out of alignment again. It hurts so bad, and every time I sneeze, cough, or do anything that involves by neck bones in some way, I feel sharp twinges of pain. I may just have to say fuck it and go to a quackpractor, because I'm really getting tired of this shit happening.

Fourth, since my neck hurt every time I took a damn step on my way to class, I decided it would be better to take the bus. As per usual, I missed the bus I wanted, but I noticed that a Campus route bus was coming up behind it. I got to the stop well before it did, so I was thrilled that I actually caught a bus instead of having to walk. Well, the driver didn't even look to the stop to see if there was anyone there and drove right on by. I was so pissed that I yelled FUCK YOU to the driver as he went by, and a girl on her way to class heard me and laughed. Yeah, go ahead and laugh bitch. Luckily, another Campus bus pulled up by the time I got to State Gym, so I was able to get on it. I probably would have been late to class if I had to walk considering how slow I was going.

I just want to go home, put a heat pad on my neck, have a steaming cup of hot tea, and zone out for a few hours (or a lot of hours), but I have to put in two hours of work and go to one more class before I can do that. Thankfully my 11 am class has been cancelled, so I can work early and be home by 1. I also have to do laundry today. Bah.
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NO CAVITIES!!! Woo hoo! I'm so sick of getting fillings. Apparently the last dentist drilled so deep into my tooth for a filling that he actually hit the nerve, so every time I crunch ice or eat something cold, the filling conducts the cold straight to the nerve. Fantastic. No wonder I've been getting sudden, intense jolts of pain whenever I ate ice cream, popsicles, or ice.

Now I work.
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The doctor told my sister today that she has mono. That's right, the only sister I have and the one that is currently living with me has infectious mononucleosis. The incubation period of the virus before symptoms appear is 4-6 weeks, so she didn't get it in Iowa. Methinks I will wash her dishes twice from now on...and I might also be more lax about her running the AC all the time. I sure as hell don't want it, and I kiss too often to keep it to myself if I get it. The problem is that it takes a month or more for symptoms to appear. I could have it now and not even know it until July. I could be contagious and not even know it until July. WebMD says that pretty close contact is required to contract it, though, and I haven't exactly kissed her recently. We don't drink out of the same cups either, so I think I'm safe. I sure hope she's washing her own dishes very well.

Oh, and my mother wants to take me garage sale-ing at 8am tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is Saturday to those of you not keeping track. It's also widely known in my universe as one of two days off I have every week. Being the terrible morning person that I am, I have a strong feeling that Mom is going to have a grumpy Heather on her hands. I should go to bed now to get 9 hours of sleep, but there's no way in hell I could get to sleep this early. Blah.
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Bleh. I'm a little bit wet, a little bit cold, and a little bit sickly. Pre-sick aches and pains go nicely with cold rain and wind. I think I'll be cuddling up in my warm, electric blanket with a cup of hot tea when I get home. My oh my that sounds splendid. Getting home is the trick, though. I'm at Agronomy now for work, and I live south of the Boheme. That's over a mile in walking distance. Mayhap I'll just hop on the bus and spare myself the agony of my aching joints being exposed to the elements. I'm such a whiner when I'm sick. :p
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You can certainly tell that the humidity is up. I put anti-persperant on not even five minutes ago, and I'm already sweating. I don't think I'll ever get used to humidity. I truly believe that your body is tuned into the climate of wherever you grew up, and it just doesn't know how to handle anything different.

For example:

I sweat like crazy and feel like I'm going to melt into a puddle whenever I get into high humidity locales, and I feel like I'm going to freeze to death whenever the temperature drops below 30.

However, a friend of mine grew up in Iowa City where it is VERY humid. He went down to south central Kansas to help with a wheat harvesting operation for a month or so a couple years ago, and he was continually getting nosebleeds because the air was so dry.

It's all in where you came from. I swear it.
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I gave my hair the big le chop today, and it's getting colored for the first time EVER tomorrow. Rebecca (the stylist) was fantastic. I pretty much gave her complete freedom to do what she wanted, and she gave me something that I really do like. Before I went in I was really afraid that the stylist would make me look like Kelly Osbourne or something equally frightening. She actually told me that what she did was something that she had seen demonstrated by Jennifer Aniston's stylist at a conference and that she hadn't tried it yet. With hair, you most DEFINITELY get what you paid for. Up until now, I've been going to the cheapest places I could find, and I've gotten the shittiest hairstyles from them. Never again, man. Never again.

...this is starting to sound way too much like a commercial for Finesse. I'll shut up.

Pictures will come sometime after I get it colored tomorrow. Yay!
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Ok, I've had it. I'm tired of looking at myself every time I walk by a mirror and thinking "You need a hair cut" or "Why don't you color your hair? You look so plain and average." I'm scheduling a pro consultation this week. Hopefully they don't tell me that I need to have sorority girl blonde hair, though. That would make me even more painfully average on this campus. I just want something that makes me feel pretty. Considering that I'm female, I don't think that's an outrageous request. Whatever they do to me, though, I'm willing to bet that post snip-n-strip, I'll be spending an extra hour every morning blow drying and curling. Actually, I'll probably do it for about a week and then go back to the I-spent-30-seconds-on-my-hair-this-morning look.

Whatever the aftermath is, though, you better believe that my attention whoring ass will be posting pictures.
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I have done nothing but sit around inside, watch tv, and eat for the last two weeks whereas during the two weeks before that, I was walking all over campus and eating much smaller portions since I was always on the go and busy. Hence, I may not have gained much weight, but muscle is converting to fat, and I feel pretty out of shape and not fit. I need to go for a walk or a run or a swim or something today.

I care more about feeling healthy than I do looking good. I can be in shape but eat like a pig and gain weight. I can handle that. I can't handle sitting around, getting weaker, having dizzy spells, eating all day long, and then getting soft and just generally gross. I have to get out. The weather's beautiful, and I'm wasting a beautiful day off typing on this computer and watching movies.



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