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Aww fuck. What the hell's wrong? I guess I'll find out in ten years when they do a Behind the Music. They had better not cancel their tour. I have a ticket to see them December 3. On a lighter note, I'm really happy that they used the new Band Version of "My Immortal" for their next single and video. This version doesn't quite capture the emotion of the one on the album, but I think it makes the video more powerful and interesting to watch for the masses.

Welch's Grape Soda tastes like Cold Duck.
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NBC's little tv movie about Jessica Lynch is on tonight. Yeah, I really don't think I'll be adding to their ratings. Why has she gotten so much more attention than any other POWs in this war or in any war for that matter? Is it because she's a female? Is it because she's so willing to tell every gruesome detail about her experience to the press? The whole media circus around her disgusts me on some level, and I can't quite explain why. It's just annoying.

I probably sound like an insensitive bitch. Yes, she went through a lot. I'm not saying she's a liar. I'm actually surprised that she's so damn chipper about talking about it. I did a research project on prisoners of war in World War II, and I talked to a few of them myself. There's very little that they want to talk about in regards to what they went through. It almost seemed physically painful for them to even think about it.

Well, in any case, I have no desire to see any overdramatized based-on-a-true-story flick tonight. I have better things to do.


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