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...or look back through the thousands of comics in the PhD Comics archive to find the one about what to do while your script is running just so you can post about how you're waiting for your script to run. I have no life, but at least I got the damn thing working! It may take about four days to finish (literally, I'm leaving it running over the weekend), but it's working!
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We have cable tv now. This could be a big blow to my ability to do anything productive at home. Homework ain't gettin' done at home no more! I seem to get more accomplished in my TA office anyway.

This is cool.

Oh, I'll be driving 230 miles to get home (home home, not here home) so that Dad can replace the front brake pads on my car. The mechanic that did the "24-point inspection" about a month ago told me that I had about 5% left of them, but they wanted $180 to change them. HELL NO. The parts are only around $50, so if I pay for the parts and give my Dad some money for his time/trouble, then I'm still saving money even if I drive to a place four hours from here to get it done.

PS: How the hell does Mapquest get that it takes over six hours to go 230 miles??? Yeah, sure, there are towns along the way and we're not talking interstates here, but damn. I speed like a maniac and only stop when I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. There's really not much to see during this drive anyway, believe me. Well, that is unless you like digging for crystals in the salt flats or staring at cattle. Yes, I've done both. Shut up.
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I just downloaded the original Oregon Trail off the net. I will never leave this computer ever again.

I wrote half my big-ass paper today. It took me ten hours just to get that far, so I'm taking a break. I'll finish up tomorrow.
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My new computer kicks ass!!! I can't wait to get it hooked up to the ethernet and see how fast it is. It took less than two seconds for it to burn a 3 MB song file to a CD. That's pretty damn fast. I'm having way too much fun with it. :)

I don't wanna go back tomorrow!!!! I have a 6 page paper to write about the creationism vs. evolution debate, and it's due Friday. I haven't even started on it yet. Why me?
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Everyone go get your money out of your purse or wallet and go to The Where's George website. You enter in the serial numbers on your dollar bills and the website tracks them as they go across the country. It's fun and addicting at the same time.

That's my entertainment for the moment anyway...


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