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Jeremy bought Guitar Hero III for his PS3. ZOMG I am never going to get work done at all anymore. That shit is way too much fun. :p
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Both the Cowboys and Colts lost today. If I had any doubts before, I now believe there is a God. It'll be sad when the Patriots demolish the Chargers next week after all the effort they put in today, but it was worth it just to see Indianapolis lose. I'm also starting to believe that Philip Rivers might be a good quarterback despite how many times he screwed me over on my fantasy football team this season. As far as the Cowboys go, everyone will probably jump on the bandwagon and blame Tony Romo for the loss because he was partying in Mexico with Jessica Simpson before the game, but I don't think it was his fault. If the receivers would have caught all the good passes they dropped and if the O line would have done their job better, the Cowboys probably would have won. You can't blame the quarterback for everything.

Anyway, that's pretty much all I did today. I watched football and played Final Fantasy X (which I had NEVER played before up until last week, and now I can't seem to tear myself away from it). On Friday I'm flying to New Orleans for the AMS conference! I'm a little nervous about walking around in the city since I'm the ONLY person I know staying at my hotel and thus will have to do at least some walking by myself, BUT I have a lot of friends going that I haven't seen in awhile. I'm expecting it to be very awesome on the whole.
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I got five more NES games in the mail today!!! I now own Spy vs. Spy, The Little Mermaid, Little Nemo: The Dream Master, Ducktales, and Mickey Mousecapade. I've played three of them before, but it's fun to have them for nostalgia value.

That brings my NES game inventory up to 32. My N64 collection is sitting at seven, and my Playstation count is two. My sister's the big Playstation person, and I always used to play her games, so I never got any of my own.

My list of games if you're at all interested )
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Thanksgiving break has commenced!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be great, because I'm not even going anywhere until Wednesday or Thursday, so I have this entire place to myself with nothing pressing to get done for almost a week. I love love LOVE being lazy, so I'll enjoy this muchly. Yep, I'll break out the NES and play some Zelda and Dragon Warrior, I'll screw around on the internet, I'll watch movies, I'll blast my music and sing as loud as I physically can, and I'll cook lots of food. Oh, this will be so wonderful.

Oh, and while I'm snuggled in here enjoying my break, we might get a blizzard this weekend!!! This cannot possibly get any better.
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Methinks I'm going to go veg in front of the tv and play FF Tactics for a few hours. I left my Playstation, N64, and NES with Mom over the summer, so I'll just use the sister's PS1. I swear to you, Final Fantasy Tactics is the longest game in existence. It's even longer than Final Fantasy 1 and Dragon Warrior 1 for the NES. Thatsa pretty bad. Oh well. It's definitely worth the money that Jennifer paid for it. (It's not even mine, and it has been in my possession for the last year! eep!)
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I don't think I've been this bored in my entire life. I've got to think of SOMETHING to do. Here are my choices:

1) Get some actual exercise and go running at Lemon Park,
2) Go out in the country and take some pictures, or
3) Make some junk food and hide upstairs settling a score with Final Fantasy Tactics for a couple of hours.

As you might notice, none of these activities requires money...well, directly. Getting exercise and going into the country requires driving there, taking pictures requires developing the film at some point, and making junk food requires using up groceries.

Hmmm...what to do, what to do...
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I bought The Adventures of Milo and Otis at Wal-Mart today. It was 5 bucks!! I couldn't resist. It's a classic as far as I'm concerned. Old childhood favorite...

Does anyone else think that No Doubt's new single stole its background music from an NES game? It's got the whole 80's synth thing going on.
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It's amazing how frustrated I get with such simple games. I just got my ass kicked at Yahoo Gin, and I am FUMING. I've been pounding the table every time I lose. I've accused the computer of cheating on my Uno game countless times. Normally I can control my temper, but not when it comes to computerized card games. Maybe I'm just not.that.great at cards.

This is really bothering me. How many of our troops overseas have died by actual enemy fire? Most of the casualties so far have either been accidents or been dealt by our own troops! I can't get my head around that for some reason.
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Guess who has a life!! It sure as hell ain't me. I think I am the only living being (besides Plant) in this dorm. Yep, it's just me and the bathroom radio making noise right now. I did waaaay too much partying last weekend, so I think I need this...nothingness.

I think I'll curl up in a blanket with a cafe mocha and play me some Tactics. Yes, that sounds good.

DUDE! Someone just walked down the hall! I'm not the only one here! WHOOO!!!
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Alrighty boys and girls, Warcraft III is fucking HARD. I just cannot win at this game. I think I'll spend the next hour searching the net for cheat codes or something.

On another note, I'll have to do pretty damn well in Physics next semester if I want to be in honors next year. I have a 3.33 now, and the minimum is a 3.35 overall. Time to hit the books, Heather.


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