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Yes, I did indeed visit Mexico recently. Yes, I am indeed sick at the moment with similar symptoms. However, by recently I mean almost two months ago, and I just caught the bug I have now about a week ago. I'm pretty sure I have nothing to worry about.

It was a pretty close call, though. I was reading the news story about those kids in New York, and apparently they visited Cancun in late March, which was where/when they were infected. Jeremy and I visited Cozumel in early March. Cozumel's only about 20 miles from Cancun. Eek.
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I'm back in Oklahoma. A little over 24 hours ago I was sunbathing by the pool on a gorgeous 75 degree day. It was 40 degrees in OKC when I stepped off the plane. Sigh...yes, I know it's not that cold here compared to a lot of places.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. I missed my cats and boyfriend, too. :)
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visited 26 states (52%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or determine the next president

If you don't count airports the only state you'd take out is Tennessee.

By the way, my fantasy football team is doing horrible this week (except of course for my bench which is doing AWESOME).
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Damn it, I contracted a cold from someone here in New Orleans. Conferences and Bourbon Street are like grade school or something. So many people are invading your personal space that everyone gets to share all the germs. Ugh.

My shuttle is picking me up at 6:20 tomorrow morning (for a 9:15 flight! WTF!), which is unfortunately before breakfast starts. I'm not even going to bother showering. It's too damn early in the morning to do anything. Besides, with no weather delays I should be home by 1pm or so. I can shower then. The weather could get interesting, though, so hopefully my bags and I make it to OKC in a reasonable amount of time (I only have a 40 minute layover in Houston...eek).

I'm thinking a nap is a good idea all of a sudden. God I hate being sick.
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This is the third day in a row that I've seen the sunrise on my way to school. Two of those days (and probably today too), it was dark when I got to go home. That really sucks. It's partly my fault for agreeing to commute with Jeremy when he's working day shifts, but there really is no reason for us to take separate cars when we work in the same freakin' building. Our commute is long enough that it would just be a massive waste of fuel. So I get up early and go home late. I am getting a lot of work done!

Dude, I just realized that my muffin has cream cheese filling. I don't think I've ever eaten a muffin with filling before.
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Both the Cowboys and Colts lost today. If I had any doubts before, I now believe there is a God. It'll be sad when the Patriots demolish the Chargers next week after all the effort they put in today, but it was worth it just to see Indianapolis lose. I'm also starting to believe that Philip Rivers might be a good quarterback despite how many times he screwed me over on my fantasy football team this season. As far as the Cowboys go, everyone will probably jump on the bandwagon and blame Tony Romo for the loss because he was partying in Mexico with Jessica Simpson before the game, but I don't think it was his fault. If the receivers would have caught all the good passes they dropped and if the O line would have done their job better, the Cowboys probably would have won. You can't blame the quarterback for everything.

Anyway, that's pretty much all I did today. I watched football and played Final Fantasy X (which I had NEVER played before up until last week, and now I can't seem to tear myself away from it). On Friday I'm flying to New Orleans for the AMS conference! I'm a little nervous about walking around in the city since I'm the ONLY person I know staying at my hotel and thus will have to do at least some walking by myself, BUT I have a lot of friends going that I haven't seen in awhile. I'm expecting it to be very awesome on the whole.
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Some traits of my worst hotel experience ever:

1. I found a pubic hair in my sheets on the first night.
2. The bedding smelled funky. I don't even know how to describe it, but it was not a fresh or clean smell.
3. There were stains all over the carpet.
4. I had an excellent signal with the wireless internet's router, but the internet didn't work the entire time I was there. The front desk person either didn't care enough to fix it or was too computer retarded to know what I was talking about. I'm going for the latter, but it could have been both.
5. There was a half inch gap between my room's door and the door frame. I'm not even exaggerating. I went outside on the first night to call Jeremy since my cell phone signal SUCKED, and I saw light coming through the side of the door. I looked into the hole from outside and could see the entire room all the way back to the bathroom. WTF. People could watch EVERYTHING I did in there, and the gap was large enough that pretty much any flying insect could get in. Fantastic. I stuck a towel in the door while I was in there, but it wasn't long enough to cover the whole gap.
6. There was a huge wad of soapy hair clogging the bathtub drain, and when I took a shower the tub filled up with the water that the clog was blocking. Gross.
7. There must have been a stain in the bottom of the bathtub at one time, because the owners had the brilliance to PAINT the bottom third of the tub with bluish gray paint. It looked awful. It was uneven, there were stains in the paint itself, and the paint was chipping off in places. I actually wore shoes in the shower, but with the water backing up from the clog it didn't do much good.
8. There was no skirt around the bottom of the bed, so I could see the box spring under the mattress. Normally this would be no big deal, but it was full of stains and rips and holes. Very attractive.
9. The air conditioning unit was so loud that it woke me up every time it came on. That happened about six or seven times over the course of the first night. At least it worked...
10. The lobby that was supposed to have coffee 24 hours a day didn't even have coffee in the morning when I dragged my half asleep ass downstairs to find it. They only made it after I asked for it. There was no continental breakfast btw.
11. The hot tub had about six inches of murky, mosquito-breeding water in it, and for some stupid reason there were hundreds of rocks in it from the gravel driveway nearby. It was a nice hot tub, too, and it looked fairly new. What a waste of money.
12. The owners walked around the front lobby and other public areas in their pajamas.
13. This is not a complaint on the hotel itself, but when I was walking to my room on the second night there was a fat, disgusting fuckwad sitting on the balcony checking me out as I walked by. He called out to me with a white trash southern accent and said, "You know, you should just walk around in a bikini top." When I gave him a pissed off look he called me a "sourpuss." Yeah...that's EXACTLY who I want staying a few doors down from me when the entire outside world can see me changing clothes in the "privacy" of my hotel room. When I was loading up my car to leave the next morning there was some kind of dried up splash mark on my passenger side window. I didn't see it happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of those drunk fucks pissed on my car.

I'm never staying there again. What a waste of 76 dollars. Just so you don't take this out of context, you should know that I hardly EVER complain about things like restaurants and hotel rooms. If only one or two of those problems existed while everything else was fine, I wouldn't have said a word. The sum of all of it is what pisses me off. It's just blatant neglect on the part of the owners, and it's substandard no matter where you are (even if it is middle-of-nowhere Kansas).


Aug. 11th, 2007 10:17 am
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Greetings from Alamosa, Colorado! My awesome Colorado vacation will be over when we drive home tomorrow, but it will be nice not to have to live out of a suitcase anymore. I'm running out of clean clothes, too.

The only reason I felt compelled to post this morning was because of a report I saw about the Iowa Straw Poll on MSNBC this morning. It's in Ames, which is kinda cool. That's one thing I miss about Iowa...campaign season. It's probably twice as crazy this time since both Democrats and Republicans are campaigning. Oklahoma's not nearly that interesting. Democrats don't even bother with it. :(

Anyway, I have to pack up my stuff. Bye for now!
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I just tried to make sweet and sour chicken for the first time tonight and ROCKED IT. Damn, if I knew that making chinese food from scratch was so cheap and easy I would have never spent 12 bucks a pop all those times for takeout up in Ames.

Jeremy and I have planned out everything we want to do in Colorado for our vacation next month. We're going whitewater rafting for the first time AND climbing a "fourteener" for the first time. I'm so excited! I've always wanted to go whitewater rafting. This is going to be fun!! Did I mention I'm excited about it? Well, I am. This whole mountain climbing thing means I finally need to get around to working out at the gym on a regular basis. If I tried to climb Mt. Elbert tomorrow I'd probably get 100 yards up the mountain and start crying. I can't even make it up four flights of stairs at the weather center without feeling completely worn out. My Dad, my sister, and I climbed the West Spanish Peak (13,000 feet and some change) back when I was in junior high. I was in probably the best shape of my life back then (I played a lot of sports even though I sucked at them, go me), and that climb wore me out. What has me worried about this one is that the Mt. Elbert hike is about three times longer than the Spanish Peak trail, both in terms of elevation climb AND distance. Gah, we're going to have to get up so freakin' early to beat the afternoon thunderstorms. I'd rather not be a lightning rod, thankyouverymuch.
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I took an alternate route in to Norman this morning because of flash flooding. The rural roads we have to take from our house to the main highway are very hilly, and the low spots tend to flood easily when heavy rainfall occurs. Well, I turned onto one of the roads along my usual route, and 20-30 yards of the road ahead of me had water cascading over it. The water was flowing fairly rapidly and my car doesn't weigh very much, so I opted to take a different road to the highway. Even that road had water flowing over it all over the place, but at least it was passable. That's what happens when you get over 2.5 inches of rain in two hours!

I'm pretty certain that this is the most rain I've ever seen in my entire life. Today makes the 19th consecutive day of rain at our house.

P.S. My sister called to tell me that she just walked by Steven Spielberg. Apparently they're filming part of the new Indiana Jones movie at Yale. They blocked off a stretch of road about a block or two from her apartment to film a motorcycle chase scene, and she saw Harrison Ford's stunt double. :p
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We went storm chasing in Texas again yesterday!. The whole story is in the captions of the images. This was the best footage we got:

Most of the still photos I took pretty much sucked because there wasn't enough light, and we didn't have time to stop. Most of them thus suffered from the blurry, but I did manage to get one shot early on in the day that I really liked (click on it for a larger version):

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Wanna go on a virtual storm chase? Instead of uploading all my pictures somewhere and writing up the big long story in here again, I just figured out that non-Facebook people can still see my Facebook photo album. So go gawk at the pretty tornadoes like I've been doing all day. I still can't believe I saw that yesterday.
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This sort of sums up my day yesterday. I chased in Texas and saw some amazing tornadoes, and two tornadoes in Kansas hit towns that I know very well. I'll update later this evening with pictures and everything else that was crazy, but those of you on Facebook get to see the pics first. ;)
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The Radiation midterm was alright I guess. I only did one small thing blatantly wrong that I'm sure of, and the rest of the points I'll miss will be because I had to rush through the exam. Dr. Fiedler writes tests that are much more involved than the 50 minute class period has time for, so I was in such a hurry to finish that I didn't notice that a few of the questions were asking for additional things, like "Explain how this relates to Figure 3" and "Define all the symbols used." Blech, I'm expecting (read: hoping for) a score in the mid 70s, but since the rest of the class was still working when the 50 minutes were up I have to hope that others did the same things I did. College grades are all about how you do relative to everyone else, regardless of how little you actually get right, and being around the average in grad school is fine with me. I have smart classmates, so I'd be in good company.

Tomorrow I'm making the 9+ hour drive to Ames. Thankfully I finally have a car with working cruise control. It's never good when your gas pedal leg starts randomly cramping up while you're driving down the road, believe me. I have a lot planned for next week between hanging with Mom (she's taking time off to spend time with me), hanging with the ISU meteorology contingent, celebrating my birthday on Wednesday (Hickory Park!!!), and then attending the Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference in Des Moines later in the week. It's sounding like I won't get to relax quite as much as I'd like to, but at least whatever I do will be a hell of a lot more fun than studying for midterms!

Oh, and it seems that there might be severe weather in Oklahoma while I'm gone. That figures.
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Dear American Airlines,

If you are going to wimp out about an ice storm by cancelling two of my flights in a row and thus making me miss an entire day of my conference, then do NOT try to tell me that I have to pay hundreds of dollars to get on an earlier flight if it becomes available. You guys are the reason I'm on this flight, and the timing of my call to reschedule was the only reason I'm not on an earlier one. You can kindly shove your change fees and fare changes right up your asses.


Heather, who will never EVER fly with you ever again (after today)

(By the way? They're still cancelling about half of the flights to Dallas as of this morning, even though there's not a cloud in the sky)
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My flight was just canceled again, and this time I don't think they had any good reason to do it. The storm is winding down, and other flights are making it. Bastards. The shittier part is that the only other flight they could get me on doesn't depart until TOMORROW NIGHT, so I'm going to miss the entire first day. The first cancellation didn't bother me much, because I knew it was coming and still had some wiggle room to make it there by tonight. Now I'm infuriated.
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My flight for 6:25 this evening is still on for now. Some flights have actually been getting out of OKC today, so I guess I have something to hope for.

I was watching Miss Congeniality last night, and I had forgotten that the pageant was set in San Antonio. The televised stuff was supposed to be in the "convention center" which is where my conference is going to be. They probably shot the indoor stuff in a Hollywood studio, but it's still interesting. OMG Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt were here!!!!1111 ....or something.
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Aaaaand flight attempt to San Antonio #1 = canceled (tomorrow at noon).

Flight attempt #2 to San Antonio = on for now, but will probably be canceled too (tomorrow evening at 6:25).

Flight attempt #3 (hopefully the final one) to San Antonio = probably Monday morning if I can beat out everyone else trying to get to Dallas after three days of cancellations.

All things considered, this is much better than what the poor saps in Denver had to deal with. I still might make it to the conference before it ends on Thursday, even if I miss half of the first day. It just sucks to be in Oklahoma at the moment, and very shortly Dallas as well (my layover destination...can't wait to see how that plays out).

We had thundersleet today. It's odd that I've experienced this phenomenon (as well as thundersnow and other variations of frozen thunderish things) three or four times in the past three years alone, because I don't think I recall ever having seen it before that. Maybe I just never noticed before I had any weathergirl know-how.
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This ice storm has horrible timing. It started today and will last right up until almost the freakin' minute that my flight is scheduled to take off for San Antonio on Sunday. Most of the precip has been sleet so far, fortunately, but there will be a lot more freezing rain before this is over. All flights have been canceled into and out of Will Rogers Airport through at least tomorrow afternoon, but probably longer. Shiiiiit.

Now I just have to sit here and hope that a) Jeremy can make it home and back to work over the next couple of days, and b) I don't lose power here at the house. No power means no heat, no internet, and no phone. It also means my garage door will stop functioning, so I won't be able to leave the house even if I want to. This does make me somewhat tempted to put my car outside now just in case I do need to leave for some reason. Stupid ice storm. I don't even get school canceled for this, because I'm still on break! What a waste.


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