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Today is Jeremy and I's 5th anniversary of being together. It would be nice to celebrate it somehow, but Jeremy and I are both working from 8am to 8pm today. Ugh. I think the cruise was our celebration, but I'd still like to commemorate the day somehow. Maybe I'll make a cake tonight.

The trees are starting to green up here. Something about that makes me very happy. I think our crabapple tree in the backyard might actually have flowers on it for the first time since we planted it two years ago.
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I just tried to make sweet and sour chicken for the first time tonight and ROCKED IT. Damn, if I knew that making chinese food from scratch was so cheap and easy I would have never spent 12 bucks a pop all those times for takeout up in Ames.

Jeremy and I have planned out everything we want to do in Colorado for our vacation next month. We're going whitewater rafting for the first time AND climbing a "fourteener" for the first time. I'm so excited! I've always wanted to go whitewater rafting. This is going to be fun!! Did I mention I'm excited about it? Well, I am. This whole mountain climbing thing means I finally need to get around to working out at the gym on a regular basis. If I tried to climb Mt. Elbert tomorrow I'd probably get 100 yards up the mountain and start crying. I can't even make it up four flights of stairs at the weather center without feeling completely worn out. My Dad, my sister, and I climbed the West Spanish Peak (13,000 feet and some change) back when I was in junior high. I was in probably the best shape of my life back then (I played a lot of sports even though I sucked at them, go me), and that climb wore me out. What has me worried about this one is that the Mt. Elbert hike is about three times longer than the Spanish Peak trail, both in terms of elevation climb AND distance. Gah, we're going to have to get up so freakin' early to beat the afternoon thunderstorms. I'd rather not be a lightning rod, thankyouverymuch.
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It's time for a cool down/hydration break after working outside for the last two hours. The builder of this subdivision brought some topsoil fill dirt in a dumptruck but left it in a huge pile so that it's our job to spread it around. You see, instead of laying down sod for the lawn, he just left bare ground figuring that the grass would fill in on its own. Well that was a stupid idea. We have more weeds and stickers than grass, and a few good rainstorms have washed huge ruts downslope to the ditch. The natural soil here is mostly clay, and the recent drought has made it rock hard so the grass is not only drying out but is also having trouble getting established in the areas that are still bare. The purpose of the rich top soil is to fill in the ruts and hopefully give the grass a chance to quickly grow into it to prevent more erosion. Jeremy and I have spent several hours in the past two days getting the dirt where it needs to be. Now Jeremy's at work all day, so the job falls to me. Woo. Hoo.

On an unrelated note, today is my journal's fifth anniversary. Yay!
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I'm home. In short, I saw one baby tornado, a few absolutely gorgeous storms/supercells (not all of them were actual supercells), ate fast food way too much for my own good, met a lot of storm chasers, and travelled around 7,000 miles to ten different states (some of them more than once). It's not that we were missing the tornadoes. There just weren't any good ones in the plains. We were always in the right place at the right time, but we only saw a lot of rotation instead of tornadoes. Oh well, at the very least it was an outstanding learning experience. I've also expressed interest in being involved next year.

I'll write a more in-depth entry of exactly where we went and what we saw a little later. I'll also post the pictures from when we hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park on June 1st.
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I just got done wading around ass-deep in a creek for my hydrology lab, and the water was cooo-o-old. I was wearing jeans, and despite my attempt to roll them up, they were soaked. Way to be unprepared Heather! Despite my lack of foresight, though, I was one of the first in the water. An opportunity to play outside in a creek on such a beautiful day? Hell yeah! I miss being able to get out and frolick in the mud.
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Happy July 4th everybody! Mine went rather well.

My mom, my sister, and I all headed out to Ledges State Park to do a little grilling. We got all the food we needed and bought a cheap grill at Wal-Mart in Boone. The food turned out great, but the most memorable thing about it was the many varieties of creepy crawlers that we encountered over the course of our meal. There were daddy long leg spiders covering the underside of the picnic table, so we spent the entire time with our legs sprawled in other directions. There were also abundances of mosquitos, flies, and ants. Ah, how I love summer. Anywho, after a little walk down a nature trail, we headed back to Ames with just a little time before the fireworks started. We parked at Mom's place and then walked since she lives so close to them. I brought my camera with me to shoot some pictures although I can't see anything through the viewfinder. It was dark anyway, so I said fuck it. I did get some great pictures of the fireworks, but the awesome part about tonight was that we saw some fireworks of the natural variety at the same time. To our southeast was an awesome looking thunderstorm, and it was producing lightning like you wouldn't believe. Being the weather nerd that I am, I think I almost shot more pictures of the lightning than I did of the fireworks. :p I really hope they turn out. Some of them will be pretty damn awesome if they do.

Now I'm home, completely covered in mosquito bites, dirt, sunscreen, sweat, and bugspray, and very ready to take a shower. Jennifer beat me to it, though. :/
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It's pictures like this that remind me of all the awesome vacations I spent in Colorado and Arizona with a cheap-ass disposable Kodak camera when I could have used the camera I have now. I didn't realize what this camera could do at the time, and it sat in a drawer in my room for months. Grr. The vacation bug has now bitten. I must find a mountain.
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The ladybugs are INSANE this year. Supposedly, they're only supposed to leave a "pinch-like bite," but pinch-like bites don't react like mosquito bites. I have at least 30 red, itchy bumps on my arms after taking pictures out at Ledges last weekend. The itching is almost worse than a mosquito bite, which is pretty bad. It's torture.
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The ladybugs are on full frontal assault today. There's thousands of them flying around the campus. Craziness...sheer and utter insanity.

Heather wants to shopping....badly. Heather can't afford to go shopping, but sometimes the urge is just too strong to contain. So, after the POS car is fixed this afternoon, Heather shall go shopping.
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I'm back home from harvest. I LOVED being outside all day in the country in the sunshine. It was awesome. I also saw some stunning thunderstorms while I was there. I took pictures. I'll post some when I get them developed. The high plains is a truly unique place in this country. There's no place like home!

Wizard of Oz jokes aside, I really did enjoy it out there. Very fundamentally speaking, I was paid $70 a day to do some gardening. How much fun is that?!
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Ok, answer me this. Why is it that whenever it rains here in Iowa, every earthworm for a 10 mile radius decides to stretch out on the sidewalk in front of where I'm walking? It's gross, and it's especially bothersome when I accidently step on one and the worm guts get caught in between the grooves on the bottom of my shoe.


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