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I've been trying to sell a cheap bedroom furniture set on OU's virtual market and on Facebook for several days now because my Dad is bringing my sister's nicer set down tonight. He doesn't have room for it in the new house, and I'm all for a furniture upgrade. I've received lots of messages about my old furniture set, but nobody has gotten to the point where they've committed to buying it.

I have to get the furniture out of here by the time Dad gets here tonight, so I've resorted to giving it away. I actually feel pretty good about that. The lady picking it up is an OU staff member who hosts international students and helps them adjust to living in Norman. She seems like a very kind and giving person, and it sounds as if the furniture will be appreciated by whoever uses it. I feel like I'm doing something good.
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This semester (and my first year of grad school) is officially over! Out of three classes I've taken this semester, I already have confirmed 'A's in two of them with a very likely 'A' in the third. This quite possibly may be my first 4.0 semester of college, EVER. It's funny that I can get a 4.0 in grad school when I wasn't able to in undergrad.

I only get a week off before I start the 3-credit GIS course that I'm taking over the May intersession. I guess now that I'm out of undergrad I don't get summer vacations anymore. But hey, I'll enjoy what I'm doing in the meantime.
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The last couple of days have been an adventure. A friend that graduated from ISU in meteorology with me is in grad school at the University of Alabama-Huntsville now, and she and two friends came to Oklahoma on Friday to go storm chasing for a week. Friday night just before they arrived at my house I watched Greensburg get wiped out on radar, although I didn't know quite what I had witnessed yet. Seeing that massive circulation go directly over Greensburg had me fairly worried, but the reports of where the tornado went were conflicting at the time.

Anyway, Elise and company got here pretty late, so we didn't talk much until Saturday morning. After looking at the severe weather setup, they decided to come back to my house that evening to stay another night, so I sort of invited myself along on their storm chase. Unfortunately for us Saturday was an awful day to go chasing despite how many tornadoes actually occurred.

We had three main problems that day: )

So we went home without seeing any tornadoes, but I wouldn't call the day a total waste. I got to see my Dad and hug him and talk to him about what was going on in Greensburg, and seeing the rural tornado damage was a surreal experience. It was also surreal driving around so close to Greensburg. Helicopters were flying all over the place even while there were storms going on, and just knowing that the devastated town was just a few miles away was sobering. Less than 24 hours earlier a beast rolled through that area and left its mark all over the landscape. I wish I had taken more pictures, but it seemed that we were always in a hurry to catch up to storms. I tried to take some pictures from the car, but they're blurry as hell.

Moving on to Sunday, I spent the majority of the day studying for my Radiation final. Elise and company went chasing out in western Oklahoma and Jeremy was working midnight shifts, so I had a fair amount of time to myself during the day to study. The final was at 8am the next morning, and I felt as if I did rather well considering how distracted I was by everything.

And now, I have a reason to be elated. I got the final grades back from Radiation, and I got an A!!! I needed that on so many levels. Today I finished my IT Skills semester project, so I only have one more project to complete to bring an end to my first year as a graduate student! I'm so ready for a break, even if it's going to be a short one.
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Wanna go on a virtual storm chase? Instead of uploading all my pictures somewhere and writing up the big long story in here again, I just figured out that non-Facebook people can still see my Facebook photo album. So go gawk at the pretty tornadoes like I've been doing all day. I still can't believe I saw that yesterday.
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So I was flipping through my new issue of BAMS (Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society...a research journal thing) just now, and I came across a short article written by one of my former professors at ISU about the November 12, 2005 tornado outbreak in central Iowa. You remember that one, right? Well, I was reading through the text and came across this:

"Based on the approaching storm, at 1645 LST officials ordered an evacuation of the stadium [ISU football stadium] based on a scenario 1 event, urging people to seek shelter in their cars to avoid lightning and hail. At this same time, a tornado was reported 8 miles southwest of the stadium. That information resulted in a scenario 2 evacuation being ordered by 1650 LST, and fans instead were told to seek shelter in large buildings..." etc.

At that point I stopped reading and thought...wait a minute...was that my report of the tornado that I called into the National Weather Service? So I went back and looked at the Storm Prediction Center's archive of severe weather reports for that day. Here's my report:


Ok, there were lots of reports around 4:45pm that day in central Iowa because both storms dropped tornadoes at the same time, and they stayed on the ground for forever so lots of people saw them. Well, I know for a fact that Elise (fellow student chaser person) and I were the only two people out there southwest of Ames who reported our tornado near Luther, and hers is further down so it must have been delayed somewhat. It had to be the Luther tornado that Dr. Gallus was referring to, because that location is almost exactly 8 miles SW of Ames according to Google Earth.

This all really makes me think that my little phone call actually made a difference. A big difference! Well, that or some local resident called the local tv station when they saw the tornado and THAT got relayed to the stadium officials, but the article said that they were in close contact with the National Weather Service, and I was the only one who called them directly....which is stupid because that's what you're SUPPOSED to do. Sheesh.

Anywho, yay I'm a good little meteorologist.
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Tomorrow I take the final exam for a class that I have not taken a single word of notes in all semester and that I have not spent even a minute studying for. I'll let you know how that works out for me.
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Dad sent me one of those finals week boxes full of lots of sugary and salty things that are bad for me. I've been home for five minutes now, and I've already finished off the Musselman's Apple Sauce Oatmeal Cookies. YUM. Methinks the honey roasted peanuts are next.

I rocked my American Indian Studies final exam today, so of course in my head that means I deserve the plethora of calories laid out before me. Time to veg on the couch with movies and junk food (and maybe hot cocoa too if I get around to making some)! I wish Jeremy were here to partake in this too, but I guess I can't have everything that I want. Eh well, he'd probably be telling me what not to eat anyway. Damn you Jeremy and your healthy ways. :p

I bought The Pianist and A Beautiful Mind at Best Buy on Black Friday for $3.99 each. Should I watch one of those or opt for the more lighthearted ones like Pirates of the Caribbean and Almost Famous? Combination thereof?
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I got the AMS Student Travel Grant for the Annual National Meeting (it's a conference) at Atlanta in January!!! It pays for all of my airfare, hotel, and registration costs, so now all I'm responsible for is food! YAY!! That's over a thousand dollars that I now don't have to worry about, and they're putting me up at the Hyatt. Hells yes!

It's snowing like a mofo outside.
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This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Hmm...I didn't expect it to be that high. They apparently don't figure stress into it enough, because I can guarantee that my life does not feel that rosey at the moment. That midterm drained the life out of me today. Three-hour exams SUCK. Even the final exams are shorter than that! Who in their right mind can coherently think physics for that long?

PS: Am I a nerd if I see that meme and think of it as the Sims meter of my own life? You have to admit that it's similar.
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God damn it, Heather. Get off the fucking computer and go DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE! You have a shower to take, a cat to feed, work to do, money to make, a senior thesis to construct, a Spanish test-out to study for, the GRE to study for, and bills that are due today! WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL SITTING HERE?!?!?!?! Most people started their day three or four hours ago and are being productive members of society. You're here writing a livejournal post to yourself, in your pajamas. You. Are. Pathetic.
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In an interesting turn of events, I will be celebrating Independence Day at the National Mall in Washington DC. I found out this morning that my last day in the field is Monday (the 4th), and I'll be done with that by 10am. In one of the more spontaneous decisions I've made in my life, I decided that I would be in DC with Jeremy by 7pm that evening so that we could see the fireworks together. It's amazing that we live in a time and place where it's possible to fly halfway across the country just to be with the one you love on a holiday that celebrates freedom and independence. Interesting turn of events indeed.

I had planned to be there for two weeks anyway, but we were under the impression that I wouldn't be able to leave until the 8th. I guess I'm just impatient. :)
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Now give me my fucking props! :p
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This has actually been a fairly good day considering that I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and slept in instead of taking a shower this morning. I may feel utterly gross, but that is a-okay. I got one of the highest grades of the class on my Paleoclimate exam even though I'm probably one of the youngest students. I also found out that the deadline got extended on my 2-3 page Anthropology writing assignment. This is extremely good news, because it was originally due the same day as the exam. Weee! Now I have scrumptious Chinese food being delivered as I write this, and life is just plain good.

Oh, and I LOVE this song. I don't know what it is about it, but it's just beautiful.
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The Sims are now consuming all my free time. I created a character, fixed up her house, found her a man, got her to marry that man, got them to have a baby, got them to adopt another one, and somehow managed to get them all to survive a fucking plague over the span of about three days. Damn I'm good. My poor character's a stay-at-home mom now, but I don't have a choice. I tried to let her work once, and it caused everyone in the house to die of disease or something since none of them had time to clean or sleep. Good thing I didn't save it when that happened.

(I did get a lot of work done, too, in case you're interested.)
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Fall 2004 Grades:

Geology 402 (Watershed Hydrology and Surficial Processes): A
Math 266 (Differential Equations): A
Meteorology 341 (Atmospheric Physics I): A-
Meteorology 311 (Synoptics I): B+
Statistics 105 (Intro to Statistics for Engineers): B-

Semester GPA: 3.58
Cumulative GPA: 3.17

Yeah...let's just say I'm THRILLED! This was better than I even hoped for, because I wasn't expecting the B+ or A- in my meteorology classes. Stat can kiss my ass, but it wasn't unexpected. YAAAAYYYY!!!!
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I am the luckiest girl on the face of this entire PLANET right now. I've been doing laundry today, and somehow a blue ink pen managed to find its way into one of the loads. Well, the pen fell apart in the wash and all the ink came out. Why does this make me lucky, you ask? One of my bras was sitting right up against the pen, and the foam stuff on the inside of the bra absorbed nearly all the ink. There was not a spot of blue on ANY of my other clothes. It was the "delicates" load, too, so all my brand new and nicer jeans and shirts were in there. You know, the stuff I actually pay a lot of money for compared to everything else that I wear. I was also able to wash out almost all the ink, so there are hardly even any stains on my heroic piece of underwear.

This is one moment when I thank GOD that I am a member of the female race.
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At this moment, out of over a thousand undergrads, graduate students, and professors, I am the best weather forecaster in this national collegiate contest. I RULE!!! Now I have a shot at winning it this year if I don't totally fuck up in the next six months. I about fell out of my chair when I saw my name at the top of that list. And my boyfriend just won the last period, too! The Iowa State University team as a whole is ranked first in the nation as well since we have a lot of people ranked really high. Considering that there's a record number of people participating in the contest this year, I'd venture to say that we're doing pretty damn good.

GO ISU!!! GO ME! GO JEREMY! Woo hooo!
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I hit the motherload today at the garage sales!

I got a jacket that was very similar to this:

It's Imperial Leather and Sportwear, and the leather is a little lighter color than that picture. The website that I got that picture from had the price range between $70 and $100 for vintage coats like that, and I bought mine for $7. It has a hole in one of the pockets and the leather has a few scratches on it, but dayum!

I also got this:

That is a Monsoon Model MM-1000 computer speaker and subwoofer set. The website that I got that picture from had them selling for $166. I got mine for $2.50. Boo YA. I'm going to test them tonight to see if they work. If not, then I'm not out that much money.

I also picked up a pre Special Edition version of the Star Wars Trilogy for $5, and the movie Heathers for $1. Today was a very good day for garage sales. Very good indeed.
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NO CAVITIES!!! Woo hoo! I'm so sick of getting fillings. Apparently the last dentist drilled so deep into my tooth for a filling that he actually hit the nerve, so every time I crunch ice or eat something cold, the filling conducts the cold straight to the nerve. Fantastic. No wonder I've been getting sudden, intense jolts of pain whenever I ate ice cream, popsicles, or ice.

Now I work.


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