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That is the LAST fucking time I leave my keys at home and get locked out. I sat outside that goddamn door for 20 fucking minutes pounding and kicking the door trying to get her to fucking wake up. I also tried calling the phone something like 5 times. It finally took almost fucking breaking the door down to get her attention. God damn it, I'm so mad right now that I could just scream. I was almost about to cry before she finally came and opened the door.
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My amusement for the day: I went to the National Weather Service's main page, and the entire state of Michigan was under a tornado warning. They've fixed it now, but it was pretty damn funny to see nonetheless.

I'm going to have to drag my roommate to the grocery store today. I'm getting sick of eating ramen noodles, and my cat's going to be eating them before long, too, if I don't get her some food. Ah, the life of a college student.
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I was awakened at 7:56 a.m. this morning by the smoke detector going off. Normally this would irritate the shit out of me, but I can't be mad because:

a) It's my birthday.
b) She was baking me something for my birthday.
c) I was probably about to get up anyway considering how early I went to bed.

She made me some banana nut cupcakes. They're really good, too.

This is going to be an awesome day. I can tell already.
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It's official. I am allergic to something on Christmas trees. For the past 5-6 years, everytime we got a real tree, I came down with the worst fucking cold imaginable just a day or two later. One of those years, I ended up getting Walking Pneumonia. This year, we don't have a tree, but Nettie (the roommate...forestry major) brought home some tree branches to decorate the house with last weekend. I have not been sick in over a year until this morning, and it's a doozy. Today is the worst possible day to feel sick enough to die, too...and finals are next week. Something tells me this bug won't go away until after Christmas, so I'm screwed.

I'm coughing so hard that I'm getting dry heaves, and I run a fever and get hazy when I concentrate too hard (I know that sounds like something a hypochondriac would say, but it's true). Yeah, finals will be great fun...
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I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

In other news, the toilet in our apartment overflowed this morning. My roommate made an emergency trip to HyVee in her pajamas to get a plunger since we didn't have one. We may have to bitch about this when we pay our rent today...
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My roommate's out of town until Sunday. Apparently her brother has to go in for emergency surgery because his heart has an infection. She says that he's going to be ok, but she wanted to go home to be there for her parents. *shrug* I would have done the same thing. Family should always come before school.

I have to go to a lecture tonight about vomiting mountains (volcanoes as viewed in the 18th century), so I'm going to MISS THE SEASON PREMIERE OF 24. I'm going to have to make triple sure that I know how to work the record feature on the VCR, because I don't want to get back from this lecture and see nothing but static on the fucking tape. That has happened before.
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So hungry....

I can't go grocery shopping till the roommate gets a check deposited into her account, so I wait. I ate a little bitty bowl of scrambled eggs just now, and the tummy is grumbling like I didn't eat anything at all. I already ordered Jimmy Johns yesterday for dinner after deciding that it wasn't worth the agony to starve. Should I shell out the dough again today for delivery or should I just drive my ass to somewhere cheap and eat? I know I can get a combo at Mickey D's for less than five bucks. It just requires the will power to get there.

So, I have three options:

1) Try living on beverages today, saving money in the process and continue on this insane I-have-no-money-so-I-will-eat-dust-bunnies diet.
2) Bite the bullet and order delivery, saving me about 5 cents in gas to drive somewhere.
3) Get off my lazy ass, drive to McDonald's, and order the most fattening thing on the menu as a reward for getting off my lazy ass.

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I finally got my coffee pot cleaned up and ready to use this morning. I just about did a happy dance in the middle of the kitchen at the thought of it. I haven't made my own coffee in weeks. Coffee! Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee! Capu-CCI-no! Java! YES!

My roommate left at 6:30 this morning to go on a three week camping trip in Michigan. It's required credit for her Forestry degree. That's like saying that storm chasing for three weeks is required credit for my Meteorology degree. I'm slightly jealous and am contemplating changing my major. Ok, maybe not. But it's still kinda sweet if you're an outdoorsy type like me. Colorado would have been better, but eh. I now have the apartment to myself for the bulk of September. Any normal college student would take advantage of this golden opportunity and party as much as possible. Me, no. I'm just happy that I get to go to the bathroom without shutting the door. (I'm simple minded like that)

Anyways, it's a splendiforous morning. I think I'm gonna go take some pictures...after I drink my coffee. Toodles!
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Oh maaaan, do I have a story to tell you guys. I got home last night around midnight and went to bed around 1. At about 3:30 a.m., my roommate's cell went off. She answered it, and it was a friend of hers wanting to know if her boyfriend could stay the night in our dorm room, because he was really flat ass drunk and had nowhere to go. Amy said yeah, sure, and went and picked him up. He passed out on the futon within seconds, so we crawled our tired asses up to bed and went back to sleep. At about 5:30 a.m., we were both awakened by the sound of running water. We both sat up and looked to see where it was coming from. The bastard was standing up right in the middle of our fucking room PISSING ON THE CARPET. Amy was screaming at him to stop, but he just kept on pissing! Finally, she ushered him outside to piss since this is a girls dorm. We were sitting there bewildered for a minute because we couldn't believe what has just happened. He came back in and went right back to sleep! So, we went from bewildered staring at the carpet to amazed staring at him. We got out some dish soap and water and Amy started scrubbing the carpet. After that we sprayed Febreze on the spot and stuck a fan there to help dry it. We don't think he remembers doing it.

You wanna know the kicker? Somebody is coming by here TODAY to buy this carpet from us!

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I went to the housing fair today to size up some possible apartments for next fall. Being in the dorms is great and all, but I hate having my car a mile away from me and I'm bringing my cat up to Ames. Dorms do not appreciate pets that don't live in aquariums. I'll have a roommate to keep the cost down, so we were looking for two-bedroom units. The cheapest was about $395 a month and the most expensive was $1050. A lot of them wanted double deposit because of Phoebe living with us and others just wanted a small charge per month. All in all, though, we found some very reasonable and doable offers...and...DISHWASHERS!!!

I'm getting really excited about this! Ah, to have a kitchen and private bathroom again...
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LMAO! I took this quiz and said to my roommate, "MMM!! Have you ever had an orgasm?" I do NOT think she knew I was talking about a drink.

""Which cocktail are you?""

brought to you by Quizilla
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I've had one hell of a week. First my cell phone dies on me, forcing me to call my dad collect to figure out what to do. That's my only link to life outside of Ames. It's kind of vital that I have it. Then my car breaks down on me at a Gumby's Pizza restaurant and then AGAIN at the hair salon (I got my hair cut by the way). I ended up spending 60 bucks on a new battery, some jumper cables, and a tool kit. Way to be unprepared, Heather.

Now my roommate is sleeping in our room at 7 pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT, so I can't be in my own room.

I am going to a dance party tonight, so hopefully it'll turn out to be a happy end to this week.


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