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This might be a stupid question, but I'm asking it anyway since I keep running into the same problem time and time again while writing my thesis. Let's say you introduce something in your paper that has a long name which is usually shortened to an acronym, like so:

"The Hydrologic Laboratory Research Distributed Hydrologic Model (HL-RDHM) is blah, blah, and blah." (yes, I'm pretty sure the word hydrologic appears twice in the name of this thing)

If you use up your parentheses to introduce the acronym that will be used later in the paper, where then does the reference go? Does it go within the same set of parenthesis and then is separated with a semicolon? Does it get its own parentheses and then look weird sitting next to something else that is already in parentheses? Do you put the reference somewhere else entirely? This is a particularly bad sentence for me because the "blah blah blah" part actually talks about a separate model that has its own damn reference. Otherwise I'd just put the HL-RDHM's reference at the end of the sentence.
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Note to self:

From now on, when you butcher one of your old scripts to make a new script that does something completely different, DO NOT SAVE OVER THE OLD SCRIPT. You never know when you're going to need it again, like...ohhh, NOW for instance. Have fun writing the old script over again for the next hour.

P.S. You suck at life.

P.P.S. You need to take something for that headache.
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Username: nycareers
Password: landmark
Go to Career Matchmaker

1. Model Maker
2. Air Traffic Controller
3. GIS Specialist
4. Planner
5. Drafter
6. Cartographer
7. Survey Tech
8. Archaeologist
9. Computer Support Person
10. Technical Writer
11. Industrial Machinery Mechanic
12. Millwright
13. Industrial Designer
14. Interior Designer
15. Curator
16. Office Machine Repairer
17. ESL Teacher
18. Historian
19. Website Designer
20. Film Processor

Notice that meteorologist/hydrologist/etc. is NOT on that list. That is because in my time as a student I have become very sick of deriving equations and thinking with the physics side of my brain. I have never had a natural talent for either, and while I performed decently in classes I struggled with working through the mathy side of meteorology. I can explain processes in words easily, but that doesn't get you credit on exams. So...when the questions came up about working with physics and using mathematics to solve problems, I rated them relatively low because I don't think they would be aspects of my perfect career. Why force yourself to be in a career that doesn't highlight your strengths? Thus I come to the point where I have to think about my future as a meteorologist.

I still love working with maps and computers, so I'm not surprised at all that "GIS Specialist" was ranked high. In fact, I feel like that is the direction my career is headed. I had a short discussion with my co-advisor about what I should do after my masters. To put it bluntly, I do not need a PhD in meteorology, nor do I want one. My interests have been interdisciplinary for some time now, and having three degrees in one field will not benefit me at all.

There is an idea floating around the School of Meteorology to create a PhD in interdisciplinary studies here at OU. I need to look into my options more, but I think either that or possibly even Geography would be good PhD fits for me if I want to focus more on GIS applications. I would MUCH rather take advanced courses in GIS and computer science than the Meteorology courses left over that I haven't taken already (crap like Boundary Layer Met., Turbulence, and Computational Fluid Dynamics...yuck). The Interdisciplinary thing would be especially cool because I could branch out even more and take courses in things like statistics, environmental science, and maybe graphic design or something.

Here's the deal: I could totally see myself as a professor or researcher if I love the subject enough. I enjoy teaching at the college level, and I've been told several times that I have a definite talent for explaining new concepts in a way that is easy to understand. I'm a communicator, not a physicist. Plus, GIS applies to EVERY field, likely in many ways that haven't even been considered yet. Imagine the career opportunities.
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I have a question for you Excel whizzes. Let's say I have lots and lots (BIG understatement) of data in a spreadsheet that is formatted like this:


Is there a way in Excel that I can transpose the data so that it reads like this?

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...or look back through the thousands of comics in the PhD Comics archive to find the one about what to do while your script is running just so you can post about how you're waiting for your script to run. I have no life, but at least I got the damn thing working! It may take about four days to finish (literally, I'm leaving it running over the weekend), but it's working!
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I still feel like shit. Boo. I'm also feeling like a horrible slacker because I'm not doing anything that should be getting done. I want to drive in to Norman tomorrow and work on my research a little more, but I'm coughing and hacking up various colors of sticky fluid and really have no business being around other human beings in a professional setting. Hopefully after a hot shower and a dose of decongestant I'll feel well enough to go in, but we'll see when tomorrow comes.

Did I mention that I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled Monday? Now that will be exciting. If I want to get anywhere with my work then I really need to get it done this week, because I guarantee that no matter how crappy I feel right now, I will feel so much worse after my teeth get pulled. Then I'm off to the annal AMS conference in San Antonio the next week after that barring a horrible complication with the tooth extractions, and then break is over. How sad.
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I woke up at 11:30 this morning. God it's good to be lazy after going through the three weeks of hell since Thanksgiving. Even though I don't have class I'm still going to try to go in tomorrow to get a good start on my research.

By the way? Holy crap I need exercise. The most physical activity I've had in the last month has been walking to and from my car every day. Granted, I have to park about two blocks from the Weather Center, but that's still not enough. It's nice today, so I should go out and do something. Maybe I'll walk a few miles and actually appreciate that it's going to be almost 70 today whereas it would be in the 30s if I were in Iowa right now.
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I think I have a new job!! My advisor is looking for someone to help with his webpage and do research. I am SO happy to be done with this shitfuck job that I have right now. Besides, it's in my major! YAY!!!


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