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Is anyone else getting something strange on the LJ homepage?

EDIT: I guess it's fixed now, but damn that was weird. The only thing on the homepage was a 100x100 PNG image of a tower-looking thing.
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I'll do one of those "post the first line from your first entry of the month" things...

January: "I'm too pissed off to sleep for the first time in my entire life which royally sucks (I'm typing this from the confines of a hotel room's bathroom)" (oy that was a really bad day.)

February: "I had a discussion yesterday with someone about what people think about when they see people of the opposite sex in day-to-day life (or same sex I guess if you are homosexual/bisexual)."

March: "Aww, Brett Favre retired. :(" (HAHAHAHAHA)

April: "Stormy loves thunderstorms. Go figure."

May: "I'm so ready for classes to be over, not just for this semester but for my entire life."

June: "Oh come on...somebody give Obama four more delegates so that we as a country can move on. Please?"

July: "I thought yesterday completely sucked, but today was worse. I went to bed last night feeling perfectly fine, but by 3:30 am I was puking."

August: No text...just this:

September: "You know what's cool? We can see the edge of the hurricane from here in central Oklahoma."

October: "I scored a 10, which is apparently exactly as liberal-leaning as Hillary Clinton."

November: "God I am nervous about giving this talk tomorrow."

December: "I've been meaning to respond to the comments on the bailout post, but I haven't done it yet. I will eventually, I promise!" (Yikes, still haven't done that...)
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Woot! [livejournal.com profile] weathernerds is in the spotlight this week. :D
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Thanks for the congratulations!

In other wacky and random news, I totally have this. I just didn't know it was actually a documented disorder. People think I'm joking when I say I sneeze when I eat too much. Well, I'm not! My aunt has it too. :p
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Jeremy found the video last night of JFK getting shot and just had to show me all the goriness frame by frame. He found multiple videos in fact. Thanks Youtube...it's burned into my brain now and will not go away. I'd rather not see half of someone's head explode, thankyouverymuch.

Today is the university holiday in honor of the OU vs. Texas game tomorrow. I've been here for three years now, and getting school canceled for a football game still irks me. It's not like I benefit from it much. I don't have classes on Friday but have to get my research done anyway, so here I am working. Sigh.
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I'm not a songwriter, but that new Theory of a Deadman song would sound so much better if they were saying "badass girlfriend" instead of "bad bad girlfriend." I thought that maybe the radio was censoring it and changing the words, but no...that's how the song really goes. Disappointing.
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Question: Why is the United States considered to be "America"? America covers two continents and about 30-40 countries where people are not also called Americans. I never understood it.
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Aww, Brett Favre retired. :(

I have a synoptic exam in two days that is worth 50% of my grade, so this is all you get today.
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1. I found cow tongues for sale in the meat section of the grocery store last night. It was one of those things that are gross yet fascinating at the same time (kinda like tv shows about plastic surgery). I mean, geez, it looked just like a dead human tongue but it was the size of my cat. One of them leaked on me. :( I can't believe people eat them.

2. I had a dream last night about being hit by a tornado. I was with my Grandma and someone else (maybe my mom?), and we took shelter in the back inventory area of a grocery store (one of the huge garage doors was open, so we drove our old beater truck right into it). One of the offices in the inventory area had a cellar-like area below it, so we took shelter there. When we came back out again our truck had been pulled out of the garage and was sitting outside (with my luggage still sitting in the back). Everything around us was totally demolished, but the store and our truck were perfectly fine. Most of my tornado dreams (yes, that's plural) involve nonsense things like that for some reason.

3. I'm going to a banquet dinner tonight on campus for the ADVANCE project, which is a group that seeks to increase diversity in university faculty positions. In the physical sciences area of academics, women definitely qualify as a minority. Normally I don't participate in that area of debate too much, but I felt the need to go since my advisor invited me. The food is free, too, and I'm sure the speakers will have some interesting things to say.

4. Talking about banquets makes me hungry.
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What in the f'ing hell? How is that useful for anything at all? They go from cute to radioactive-looking when the lights go out. :(

Oh, by the way, I ROCKED the Dynamics final..or at least I think I did. I messed up a few things, but I think it's entirely possible to get >90%. I learned that stinky pigs generate baroclinic vorticity. At least my professor has a sense of humor I guess.

Also: My Dad hasn't had electricity since 10pm Monday night. The ice storm knocked out power to a lot of places, but my unfortunate family lives in a town of about 15 people on roads that aren't treated for ice. They may not get power back for up to a week, and there's a snow storm on the way for this weekend. Good news: they have a generator. Bad news: the nearest gas station is 15 miles away, and the generator occasionally stops working. My Dad had to come all the way home from work (he commutes almost an hour each way in good weather) to get it running again yesterday. I don't know if he went back, but that still royally sucks. I hope they get power back soon.


Nov. 11th, 2007 09:28 pm
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Here's our master bathroom before yesterday (actually this was way back before we even bought the house):

Here's our master bathroom now: )

And for good measure, here's an adorable picture of the two cutest ones in my life (you wouldn't believe how long they sat that way before I got the picture): )

Um, no.

Jun. 11th, 2007 12:28 pm
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I got this in a mass email just a little bit ago from MoveOn.Org:

"The Senate votes this week on climate and energy legislation. Please call your senators and ask them to vote against a proposal to use billions of tax dollars to make "liquid coal" America's next fuel—a global warming disaster.

Senator James Inhofe
Phone: 202-224-4721

Senator Tom Coburn
Phone: 202-224-5754"

They want me to do what??? Are they serious???
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The last couple of days have been an adventure. A friend that graduated from ISU in meteorology with me is in grad school at the University of Alabama-Huntsville now, and she and two friends came to Oklahoma on Friday to go storm chasing for a week. Friday night just before they arrived at my house I watched Greensburg get wiped out on radar, although I didn't know quite what I had witnessed yet. Seeing that massive circulation go directly over Greensburg had me fairly worried, but the reports of where the tornado went were conflicting at the time.

Anyway, Elise and company got here pretty late, so we didn't talk much until Saturday morning. After looking at the severe weather setup, they decided to come back to my house that evening to stay another night, so I sort of invited myself along on their storm chase. Unfortunately for us Saturday was an awful day to go chasing despite how many tornadoes actually occurred.

We had three main problems that day: )

So we went home without seeing any tornadoes, but I wouldn't call the day a total waste. I got to see my Dad and hug him and talk to him about what was going on in Greensburg, and seeing the rural tornado damage was a surreal experience. It was also surreal driving around so close to Greensburg. Helicopters were flying all over the place even while there were storms going on, and just knowing that the devastated town was just a few miles away was sobering. Less than 24 hours earlier a beast rolled through that area and left its mark all over the landscape. I wish I had taken more pictures, but it seemed that we were always in a hurry to catch up to storms. I tried to take some pictures from the car, but they're blurry as hell.

Moving on to Sunday, I spent the majority of the day studying for my Radiation final. Elise and company went chasing out in western Oklahoma and Jeremy was working midnight shifts, so I had a fair amount of time to myself during the day to study. The final was at 8am the next morning, and I felt as if I did rather well considering how distracted I was by everything.

And now, I have a reason to be elated. I got the final grades back from Radiation, and I got an A!!! I needed that on so many levels. Today I finished my IT Skills semester project, so I only have one more project to complete to bring an end to my first year as a graduate student! I'm so ready for a break, even if it's going to be a short one.
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Colleagues: Pls see the alert notice from the Provost. Pls comply
immediately. Pls ask all students to remain in the NWC and SEC until such
time as we get further information from the Provost.

------- Forwarded message follows -------
Priority: Urgent

Deans, Directors, and Chairs,

Immediately take action to keep all individuals within their current buildings
into further notice.


Uh....is everyone paranoid now or what? I'm at home today, but I'm really curious about why they're freaking out.

UPDATE: Here's a new email, but it doesn't really tell me anything. I wouldn't worry too much about the National Weather Center. The security is already majorly beefed up there because we have federal NOAA offices in the building. You can't get past the security desk at the front door without a badge (although they're kind of lazy about checking it).

Colleagues: I have had a confirming telephone call from the Provost.

As a precaution, we are adjusting the one-card locks on the exterior doors
so that one can gain entry only via the card swipe. Pls retain visitors in your
areas until further notice.

Faculty: Pls retain students in classrooms.



Apr. 2nd, 2007 02:51 pm
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Stupid question: It is almost 3pm, right? I feel like I'm in some sort of crazy limbo right now, because all the clocks in this building and the big clock outside the window at the OU football stadium say that it's almost 4pm. My cell phone, this computer, and even the freakin' Official US Clock think it's an hour earlier in the day. What the hell OU? April Fool's Day was yesterday!
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Aaaaand flight attempt to San Antonio #1 = canceled (tomorrow at noon).

Flight attempt #2 to San Antonio = on for now, but will probably be canceled too (tomorrow evening at 6:25).

Flight attempt #3 (hopefully the final one) to San Antonio = probably Monday morning if I can beat out everyone else trying to get to Dallas after three days of cancellations.

All things considered, this is much better than what the poor saps in Denver had to deal with. I still might make it to the conference before it ends on Thursday, even if I miss half of the first day. It just sucks to be in Oklahoma at the moment, and very shortly Dallas as well (my layover destination...can't wait to see how that plays out).

We had thundersleet today. It's odd that I've experienced this phenomenon (as well as thundersnow and other variations of frozen thunderish things) three or four times in the past three years alone, because I don't think I recall ever having seen it before that. Maybe I just never noticed before I had any weathergirl know-how.
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What the hell has been going on with Google today?

I watched the entire original Star Wars trilogy tonight....just because I felt like it. I know people have criticized the newer trilogy for various reasons, but I actually think the two trilogies tie together well. The newer ones are pretty true to the originals as far as the story and characters go. I'm definitely not going to say that Episodes I, II, and III are better than the originals in any way other than possibly special effects, but I'm just saying they work well together in general. It's a shame that I only have Episodes IV, V, and VI on old, crappy, 1990 VHS cassettes that cause the picture to bounce up and down during the entire movie, but meh. After awhile you get used to it.

Jeremy's new computer came today, so I'll get mine back finally! Don't get me wrong, the laptop is amazing and all, but there's only so much of this touchpad mouse and lack of scrolling thing that I can take. I want my mouse back.
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What a shitty way to end 2006. I'm sick. This might be one of the first New Year's Eves that Jeremy and I can actually celebrate together, and I feel like death. Everyone around me has been sick lately, so I guess it had to happen eventually.

I keep hearing noises outside, and I can't figure out whether it's fireworks, dumbasses shooting off guns, or something else entirely. Oh, and Jeremy's playing mp3 clips of tornado sirens on his computer. Just 'cause. Now it's tv theme songs (specifically Night Court I think). We are a random pair.

As for the oh so popular 2006 in review, I graduated from college, I went storm chasing for 7,000 miles straight without seeing any tornadoes, I moved to Oklahoma and moved in with my boyfriend, and my first semester of grad school kicked my ass. That pretty much brings us to today.
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We have cable tv now. This could be a big blow to my ability to do anything productive at home. Homework ain't gettin' done at home no more! I seem to get more accomplished in my TA office anyway.

This is cool.

Oh, I'll be driving 230 miles to get home (home home, not here home) so that Dad can replace the front brake pads on my car. The mechanic that did the "24-point inspection" about a month ago told me that I had about 5% left of them, but they wanted $180 to change them. HELL NO. The parts are only around $50, so if I pay for the parts and give my Dad some money for his time/trouble, then I'm still saving money even if I drive to a place four hours from here to get it done.

PS: How the hell does Mapquest get that it takes over six hours to go 230 miles??? Yeah, sure, there are towns along the way and we're not talking interstates here, but damn. I speed like a maniac and only stop when I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. There's really not much to see during this drive anyway, believe me. Well, that is unless you like digging for crystals in the salt flats or staring at cattle. Yes, I've done both. Shut up.
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OMG. My mother shaved her cat! )

Now that that's out of my system, I have to say that I wasn't all that impressed with the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. The stuff on Izzie was good, but everything else was just...blah. That's a type of episode you need in the middle of the season, not the one that you kick everything off with. There was absolutely no suspense.

How did the she-Shephard end up with Meredith's underwear?


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