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Muaaahahahahaha. New camera! 12 megapixels of win. :D
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I hate film now that I've been using a digital camera for so long. I don't have a good enough understanding of light exposure to get decent shots, especially since the light meter doesn't work on my POS camera. I've also become extremely dependent on the pic preview screen on the digital, so I hate waiting now to see if anything turned out. Meh.

Nevertheless, I still managed to get my first lightning shot (the bulb setting is the one thing that I can't do on the digital)! It came back grainy as fuck, so the quality's not that great after the pic's run through photoshop and Neat Image, but here it is anyway! )
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We went storm chasing in Texas again yesterday!. The whole story is in the captions of the images. This was the best footage we got:

Most of the still photos I took pretty much sucked because there wasn't enough light, and we didn't have time to stop. Most of them thus suffered from the blurry, but I did manage to get one shot early on in the day that I really liked (click on it for a larger version):

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Here are the decent pictures from today (they're in the 700px size range) )

And P.S., why can't I get shots like this while storm chasing?? Am I too impatient? Maybe it's because I have other people in the car and would feel like a dork if I pull out my tripod and camera and squat in a ditch for an hour when they just want to go home. They chase for the tornadoes and don't see the point in wasting mass amounts of time trying to photograph the ever elusive lightning.
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Look at that sexy sunset. The camera didn't even do it justice.

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This is for the "What is it?" challenge in [livejournal.com profile] photochallenge, so in all fun, I'll let you guys guess, too. You're not allowed to cheat, so don't peek at what other people guessed in the community unless you're really truly stumped. I don't think it's that hard to figure out, though.
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This week's theme for [livejournal.com profile] photochallenge is Weather! How appropriate! Having only a film camera really limits how many challenges I can actually participate in, so it's nice to be able to enter one for once. Here's the picture I picked:

Bigger version...cut for you slow internet people. )
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Happy July 4th everybody! Mine went rather well.

My mom, my sister, and I all headed out to Ledges State Park to do a little grilling. We got all the food we needed and bought a cheap grill at Wal-Mart in Boone. The food turned out great, but the most memorable thing about it was the many varieties of creepy crawlers that we encountered over the course of our meal. There were daddy long leg spiders covering the underside of the picnic table, so we spent the entire time with our legs sprawled in other directions. There were also abundances of mosquitos, flies, and ants. Ah, how I love summer. Anywho, after a little walk down a nature trail, we headed back to Ames with just a little time before the fireworks started. We parked at Mom's place and then walked since she lives so close to them. I brought my camera with me to shoot some pictures although I can't see anything through the viewfinder. It was dark anyway, so I said fuck it. I did get some great pictures of the fireworks, but the awesome part about tonight was that we saw some fireworks of the natural variety at the same time. To our southeast was an awesome looking thunderstorm, and it was producing lightning like you wouldn't believe. Being the weather nerd that I am, I think I almost shot more pictures of the lightning than I did of the fireworks. :p I really hope they turn out. Some of them will be pretty damn awesome if they do.

Now I'm home, completely covered in mosquito bites, dirt, sunscreen, sweat, and bugspray, and very ready to take a shower. Jennifer beat me to it, though. :/
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Fuck. It's decision time boys and girls. I called the local photography place to get an estimate on repairing my camera, and he told me it would probably run about $100 to fix it, but it's $20 just to send it in and get an actual estimate. I can purchase a new body for the camera for around $100 off of Ebay. The interesting thing to note is that I can purchase a complete camera (body and lens, some with other accesories) for between $50 and $80 off of Ebay as well. The cameras just appear to be well used, but still work. Then I could sell my camera body for $20 or so as is and bring the expense down even more.

I could also just do some looking around on the net and fix it myself with a little bit of help from people who know what they're doing. Anyone know someone I could send it to who could fix it for cheaper than $100?

Here's where the real decision comes in. I've been wanting a digital camera for some time now. If I were to sell every camera accessory, lens, filter, body, flash, thing I have seperately on Ebay and somehow managed to get the going rate out of them all, I could make between $175 and $200 total. Since I'm a new seller, I'd probably make no more than $140, but since I got the original camera body and lens for free, I don't think I'd be losing much compared to what I paid for everything else. I can get a decent digital camera for between $180 and $200. I'm not talking about the $800 digital SLRs with all the bells and whistles (although that would be nice). I'm talking about the small Sony Cybershots and Nikon Coolpixes and whatnot. I'll probably greatly miss the ability to do long exposures and to use filters and other fun gadgets, but I'd be saving a hell of a lot of money on developing film that doesn't turn out the way I want. There's a problem with digital cameras, though. They depreciate in value far FAR worse than the manual film stuff I have now. There's no way in hell I could ever sell it for what I buy it for, and I'd have to constistently spend $200-$300 dollars to upgrade to the newer, better cameras every couple of years. My little K1000? Yeah, it'll probably worth the same 5 or 10 years down the road that it is now, and there's always a huge plethora of accessories and parts for it on Ebay.

So, here are my choices:

a) Send my camera body in to be repaired for $100.
b) Buy a new camera body off Ebay for $100 and sell mine for $20.
c) Buy a used, complete camera off Ebay for $50-$80 and sell mine for $20.
d) Fix the damn thing myself.
e) Sell the whole shebang and get a digital camera.

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I need your help, photography people. I need to know how much it will cost me if I take a Pentax K1000 in for repair. The hinge/spring is busted on the mirror, so it won't return to the down position. This makes my viewfinder useless, because all I see is black. I probably also need to get the foam replaced, because there is a little bit of stickage going on. Any idea how much that's going to cost?
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When it's not overexposed or underexposed, it's blurry because I didn't have a tripod. Oy. I really need to go digital. Film is just too expensive when you consider how many shots it takes me to get a technically good picture. That's going on my Christmas wishlist. I'll even split the cost with Dad if he buys it for me.

Now I'm going to be at work for the next who knows how long, and I have no drive to do anything at all. Methinks working on a Saturday was a bad idea.

*twiddles thumbs*
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Gah, I'm itchin' to take pictures so badly. It's just so damn gloomy and brown and gray and uninteresting outside that there's just nothing worth being in a picture. I guess I'll just have to count down the days 'til spring break.

19 days until I leave for Oklahoma!
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If you were in an online photo contest, and the theme for the week was "Wide Open Spaces," would you submit:

Picture A )


Picture B )

Decisions, decisions...

Edit: Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a horizon straight when you're dealing with a locale as flat and horizontal as Kansas? Neither of those horizons are straight now that I look at them. I should have used a tripod. Eh well.
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My lens filters have FINALLY arrived today from the seller. For pete's sake, it's been a month since I paid for them. Anyway, I was so excited to get them that I've been looking at everything in my apartment and out the windows with them like a little kid with a magnifying glass. The tobacco gradual one is my favorite, although the polarizer will come in great handy. Now I just need a lens that isn't so beaten to hell that the filters will actually screw onto the end of it. Back to Ebay...

This has been such a great day so far. The filters came in, I got my math class dropped, I had the best muffin in the entire universe for breakfast, and it was actually warm enough to break out the light jacket. It's the simple things that matter, folks.
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Alright Amesters, I need help. You remember the post I made awhile back about photographing a local band, right? Well, the original plan was to shoot the pictures outdoors in an alley in the downtown district of town, but they don't want snow in the picture. This shit isn't going away anytime soon, and they need the picture soon. So, I need to find another location here in town to get the shots. I was thinking of doing it in an old rundown building like old Sweeney Hall or Morrill Hall. I can't get into Morrill, obviously, but you get the general idea. Josh (the guy in the band) suggested the MU, but it's hard to get a decent picture in with so many people around. Anyone have any ideas?
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I forgot to fucking forecast again. (*&#$(*&@)#(@

On the bright side, I changed out my computer's power supply during the time that I was supposed to forecast, and I haven't had a hiccup yet. I'm happy to report that I think the problem is solved. No more randomly shutting down leading to a very stressed Heather! Woohoo!

I busted out my 4WD just to get around town this afternoon. The side roads aren't cleared off worth a shit, so it was either all wheels drive or all wheels spin. It wasn't a hard choice to make.

The lens I ordered off Ebay finally arrived in the mail today, but it's the wrong fucking size for my camera. Go figure. Note to self: You have a Pentax camera. Don't buy Minolta lenses for it anymore. Grrrrr.
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Photography is an expensive hobby. I'm getting about $50 worth of filters off Ebay today, and I'll probably get a decent light meter before long, too. I want a macro lens, but those things are fucking expensive. I'd like to get to the point where I take decent enough pictures to be able to sell them as prints. I was thinking of taking some shots of severe weather events like tornadoes, lightning, and thunderstorms since I'll be storm chasing anyway. It would be a nice source of pocket change in the future. Film's costing me an arm and a leg, though, so as soon as I can afford it, I'm getting a digital camera. How much are digital SLRs running right now? I imagine they're well into the hundreds.

Ok, damn it, where's that site that will bid for you on Ebay at the last second? I know it's a sneaky way to do things, but I was just outbid on something I really wanted with about 10 seconds to go in the auction. This is like the third time it's happened to me. GRRRRR, I gotta play dirty now if I'm going to fucking get anything at all.


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