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"The Iowa State Center is offering a limited number of free tickets for Brooks & Dunn, Friday, February 27 at 7:30 p.m. at Hilton Coliseum.

ISU students can show their student ID at the Iowa State Center Ticket Office located in Stephens Auditorium and receive two (2) free tickets to the Brooks & Dunn concert at Hilton Coliseum. Offer good beginning Thursday, February 26 at 10 a.m. through Friday, February 27 at 12 p.m. (noon). No refunds or exchanges on previously purchased tickets. "

^^^ An email I just got. I'm guessing sales weren't going that well....
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While I was putting on my shoes this morning and about to head out the door for class, Phoebe just started meowing hysterically at the window in the living room. At first I ignored her, because she likes to yowl at birds and she's a general drama queen anyway. After she did it long enough, I decided to go and see what she was so enamored with. As it turned out, there was a little brown bat hanging on for dear life at the top of my window. I sat there for a second and watched him move all around the window, struggling to get a decent grip until he finally let go and plopped down on the bottom of the window sill. I knew that the poor thing had no earthly business being on a third floor apartment window sill with no shelter in the freezing cold when he was supposed to be in a warm, dark hole hibernating. I called someone at the Animal Ecology department on campus to find out what I should do, and the guy referred me to the small animal clinic over at Vet Med. They told me to bring him in if I was ok with handling him. I'm not a prissy girl when it comes to cute, fuzzy bats, so I said I'd be glad to do it. It was hard to get the window open, though, because that's where the air conditioner was sitting and it was screwed into the window frame. By the time I got it open, he disappeared. He's in one of two places right now. I went outside to see if he had fallen off the ledge and into the snow. There was a fresh hole with some...er...tracks that led under the porch. I looked around down there, but I didn't see or hear him. I figured that would be a good place for him anyway, considering that it's warm and dry, so I left him alone. There's a second possibility, though. He could be snuggled up in a little cavity-hole area under our air conditioner. I keep hearing weird scratching noises coming from that general direction, and the cat still won't leave the window. It's really impossible for me to get to him there, so unless he comes out on his own, I can't do anything for him.

I missed class for all this drama, but he was just so darn cute. I couldn't just leave him there to freeze to death and die. Plus, they're nocturnal animals. He didn't belong there in broad daylight.
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I'm trying out for Symphonic Band again next semester, so I need to start practicing now and getting my embouchure in shape. I just played different little fragments of songs on the sax for about an hour, and it feels like I damn near chewed through my lip. My tone has been sounding very bad lately, and I'm not sure if it's the horn or me...or maybe both. That poor thing hasn't had a tune-up in at least two years, and me being out of practice and out of shape doesn't help much. I'm debating on whether to use a rental horn for the semester. The model I have is a Yamaha YAS-23, which is the most basic student model. It lacks one key that professional models have, and that was a problem last year since one or two of the songs we performed had that note in my part. I also don't get the greatest tone in the world with it, and the fingerings are starting to get a little clumsy. I hope that's a sign that I'm improving musically past my horn's ability instead of me just sucking. It'll cost me around $30 for the semester, which isn't bad at all. I think I'll do it as long as I get a quality horn. If it's a piece of shit, I'll just use my sax. You wouldn't expect a University to have shitty horns, but a friend of mine got a doozy for her rental bass clarinet last year.
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The retreat thing went a lot better than I anticipated. I think my students really ended up enjoying themselves, despite how much they thought it was going to suck going into it. I, um, ended up falling asleep on top of a picnic table next to the campfire for about an hour, and that's all I slept during the entire thing. When I finally got home around 8am, I collapsed onto my bed and didn't open my eyes again until 5:30. Now, my internal clock is all zoinked because it feels like it should be about 2 in the afternoon instead of 10pm. Oi. This will be the shortest weekend of my entire life.
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Does anyone need clip art for anything at all? I'm on the last day of a paid membership to clipart.com, and I can't think of anything I need. What a waste! So, if you want something, find the image you want and tell me how to find it. I'll email it to ya or something.
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Wow, Johnny Cash and John Ritter both died today. That's just...wow. They were both so great. RIP
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I've been on a reading spree lately. I just finished "A Little Piece of Sky" by Nicole Bailey-Williams, and I just checked out "The Safety of Objects" by A.M. Homes and "Chasing Rumi" by Roger Housden. I really have nothing better to do since I'm unpacked and have no internet yet at home.

I bought Amelie, Radio Flyer, and Go last night at Hastings. I watched Amelie last night and LOVED it. I loved the humor in the movie...and the garden gnome! Great stuff.
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Pirates of the Caribbean was pretty damn funny. I expected it to be cheesy and boring, but it was actually rather entertaining. Besides, staring at Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom for three hours is definitely worth the five bucks to get in.

Movies still on my list to see:

Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Men in Black II
Schindler's List
A Beautiful Mind
St. Elmo's Fire
The Godfather trilogy
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The moment captured both in history and tribute.
April 19, 1995
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Columbia astronauts, RIP.

This was a tragic event in itself, but hearing that one of the astronauts was from where I live made it hit closer to home. Laurel Clark was born here in Ames while her father went to school at Iowa State University. I've always respected students here who were in the aeronautical engineering major, because I knew how challenging and ambitious it was. After today, I realize that it's not only that, but it's the courage and bravery to do something that so few have done before them. This is a sad, sad thing.
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Tony Rock and David Cross were fucking hilarious last night. Tony moreso than David, but it was still funny. Why didn't anyone tell me that stand up comedians are so fucking entertaining before? This is my new hobby.
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We're watching Fight Club in English Comp. It's a really fucked up movie, but I happen to like it. It's different from your average box office formula movie. Cooooll...

I have another Amesy person on my list! Hi Doospack!!!
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I'm definitely feeling better today now that I'm skipping that damn program. I've got some shit I need to get done today.

Well...I guess I'm not skipping it completely. I am going to the "video dance" tonight at 10....even though I can't really dance.


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