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My life is pretty mundane at the moment. I have no classes, so I just go to work like it's a regular job, work all day, come home, make food, watch tv, surf the web, and go to bed. It's especially boring right now while Jeremy sleeps all day and works all night. The only major shift in our lives is that we dropped our Directv and signed up for Netflix. The streaming thing on the PS3 is pretty much AMAZING. It has most of the shows we watch on demand with no commercials. The only things I'll miss are Monday Night Football and Grey's Anatomy (we don't get ABC at all where we are, which really sucks). Grey's is at least available online though.

I'll be spending my spring break up in Ames doing wedding planning type stuff. This is kind of an important step because I'll be choosing the venues for the ceremony and reception and booking the date we want. That means I put down money on deposits and make it official that yes, we really are getting married. Aside from the actual proposal this is the first thing I'm doing. It only took me eight months.
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This is the third day in a row that I've seen the sunrise on my way to school. Two of those days (and probably today too), it was dark when I got to go home. That really sucks. It's partly my fault for agreeing to commute with Jeremy when he's working day shifts, but there really is no reason for us to take separate cars when we work in the same freakin' building. Our commute is long enough that it would just be a massive waste of fuel. So I get up early and go home late. I am getting a lot of work done!

Dude, I just realized that my muffin has cream cheese filling. I don't think I've ever eaten a muffin with filling before.
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Snippets from today...

1. I almost ran over a little box turtle on my drive into school this morning.

2. I found this new spangled calendar feature on Google (there's a link to it at the top of your Gmail window), and I happen to think it's awesome. Now I can view and edit my calendar both at home and at school! Yay! I guess this signals the end of me ever needing a paper planner now.

3. My grandmother and aunt are visiting my great aunt Peggy who lives about fifteen miles from me. I should find time to see them before they leave.

4. One of my office mates had a birthday today, so I got free cake!

5. As I was walking out to my car on my way home I stepped off a curb wrong and completely wiped out on the street. Both of my ankles are now sore as hell (one of them I landed on sideways, so yeah...that will smart a little). To make the experience even more enjoyable, someone was walking the other direction was like RIGHT THERE to see me go down. Fabulous.

6. I found out that I will FINALLY be getting a computer in my office by Tuesday (since Monday's Labor Day and all). It's a PC, but I'll take anything at this point. The only issue is that our room doesn't have half of its ethernet ports yet, so I might be internetless for another week or two on my machine. Others in the room will be hooked up though.

7. Speaking of Labor Day, THREE DAY WEEKEND! Woo hoo! Too bad Jeremy's working night shifts through all of it. :(
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I was standing in a long ass line yesterday at the Memorial Union Post Office in between classes, and I was getting impatient because time was running out and my next class was a little bit of a walk away. All of a sudden somebody in a big red bird costume went strolling by us down the hall just acting casual as could be, and nobody in my line even did a double take. He was the school mascot afterall (a cardinal named Cy with a ginormous beak and teeth). I've seen Cy around at events and things, but I'm not used to him/her just popping up while I'm running my daily errands. It's like being in an alternate universe or something. And yes, that was the most exciting thing that has happened to me in three whole days. I filed my FAFSA and mailed off my taxes, but come on...it's more fun to write about people in bird costumes.
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God damn it, Heather. Get off the fucking computer and go DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE! You have a shower to take, a cat to feed, work to do, money to make, a senior thesis to construct, a Spanish test-out to study for, the GRE to study for, and bills that are due today! WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL SITTING HERE?!?!?!?! Most people started their day three or four hours ago and are being productive members of society. You're here writing a livejournal post to yourself, in your pajamas. You. Are. Pathetic.
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I was trying to get the battery back into the smoke detector (I neutered it on the very first day we moved in if that gives you any idea of how my roommate and I cook), and I had it about four inches from my face so that I could get the prongs on the battery to line up with those on the detector. I had just barely touched the connectors together, and the contact alone caused the bugger to squeal right in my fucking ear. It startled me so bad that I tossed the battery about three feet into the air. I tried to connect the battery a few more times, but after it screamed at me for the third or fourth time I thought fuck that. I finally got them together after drowning out the noise by burying them in a blanket. I hate smoke detectors, and they hate me.
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The heat index could be as high as 105 tomorrow. *dies*

I do have an extra window AC unit sitting in my closet, but I'm kind of against using it. It would probably be too much of a pain in the ass to put in the window by myself, I don't think the side guard things are wide enough for my window (which kind of defeats the purpose), I'm not sure if it still works since it's been sitting for about five or six years, and that's extra electricity usage down the drain. I'll probably just spend the hotter part of the day somewhere on campus with good AC, like the library or up in the map room at Agronomy. I definitely have things I could be doing, and I'd be able to concentrate much better there since it will be more comfortable.

Work is kind of a pain in the ass right now, too. The corn was around our knees when we started the project, but now the thickest part of the canopy is right at eye level. My arms are all cut up and itchy from pushing the leaves away from my face, and I got poked in the eye once when I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I'm going to have to wear long sleeves tomorrow whether I like it or not, and I'll have to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes.

Ah, the joys of living in Iowa....
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Holy HELL I've been productive today! On top of my usual routine of working in the field from 6:30-10 and working on campus in the afternoon, I've somehow managed to:

-wash ALL the dishes (by hand, remember that I have no dishwasher)
-scrub down the kitchen counters, stovetop, and kitchen and bathroom floors (the floors in particular were filthy as fuck from the mud I've been tracking in from the field. the carpet in the living room is in dire condition as well)
-clean up my room and the living room
-take out all the trash in the apartment, including the cats' litter
-gather materials for the weather outreach talk that I'm giving on Thursday
-pick up my new key to the meteorology classroom and map room

My energy will likely fade very quickly now that I'm actually sitting still. I'm glad I took advantage of it while it was there. Whew, I deserve a reward for all of that. Maybe I'll treat myself to a coca-cola float with rocky road ice cream....
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I'm loving my new layout. It's not all that complicated or tricked out (ok...that sounds weird coming from a white girl in Iowa), but it's a refreshing change from the half-page, scrolling 'til the mouse quits working layout that I had before. Also...I know this is going to make me look like a complete dumbass, but this is the first time I've figured out that I can use the S2 system. Hey, I thought it was a gizmo that only paid users could use, so I never bothered to see what it was. :p

After another three hours of playing, I'm up to the Architect level in Eternal Darkness. I know it's ridiculously easy, but I love this game! It's more of an eye candy kind of game rather than something that's challenging to play. It's obvious that the designers spent a shit load of time on the visual and audio aspects of it. There's so much detail in everything, from the way torches emit a realistic glow against the stone walls to the mood-setting, random screams. I wish I had a bigger tv. :(
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Paleoclimate paper is DONE. Final count: 14 pages (including figures, abstract, and references)

Now I can finally relax after writing that fucker in four days (about 11-12 hours total). I probably know more about dating pre-Illinoian glacial till in the Midwestern United States than any of you will EVER want to know. Talking about nothing but dirt is sooooooo exciting, afterall. But hey, it's old dirt and I guess in my mind that makes it partially interesting. If dirt could talk, I imagine it would have a lot of stories to tell, since it's been sitting there for about a million years.

Next stop, studying for finals.
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Just over five pages down, just under five more to go. Then I gotta come up with some snazzy figures.

I hear thunder. Squeeee! I love laying in bed at night and listening to the storms outside, so I think I'll call it a night and do just that. :)
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*smacks forehead*

I just missed my chiropractor appointment AGAIN. See, this is why taking on a full load next semester is a terrible idea. I'm forgetting things NOW with only 15 credits.

GAH, that irritates me so much. I could kick myself right now.
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This 20 questions game is worse than crack.

So is pretty much everything on Yahoo Games.

It's amazing that I ever get anything done around here.
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I've been so busy with school and personal stuff in the last month or so that I have completely forgotten to send off my tax papers until now. Shit! I know I have until April 15th, but the sooner it gets mailed, the sooner I get a refund check. I happen to like money, so I'm all for that.

I should have done it today since I left work early. BAH.
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My room is such a fucking disaster. As I look around me, I see cups and dishes scattered all over my desk, clothes, books, and papers flung all over the room, a pile of dirty clothes in the corner, and various other things scattered all over the place that I have just been too damn lazy to properly put away. At this point, I simply do not care. Cleaning is not a high priority for me right now considering the gazillion other things that I need to do instead. Why must every single fucking instructor throw as many things at you as possible in the week before spring break? It's cruel and unusual punishment.
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This has actually been a fairly good day considering that I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and slept in instead of taking a shower this morning. I may feel utterly gross, but that is a-okay. I got one of the highest grades of the class on my Paleoclimate exam even though I'm probably one of the youngest students. I also found out that the deadline got extended on my 2-3 page Anthropology writing assignment. This is extremely good news, because it was originally due the same day as the exam. Weee! Now I have scrumptious Chinese food being delivered as I write this, and life is just plain good.

Oh, and I LOVE this song. I don't know what it is about it, but it's just beautiful.
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My major goal for today: Scrub the living fuck out the bathtub.

Nothing's more disgusting than settling into a hot bath and then noticing black mildew growing on EVERYTHING around you. The roommate and I are not the most sanitary of people. I was so grossed out that I ended up taking a shower instead.

My secondary goals for today: Wash the dishes that are taking over the kitchen and my desk. Wash the mountain of clothes next to me. Get some exercise.......maybe.
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Reach for the lasers with Antic's Sims-ulator!

In other news, I finally saw Garden State tonight. It was nice in kind of an indie, artsy, abstract way, and I'm always a fan of Natalie Portman. However, I was getting an odd sense of deja vu from Peter Sarsgaard's characters in this from his character in Boys Don't Cry. Although "Mark" actually turned out to be a decent guy in the end on this one, I had a hard time separating the two characters. Creepy, man, creepy. I loved the music, though.....most excellent.
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Eternal Darkness is kinda creepy so far, but very interesting. Methinks I'm going to like it.

PS: I have a working printer for the first time in about two and a half years! No longer is my Lexmark a waste of space.


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