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The homepage I designed for the OU School of Meteorology went live today! http://weather.ou.edu

It's good to know that people think I'm good at something. It's also nice to have a skill that I know I can do well. I'm the first to admit that I royally suck at deriving equations, and my knowledge of computer programming is embarrassingly limited. I'm not athletic, nor do I have a green thumb. I'm socially awkward most of the time (typically when I'm sober, which is most of the time), and I can't hold my liquor. I hate cleaning and have no concept of saving money. HOWEVER, I can design kickass webpages. At least I have something.
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The random epiphany for today:

I'm working on this homework set from hell for 518X, and it asks me to calculate the cross product of two three-dimensional vectors. That is just one of those things from Calculus that I voluntarily forgot upon finishing the course, so I had to go back to my Calc textbook to remember how to do it.

I look it up under the table of contents to find:

"The Cross Product.......pg. 666"

Suddenly it all makes sense. If there's a hell, vector calculus was spawned from it.
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It's fucking freezing in here, Mister Bigglesworth. Leave it to the weather to cool way the hell off right after the heat gets shut off in my building. Such is my luck.

Yesterday was one of the laziest days I've had in months, and it was glorious. I did absolutely nothing that would be deemed productive except to try to help Jeremy with a tech issue over the phone for about two hours. His video card is not sending the display to the tv correctly (or at all, for that matter) even though it was working perfectly fine yesterday. When he tries to do it he loses the display on his primary monitor, too, so he has to reboot into safe mode to uninstall the drivers and get his display back. Then he reinstalls the drivers and tries to send the display to the tv again only to end up back at square one. He was pretty much going in circles for about three hours last night....all to play MLB 2004. Guys and their sports...

I did manage to replace the memory in my computer yesterday, and HOLY FUCK THE DIFFERENCE IS AMAZING. I had no idea my poor system was struggling so much with the 256 mb it had. Now it has 512 mb of DDR PC 2700 (I know it's not 4000 or something extremely top of the line, but it's a drastic improvement), and it is one happy camper. I reduced the page file size, too, so believe me when I say that the zippiness factor is very high with this computer. It's like the force in a way. Best Buy has those memory cards on sale for like $40 after a $30 rebate, so I'm sort of tempted to run back down there and get another one. If I were to upgrade to a gig of memory, I could cut down on the HDD's page file work even more. Plus, my webcam is still giving the computer fits. I have a decent processor in this thing (AMD Athlon XP 2600+), so I don't think that's the problem. I guess I could always be wrong, though. OH, and Best Buy is selling 80 GB hard drives for $30. That's CHEAP. I called Mom and told her about it while I was there, and I ended up picking two more up for her and Marty. :p Eventually I'm going to get around to putting a fresh hard drive and OS in this machine (hopefully set up a dual boot of Windows XP and Linux Red Hat). Now I have the hard drive, so I'm one step closer!

God I'm a geek, but it's so much fun to be me sometimes!
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I am nerdier than 82% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

It says: 17% scored higher,
1% scored the same, and
82% scored lower.

What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:

High-Level Nerd. You are definitely MIT material, apply now!!!.

I guess being a science major pays off in the nerd department.
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Before: http://www.meteor.iastate.edu/~mt206/windmill/oldforecasting.html

After: http://www.meteor.iastate.edu/~mt206/windmill/forecasting.html

I'd call it an improvement! I'm giving weather discussions and forecasts for a nonmajor meteorology course of about 200 students. As part of the course, they have to make at least 25 forecasts during the semester, and they will use this page to help them. When I took the course, I found the page very inconvenient to use, ugly, and I thought some of the recommended websites were useless. So...when they asked me to be their meteorology student lackey, I begged them to let me change the page, because there was no way I could use it to give the forecast discussion. It didn't take much convincing for them to let me fuck with it (gee, I wonder why). So, there you go. I at least find it much easier to use, and I'm hoping that the students will like it, too.
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The Sims are now consuming all my free time. I created a character, fixed up her house, found her a man, got her to marry that man, got them to have a baby, got them to adopt another one, and somehow managed to get them all to survive a fucking plague over the span of about three days. Damn I'm good. My poor character's a stay-at-home mom now, but I don't have a choice. I tried to let her work once, and it caused everyone in the house to die of disease or something since none of them had time to clean or sleep. Good thing I didn't save it when that happened.

(I did get a lot of work done, too, in case you're interested.)
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Dad just called me to tell me that I'm in the news! Ok, it's not that exciting. ISU sent out a press release to the Hutchinson News saying that I made the Dean's List for last semester. Grandma saw it and just had to tell Dad all about it. I'm actually kind of surprised that it made the Hutchinson paper instead of the Pratt paper (my actual hometown). The Hutch News reaches a wider audience, though, so everyone and their dog is going to know that I'm a nerd. Hell, my grandmother lives halfway across the state, and she knew about it. I'm famous! :p
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Today I'm going even more geek than I was before. Yep, I got the gmail. Not only that, but I FINALLY converted from IE to Netscape for good. I downloaded the newest version of Netscape, and lo and behold, it's the first browser that this computer has seen in months that actually runs Javascript correctly. I can finally see satellite and radar pictures that move!!! YAY!!! Well...I was using Java Applets before as an alternative, but this gives me a lot more freedom as to what I can and can't see. I'm not quite ready to go all geek yet and head straight for the Firebird or Opera....or convert to Linux. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. Netscape does take a million years to load on this computer for some reason, but I'll live. And yes, I did enable the quick launch feature, so that's not the reason it's slow.

I feel geekified....as if I wasn't already.

And why does my user pic never seem to load? God, Livejournal is being a pain in the ass today.
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Calling all people who run unusual browsers or low res displays!!! Go to this site and let me know how it looks to you. I've already tested IE, Netscape, and Mozilla, so unless you have ancient versions of those, don't worry about it. It's pretty basic code, but I suppose it's always good to check. I'm tossing around the idea of making the graphic bigger, but if it already takes up the whole screen on 800x600, I'll leave it alone.
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I was bored this morning, so I made a wallpaper for my computer in Photoshop. I had to size it down and add a border to submit it, though. People with 800x600 res on their monitors don't appreciate viewing an image that's 1152x864.

Anywho, time to find something to eat and actually get something productive done.
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These are way too much fun to play with when you're bored at work. Just push the little button and out pops the CD! Yeah, shut up. I'm easily amused.
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*bangs head against wall*


I finally got around to reinstalling my antivirus software today, and it has found 10 infected files since then. Two were under the name Win32:SecondThought, one was under the name W32:Revop, and I can't remember what the other seven were. Regardless, FUCKING SHIT. None of it has seriously affected my computer or its performance that I know of so far, but it still pisses me off. Why the fuck do people write those things anyway?

Anywho, while all this craziness was going on, I managed to redo my journal layout again. I'm much happier with this one, so I think it'll stick around for awhile.

GAAHHH! Now the goddamn text isn't moving over to the right like it was earlier! Why do I put myself through this shit?

UPDATE: Now it's moving the text over on my friends page, but not on my main page. My livejournal is on crack tonight.
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Ok LJ style gurus, I need help. How do you make the background color of your posts transparent? I'm using a stylesheet system for my settings, so any div tags won't work. I need a line of code that will work in the css. Anyone?
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Well, after spending about 20 minutes hitting the random link, I've concluded that 60% of Russia is on Livejournal. I've also concluded that I need to change the layout of my journal again. I saw way too many things that I liked and wanted.

There's some sort of spyware on my computer that's going bonkers with the pop-up ads tonight. Ad-aware didn't catch it when it did its sweep even after I downloaded the latest update, so I'm left with random boxes popping up. I'm so glad Zonealarm Pro blocks those sons of bitches. I'd be beating my head against the wall with frustration right now if it didn't.
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Well, fuck, I'm taking that final afterall. I'm two measely percent points away from an A. I was starting to get used to the idea of not having to take that exam, too. Fuckity fuck.

I've officially converted from Windows Media Player to Winamp. It took me long enough. I even downloaded a sexy new skin for the Winamp player. It looks hot, it really does.
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Well, since I can't get the screenshots to work on my XP system at home, I'm doing this for my work desktop...

desktop meme-age )
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I could go crazy right now. Since I got the new motherboard put in, about the same time every night, a very high pitched tone has been emanating from my computer. When I mean high pitched, I mean competing with a dog whistle or feedback from a microphone. It's not really loud or anything, but it's at just the right pitch to give me a headache and make me feel like my ears are going to start bleeding. It's BAD. I'm not sure what it is. It could be a fan or anything. My cat is even startled by it.

Whew, it's gone for now. I can keep my sanity intact.
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Oh my God. I scanned my computer with Ad-Aware to clean out the spyware, and it found 8 files and registry keys to delete. Sure, ok, those are the normal ones that keep reappearing on my computer. Then I updated Ad-Aware and scanned again......

134 files and registry keys found. Holy fuck.

What's the lesson learned boys and girls? UPDATE THE SHIT ON YOUR COMPUTER.
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Guess who's online again!!!! Yeah, that's right. I finally have my computer up and running again. A new mouse and keyboard seemed to do the trick, although I'm very curious to know why neither of my mice worked before. It's a paradox. Anyway, I'm $250 poorer than I was last week, but I have my precious computer back.

....I also have a strawberry limeade in my possession. Mwaha.


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