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I've been trying to sell a cheap bedroom furniture set on OU's virtual market and on Facebook for several days now because my Dad is bringing my sister's nicer set down tonight. He doesn't have room for it in the new house, and I'm all for a furniture upgrade. I've received lots of messages about my old furniture set, but nobody has gotten to the point where they've committed to buying it.

I have to get the furniture out of here by the time Dad gets here tonight, so I've resorted to giving it away. I actually feel pretty good about that. The lady picking it up is an OU staff member who hosts international students and helps them adjust to living in Norman. She seems like a very kind and giving person, and it sounds as if the furniture will be appreciated by whoever uses it. I feel like I'm doing something good.
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Dear American Airlines,

If you are going to wimp out about an ice storm by cancelling two of my flights in a row and thus making me miss an entire day of my conference, then do NOT try to tell me that I have to pay hundreds of dollars to get on an earlier flight if it becomes available. You guys are the reason I'm on this flight, and the timing of my call to reschedule was the only reason I'm not on an earlier one. You can kindly shove your change fees and fare changes right up your asses.


Heather, who will never EVER fly with you ever again (after today)

(By the way? They're still cancelling about half of the flights to Dallas as of this morning, even though there's not a cloud in the sky)
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We have cable tv now. This could be a big blow to my ability to do anything productive at home. Homework ain't gettin' done at home no more! I seem to get more accomplished in my TA office anyway.

This is cool.

Oh, I'll be driving 230 miles to get home (home home, not here home) so that Dad can replace the front brake pads on my car. The mechanic that did the "24-point inspection" about a month ago told me that I had about 5% left of them, but they wanted $180 to change them. HELL NO. The parts are only around $50, so if I pay for the parts and give my Dad some money for his time/trouble, then I'm still saving money even if I drive to a place four hours from here to get it done.

PS: How the hell does Mapquest get that it takes over six hours to go 230 miles??? Yeah, sure, there are towns along the way and we're not talking interstates here, but damn. I speed like a maniac and only stop when I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. There's really not much to see during this drive anyway, believe me. Well, that is unless you like digging for crystals in the salt flats or staring at cattle. Yes, I've done both. Shut up.
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I've spent about seven hours grading homework assignments and quizzes today. *dies*

I also made a $500 payment (out of over $1200 due) to my bursar's account to cover all the fees that my assistantship doesn't cover (which I didn't realize until about two weeks ago). *dies again*

Saturday may be a good chasing day in Kansas!!! Jeremy will have the day off, and we could hang out at my Dad's house in Pratt for internet and/or sleeping quarters if it gets late. This could be fun! Here's hoping everything comes together and the cap breaks.

I'm hungry. :(
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Very cool. More people should be like him and do something positive with their riches. This also makes me think I should do more. We all should.
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I finally found the frickin' textbook store's website. I found the books required for both the meteorology classes, but there wasn't one listed for PDE. Hopefully that means there isn't one.

I already have one of the textbooks from my undergraduate classes which I didn't even pay for because it belongs to Jeremy, so my textbook expenses for this upcoming semester will amount to ONE paperback book for $22 (including tax). How the hell did I do that?

I should make more entries public. I don't know what I'm trying to hide anymore.

PS...They don't use Holton's book for Dynamics here. I'm not sure whether to grumble at buying more books or cheer at never having to use it again.
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I got the AMS Student Travel Grant for the Annual National Meeting (it's a conference) at Atlanta in January!!! It pays for all of my airfare, hotel, and registration costs, so now all I'm responsible for is food! YAY!! That's over a thousand dollars that I now don't have to worry about, and they're putting me up at the Hyatt. Hells yes!

It's snowing like a mofo outside.
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I bought 12 months of paid time for my account. This is the first time I've ever put any money into this thing, but I think it is worth it. Livejournal has been good to me in the last four years, and I can totally manage paying $1.67 a month when I know it will be put to good use. Getting 12 more userpics doesn't hurt, either. There's no better way to commemorate this than with a new userpic.

This makes two nights in a row of the next door neighbor blasting Green Day through my wall. You know it's loud when you can understand every word that Billy Joe says. *sigh*
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Gas prices here in Ames as of 8pm this evening:

Regular Unleaded: $3.07
Unleaded Plus: $2.99

What they were when I filled up on Sunday...as in three whole days ago:

Regular Unleaded: $2.59
Unleaded Plus: $2.51

Good gracious. Those are the highest prices I've ever seen in my life.
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Woooooooooooooooooo craziness. The last couple of days have been insane what with all the packing, lifting, three flights of stairs, driving, maneuvering around doors, lack of internet, unpacking, and unprecedented spendage of money. Everything of mine is finally in one place again and is gradually coming out of the boxes, so the life pace is thankfully slowing down. This apartment's so cute and perfect for me. The only drawbacks of it are the lack of dishwasher, coin-operated laundry, and somewhat of a lack of decent storage space. Right now I'm giving many of my boxes a bewildered look just because I haven't the faintest idea where I'm going to put their contents.

I made sun tea as a reward to myself for getting so much done today. :)
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New userpic! Wheee!

WE GOT A DIGITAL CAMERA YESTERDAY. It's a Canon Powershot A85 (4.0 megapixel), and I LOVE it. It's the first digital camera I've ever had, and I am SO excited about trying it out and seeing what kind of pictures I can take with it. It only has a 15 second exposure limit on it, so I'll have to use my film SLR for long exposure night shots and whatnot, but EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

How could I afford it all of a sudden you may ask? Well, it was $300 for the camera, for starters. The photography supply place here in town celebrated their 75th anniversary yesterday, and as part of that, the first 20 people in the door either received a gift certificate or a free digital camera depending on which envelope they picked. The gift certificates were for $25, $50, and $75. I was number 6 out of the 20 people, and I drew an envelope with a $50 one in it. The only catch was that I had to use it THAT DAY. Jeremy and I have been talking about getting a digital for a long time, so I ran over to his place that afternoon, woke him up (he has been working night shifts, so he was sleeping during the day), and dragged him with me to get a digital camera. We spent a good hour there figuring out which camera was the best choice. It came down to the Fuji Finepix S3100 and the Canon Powershot A85, but we ended up picking the Powershot because it had a lot more modes and features for the same price. Other than that, they were pretty comparable. Jeremy paid for half, and I paid for half of what was left after I cashed in the gift certificate, so I only ended up spending about $135. I talked to Dad awhile back about wanting a digital camera, and he agreed at the time that as a Christmas gift this year, he would just give me half of the cash required to get it and I would cover the other half myself. If he remembers talking to me about this, I will probably get part of my money back for buying the camera. I just jumped the gun a little and bought it before he gave me the money. :p

And no, I didn't take the new picture of myself with the digital. It looks the way it does because of Photoshop.
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I hit the motherload today at the garage sales!

I got a jacket that was very similar to this:

It's Imperial Leather and Sportwear, and the leather is a little lighter color than that picture. The website that I got that picture from had the price range between $70 and $100 for vintage coats like that, and I bought mine for $7. It has a hole in one of the pockets and the leather has a few scratches on it, but dayum!

I also got this:

That is a Monsoon Model MM-1000 computer speaker and subwoofer set. The website that I got that picture from had them selling for $166. I got mine for $2.50. Boo YA. I'm going to test them tonight to see if they work. If not, then I'm not out that much money.

I also picked up a pre Special Edition version of the Star Wars Trilogy for $5, and the movie Heathers for $1. Today was a very good day for garage sales. Very good indeed.
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I just split a hole in my favorite pair of jeans while playing ultimate frisbee tonight. FUCK. Now I have to spend $50 on a new favorite pair of jeans.

I'm going to go pay the rent that was due yesterday.
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I feel like I've just been raped in the ass by the hair salon, but the coif does look very nice. They added more blonde this time around, which makes it shine a lot more than it did before. Now you can tell I've had highlights without having to get up close to look for them. I'm very, very pleased with it. The stylist said I should come in sooner than six months later next time, but I might even wait longer considering how much they charge. I think what my new strategy will be is to get it cut at a cheaper place and then continue to get it colored at Finesse. I just can't afford to pay this much every time.

All the students are moving into the dorms today, so campus is a nuthouse. I'm kicking myself for not getting my last textbook from the bookstore before all the freshmen showed up. Now I'll be stepping over people and waiting in long ass lines. Shit.
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I think I've figured out why I keep coming up short moneywise in spite of my careful budgeting. The fucking ISU payroll department keeps taking larger chunks of money out of my paychecks. I don't know what the fuck happened, but I went from being completely exempt from all taxes six months ago to being taxed to death now. When I did my initial budgeting earlier this summer, I was counting on checks of almost $500 every two weeks based on my hours, but with the new withholding setup ISU Payroll has for me, I pull in barely over $400 every two weeks. That's a loss of almost $200 every fucking month! That's a hell of a lot of money in my universe. I've got to talk to them about this, because I can't fucking afford to lose that much money this summer. I flat out REFUSE to struggle for the rest of the summer as badly as I am now. I have to pay off my credit card, too, but there's not going to be much left over for that if I need to use that money to buy the fucking bare essentials to get by.
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Account Balance: $3.10

....at least I know no one will ever be after me because of my money. This and the $7 cash I have in my pocket has to last me for one week. After that, my $500 checks start coming in and I'm off the hook.
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Fuck. It's decision time boys and girls. I called the local photography place to get an estimate on repairing my camera, and he told me it would probably run about $100 to fix it, but it's $20 just to send it in and get an actual estimate. I can purchase a new body for the camera for around $100 off of Ebay. The interesting thing to note is that I can purchase a complete camera (body and lens, some with other accesories) for between $50 and $80 off of Ebay as well. The cameras just appear to be well used, but still work. Then I could sell my camera body for $20 or so as is and bring the expense down even more.

I could also just do some looking around on the net and fix it myself with a little bit of help from people who know what they're doing. Anyone know someone I could send it to who could fix it for cheaper than $100?

Here's where the real decision comes in. I've been wanting a digital camera for some time now. If I were to sell every camera accessory, lens, filter, body, flash, thing I have seperately on Ebay and somehow managed to get the going rate out of them all, I could make between $175 and $200 total. Since I'm a new seller, I'd probably make no more than $140, but since I got the original camera body and lens for free, I don't think I'd be losing much compared to what I paid for everything else. I can get a decent digital camera for between $180 and $200. I'm not talking about the $800 digital SLRs with all the bells and whistles (although that would be nice). I'm talking about the small Sony Cybershots and Nikon Coolpixes and whatnot. I'll probably greatly miss the ability to do long exposures and to use filters and other fun gadgets, but I'd be saving a hell of a lot of money on developing film that doesn't turn out the way I want. There's a problem with digital cameras, though. They depreciate in value far FAR worse than the manual film stuff I have now. There's no way in hell I could ever sell it for what I buy it for, and I'd have to constistently spend $200-$300 dollars to upgrade to the newer, better cameras every couple of years. My little K1000? Yeah, it'll probably worth the same 5 or 10 years down the road that it is now, and there's always a huge plethora of accessories and parts for it on Ebay.

So, here are my choices:

a) Send my camera body in to be repaired for $100.
b) Buy a new camera body off Ebay for $100 and sell mine for $20.
c) Buy a used, complete camera off Ebay for $50-$80 and sell mine for $20.
d) Fix the damn thing myself.
e) Sell the whole shebang and get a digital camera.

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I need your help, photography people. I need to know how much it will cost me if I take a Pentax K1000 in for repair. The hinge/spring is busted on the mirror, so it won't return to the down position. This makes my viewfinder useless, because all I see is black. I probably also need to get the foam replaced, because there is a little bit of stickage going on. Any idea how much that's going to cost?
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I'm such a sucker for good deals. My phone/internet company is Qwest, and they have this new plan floating around, so I signed up for it. They upgraded my DSL internet from 640K to 895K and added a few extra features to my phone service, and my bill should be something like a dollar more every month. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Ha, like 640K isn't fast enough, but meh. I like speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Almost 900K? That's pretty damn fast. How fast is cable?

Time to make a cheesy baked potato for dinner.
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Woohoo! ISU decided to pay me early once again!

.............too bad that once I pay rent, electricity, and my credit card bill the bank account will be back down to $40 again. :/

But hey, at least it's on the plus side of $0, right?


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