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Things sound pretty bad in northeast Iowa (and Minnesota) from the tornadoes today. I'm not a trained damage surveyor, but just from the pictures I've seen I would put it easily into the EF4 range and maybe higher than that depending on what the damage to the school and businesses look like in Parkersburg. The video I just saw on KCRG's website looks just like Greensburg. :(

A friend of mine from ISU is one of the on-air meteorologists at KCRG, so it was sort of cool to hear him explaining the situation on the live stream they had on their website while it was going on. He had an image from GRlevel2 Analyst and was trying to explain velocity couplets. Greg Forbes was using the software on-air too on the Weather Channel. Today was the first day I've every seen anyone try to use GR on the air, and I saw it on two different channels. Gotta love technology.

EDIT: I just saw a flyover video on WHO's website of Parkersburg, and it looks like it might not be as bad as I thought. There's about a two to three block-wide path through town that was hit pretty hard, but it looks like at least about 60% of the town escaped major damage. I also read somewhere that they were having high school graduation today. :(
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We spent the day today at Turner Falls. It's a natural swimming hole that's owned and maintained by a small town in southern Oklahoma. It has a big waterfall and a fun area with a diving board and water slide. Anywho, it was a perfect way to spend the hottest day of the year (it hit 104 for the high temp here at the house today).

Then we ate dinner at a Pizza Hut with no air conditioning on the hottest day of the year. Now that was fun, let me tell you. There weren't even any windows open, so with the pizza ovens running full blast it was almost unbearable in there.

I'm ready for winter. Winter in Oklahoma leaves something to be desired for those of us acclimated to the cold, however. I think Jeremy's planning on us going to Minnesota for Christmas vacation. Now there's a place that knows how to do winter.
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I went to Minnesooooota this weekend....and saw a tornado! Wheee! It's odd how I've grown up right in the heart of tornado alley, and I have to go Minnesota to see a tornado. Go figure. Actually, I've seen one in Kansas, too, but that still means that 50% of all the tornadoes I've ever seen have been in Minnesota.

Anywho, the reason I went up there was to meet Jeremy's family and let him show me around his stomping grounds. He took me to the Mall of America in Minneapolis (although I had no money to spend...curses!) and also took me mini-golfing under blacklight (how cool was that!). Apparently, my eyes glow under the blacklight and make me look like some kind of hell demon. I wish I could have seen them myself, but there were no mirrors around. It's beautiful country up there, and it's such a shame that it's so damn frigid in the winter, because it could almost be somewhere I would like to live someday.

Now I'm back in Ames and back at work. I pick my sister up at the Des Moines airport tomorrow, and she's staying with me for the summer before school starts up again next fall back east. Fun times, fun times. I think she's really looking forward to coming down, too. I get to see my sissy!!!! YAY!!!!


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