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I just hope our roof's okay. Jeremy's probably going to have our insurance guys come out and look at it. :/
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I was watching the temperature climb to our northwest yesterday. Some mesonet sites near Alva hit 114 F. Granted, the heat index was like 108 because of the low humidity, but still. I fucking hate this place. Jeremy and his coworkers have been saying stuff like "If you had to choose between living in a place that is -40 F or 115 F, where would you live?" I picked the cold one without a moment's hesitation.

By the way, we are only 3 degrees cooler than Phoenix right now, but with higher humidity.
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I just watched Van Helsing for the first time. It was a pretty awful movie aside from Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale being hot. I don't remember Frankenstein taking place in Dracula's castle in Transylvania, or werewolves being part of either story. :/

Oh, and this...

It was 80 degrees here two days ago. :(
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I'm back in Oklahoma. A little over 24 hours ago I was sunbathing by the pool on a gorgeous 75 degree day. It was 40 degrees in OKC when I stepped off the plane. Sigh...yes, I know it's not that cold here compared to a lot of places.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. I missed my cats and boyfriend, too. :)
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Um...uh oh. I swear I just saw a story on the front page of either CNN or MSNBC a few days ago about experts worried that the new levies once again haven't been built to withstand a strong hurricane. My colleagues are already anxious to go hurricane chasing, but they have no interest in doing it in New Orleans. They're hoping for Texas.

School started today. This makes year number 20 for me. Sigh, only about four more to go.
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Current temperature: 104 F

I fucking HATE summer. Our poor little trees are cooking. The leaves are shriveling up and falling off even though I've been giving them water every night. Oh, and have I mentioned that our house is being invaded by ants looking for food and water? They're coming from every door and window they can squeeze through. I keep seeing ones crawl out of my keyboard. :(
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I hate film now that I've been using a digital camera for so long. I don't have a good enough understanding of light exposure to get decent shots, especially since the light meter doesn't work on my POS camera. I've also become extremely dependent on the pic preview screen on the digital, so I hate waiting now to see if anything turned out. Meh.

Nevertheless, I still managed to get my first lightning shot (the bulb setting is the one thing that I can't do on the digital)! It came back grainy as fuck, so the quality's not that great after the pic's run through photoshop and Neat Image, but here it is anyway! )
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Uh oh. Poor Iowa can't catch a break. :(

My grandparents are right in the middle of an area that could see tornadoes later today. Kansas apparently can't catch a break either.
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It sounds like a large tornado just went through the middle of Manhattan and may have hit the KSU campus. I'm waiting to hear more about how bad the damage was, but I hope all my friends and family are ok! I wish I had my cousins' cell phone numbers. :(
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Eep. Today is going to be a bad day somewhere between OKC and Des Moines. I'll be chasing up in southern Kansas with one of Jeremy's SPC coworkers who has the day off. Jeremy has to work today's high risk, and I guess CNN is there filming all day. So if you flip to CNN and they start broadcasting from Norman, Oklahoma, look for the skinny young guy with glasses in the corner. ;)
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Things sound pretty bad in northeast Iowa (and Minnesota) from the tornadoes today. I'm not a trained damage surveyor, but just from the pictures I've seen I would put it easily into the EF4 range and maybe higher than that depending on what the damage to the school and businesses look like in Parkersburg. The video I just saw on KCRG's website looks just like Greensburg. :(

A friend of mine from ISU is one of the on-air meteorologists at KCRG, so it was sort of cool to hear him explaining the situation on the live stream they had on their website while it was going on. He had an image from GRlevel2 Analyst and was trying to explain velocity couplets. Greg Forbes was using the software on-air too on the Weather Channel. Today was the first day I've every seen anyone try to use GR on the air, and I saw it on two different channels. Gotta love technology.

EDIT: I just saw a flyover video on WHO's website of Parkersburg, and it looks like it might not be as bad as I thought. There's about a two to three block-wide path through town that was hit pretty hard, but it looks like at least about 60% of the town escaped major damage. I also read somewhere that they were having high school graduation today. :(
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There's a pretty scary looking storm headed for Byers (where my Dad lives) right now. The circulation doesn't look very organized, but spotters have reported a large tornado near Greensburg and Haviland. Dad and Vickie are in the basement right now (thank god they have one now) and are waiting it out. Just in the last couple of scans it looks like the worst part may go just north of Byers. Hopefully it stays on that track.
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Currently in Iowa: mid 30s, snow-covered, and extremely foggy
Currently in Oklahoma: mid 70s, sunny, and generally awesome

Now I just need to find a way to work outside. :D
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Um, it is January, right? And there are tornado watches all the way up to Chicago?? Weird...
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Power was out from about 9:30 this morning until 30 minutes ago. One of my advisors lives east of Norman, and he hasn't had power at his house for over 12 hours now. Oklahoma Gas and Electric estimates that some people may not have power restored for over a week. I'm thinking that after this mess clears up Jeremy and I need to invest in a generator. At the very least, we could use it to run some electric heaters and blankets. We were fortunate with this storm that the ground is still warm, so the roads are in decent shape. Hence, power can be restored fairly quickly. I can't imagine how much this would have sucked if it had hit in January and then not melted at all for a week or longer. We would have been without power for days rather than hours.

Anyway, have some pretty pictures. We're going to drive around a bit, take some more pictures, and pick up some Sonic since we haven't eaten hardly anything since the power went out.
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That looks like fun. Blanchard (where I live) and Norman (where I work) are both about 20 miles south of the "OKC" letters. The roads still look ok now, but all the trees and grass have a glaze of ice on them, and the worst accumulations aren't supposed to start until later on tonight. I wonder if OU would cancel final exams tomorrow. Too bad mine is on Thursday. :p
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Username: nycareers
Password: landmark
Go to Career Matchmaker

1. Model Maker
2. Air Traffic Controller
3. GIS Specialist
4. Planner
5. Drafter
6. Cartographer
7. Survey Tech
8. Archaeologist
9. Computer Support Person
10. Technical Writer
11. Industrial Machinery Mechanic
12. Millwright
13. Industrial Designer
14. Interior Designer
15. Curator
16. Office Machine Repairer
17. ESL Teacher
18. Historian
19. Website Designer
20. Film Processor

Notice that meteorologist/hydrologist/etc. is NOT on that list. That is because in my time as a student I have become very sick of deriving equations and thinking with the physics side of my brain. I have never had a natural talent for either, and while I performed decently in classes I struggled with working through the mathy side of meteorology. I can explain processes in words easily, but that doesn't get you credit on exams. So...when the questions came up about working with physics and using mathematics to solve problems, I rated them relatively low because I don't think they would be aspects of my perfect career. Why force yourself to be in a career that doesn't highlight your strengths? Thus I come to the point where I have to think about my future as a meteorologist.

I still love working with maps and computers, so I'm not surprised at all that "GIS Specialist" was ranked high. In fact, I feel like that is the direction my career is headed. I had a short discussion with my co-advisor about what I should do after my masters. To put it bluntly, I do not need a PhD in meteorology, nor do I want one. My interests have been interdisciplinary for some time now, and having three degrees in one field will not benefit me at all.

There is an idea floating around the School of Meteorology to create a PhD in interdisciplinary studies here at OU. I need to look into my options more, but I think either that or possibly even Geography would be good PhD fits for me if I want to focus more on GIS applications. I would MUCH rather take advanced courses in GIS and computer science than the Meteorology courses left over that I haven't taken already (crap like Boundary Layer Met., Turbulence, and Computational Fluid Dynamics...yuck). The Interdisciplinary thing would be especially cool because I could branch out even more and take courses in things like statistics, environmental science, and maybe graphic design or something.

Here's the deal: I could totally see myself as a professor or researcher if I love the subject enough. I enjoy teaching at the college level, and I've been told several times that I have a definite talent for explaining new concepts in a way that is easy to understand. I'm a communicator, not a physicist. Plus, GIS applies to EVERY field, likely in many ways that haven't even been considered yet. Imagine the career opportunities.


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