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Growl. First of all, it is pouring buckets outside. With the standing water I saw all over the roads on my way to work I probably could have pulled a skiier the whole way. I have no problem driving on wet roads, but apparently everyone else does. The speed limit on I-35 just south of Norman is 60 mph (people go 70 on most days), and I swear no one was going faster than 45. I was only mildly annoyed by that, though.

When I pulled up to the National Weather Center it was raining probably the hardest thus far in the trip, and what do I see? The half of the parking lot closest to the building was roped off for pavement resurfacing. Yeah, I'm really sure they are going to be applying the sealant in this kind of weather, but whatever. So, I had to park on the far opposite side of the lot. I get out of the car with my trusty umbrella, put my cup of coffee on the roof, and go to the back seat to grab my laptop bag. I don't know if the wind blew it off or if I bumped it with my umbrella or what, but within seconds my coffee cup went crashing down onto the pavement. Half of the coffee spilled out through the lid, and I think the inside of the cup cracked because there is coffee leaking into the outer part (it's one of those cups that has a clear plastic outside and a layer of paper or whatever in the middle with logos and stuff). This is my favorite and only 100% spillproof cup, and I'm pretty sure it's ruined now. Then, while I was rescuing my coffee from the ground I left both the front and rear doors on the driver side open, so the inside of those (electric looks and windows, yay) got soaked.

So I finally got my car locked up, grabbed my bags and crippled coffee cup, and made the long trek into the building from the far reaches of the parking lot. My shoes are NOT waterproof at all, and it seemed like everywhere I stepped there was about two inches of water. My laptop bag got soaked from the wind blowing the rain around, and my jeans were completely saturated up to about the middle of my shins. By the time I got into the building I looked like a complete mess.

What a way to start a day, eh? I took off my shoes to let my feet/socks dry out, and I still feel damp and gross. :(
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Dear American Airlines,

If you are going to wimp out about an ice storm by cancelling two of my flights in a row and thus making me miss an entire day of my conference, then do NOT try to tell me that I have to pay hundreds of dollars to get on an earlier flight if it becomes available. You guys are the reason I'm on this flight, and the timing of my call to reschedule was the only reason I'm not on an earlier one. You can kindly shove your change fees and fare changes right up your asses.


Heather, who will never EVER fly with you ever again (after today)

(By the way? They're still cancelling about half of the flights to Dallas as of this morning, even though there's not a cloud in the sky)
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My flight was just canceled again, and this time I don't think they had any good reason to do it. The storm is winding down, and other flights are making it. Bastards. The shittier part is that the only other flight they could get me on doesn't depart until TOMORROW NIGHT, so I'm going to miss the entire first day. The first cancellation didn't bother me much, because I knew it was coming and still had some wiggle room to make it there by tonight. Now I'm infuriated.
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Aaaaand flight attempt to San Antonio #1 = canceled (tomorrow at noon).

Flight attempt #2 to San Antonio = on for now, but will probably be canceled too (tomorrow evening at 6:25).

Flight attempt #3 (hopefully the final one) to San Antonio = probably Monday morning if I can beat out everyone else trying to get to Dallas after three days of cancellations.

All things considered, this is much better than what the poor saps in Denver had to deal with. I still might make it to the conference before it ends on Thursday, even if I miss half of the first day. It just sucks to be in Oklahoma at the moment, and very shortly Dallas as well (my layover destination...can't wait to see how that plays out).

We had thundersleet today. It's odd that I've experienced this phenomenon (as well as thundersnow and other variations of frozen thunderish things) three or four times in the past three years alone, because I don't think I recall ever having seen it before that. Maybe I just never noticed before I had any weathergirl know-how.
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I hate my life sometimes. Now's one of those times.
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No wonder my fan's not doing a damn bit of good. It's still 80 fucking degrees outside with almost no wind. God I hate summer in Iowa. Heat is something that I can tolerate in small doses as long as it's dry heat...eg, low humidity like Arizona or the great High Plains where I spent much of my life. This humid bullshit sucks royally because it just does NOT cool off at night. We'll be lucky to hit 65. Later this summer we'll be lucky to see anything below 70. I just can't believe we're hitting 90 degrees already. What did I do to deserve this?????
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Blech. It's amazing how dirty you feel when your apartment unbearably reeks. I was hungry, so I wandered into the kitchen to find something to eat. It was dark, but I've lived here long enough to be able to fumble around for light switches without seeing them first. I noticed a foul odor in the kitchen, but didn't think much of it until I stepped in something wet. I initially thought that the cat had pissed on the floor even though she has never done it before. I live here alone now, so there's nothing else I could think of that would explain it. So I flipped on the light expecting to see a yellow puddle, but I saw a white one instead. It was rank, disgusting, way-past-the-expiration sour milk. I had an expired gallon sitting next to my trash can and had fully intended to take it out to dumpster at the earliest convenient time, but apparently I waited too long. It filled up with gas so much that the container started to leak, and sour milk then proceeded to trickle all over my kitchen floor. It had to make things even more complicated, too, by running underneath the shelf that my dishes sit on. I grabbed as many paper towels as I could and started soaking it up in a strategic way so as to not physically touch any of it (stepping in it was enough thankyouverymuch). Then I had to move the fucking shelf to soak up what was under that and finally touch it all off with a good scrubbing of Lysol ammonia. I set up a fan in the kitchen window and sprayed the living fuck out of the area with odor-neutralizing spray, but it still reeks so badly. The worst part is that I was still hungry and picked microwave mac & cheese of all things to eat. Baaad move.
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*smacks forehead*

I just missed my chiropractor appointment AGAIN. See, this is why taking on a full load next semester is a terrible idea. I'm forgetting things NOW with only 15 credits.

GAH, that irritates me so much. I could kick myself right now.
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I just got summoned for jury duty during finals week.


They better defer my ass or I will be livid.
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Ever notice how everything seems to go wrong at the worst possible times? I mentioned Jeremy's thesis before, right? Well, he was supposed to get it to me sometime last night so that I could print it all off and distribute the copies to his committee people. That didn't happen, though. He didn't actually EMAIL it to me until 3:30pm today, and today also happens to be the absolute and final deadline for submission. So, I burned the thing to a CD as fast as I could and drove like a maniac to the copy center. The lady there then told me that she was doing something for another customer and that I would have to wait about 15 minutes. I'm thinking..ok, sure, I'll still have time to get it over to the department. Well, she took the sweetest time she possibly could by first teaching a coworker how to work a machine, then ringing up some other customers, and even helping people who came in after me instead of asking them to wait. 40 minutes later, she came up to me and told me she couldn't get the disc to work. Yeah, thanks for nothing, bitch.

After that, I ran out to my car and drove like a maniac again down to Copyworks. I knew it would be more expensive, but I was running out of time and options. I went up to the chick at the desk and explained to her that I had an 80-page document on the CD that needed printing. I also explained that a few of the pictures were color and that I needed it done ASAP. She pointed across the room and said, "See that computer over there? It has a black/white printer and a color printer. Get the idea?" I shot her and her painted-on eyebrows the most evil glare I could manage and then strolled my ass over to the computer. I plugged the disc into the drive, and it DIDN'T WORK THERE EITHER. At this point it's like 4:45pm, and I knew that these committee people would probably be gone by 5.

I got out to my car, turned the ignition, and the thing fucking DIED on me. It almost didn't start again, which would have SUCKED MAJOR ASS. Once I got it going, I sped home to re-burn the disc. I screamed at my computer at least once in the process of doing so which prompted my roommate to come in and offer me chocolate, heh. Once I was sure that the CD fucking worked, I tried to get back to Copyworks to get the damn thing done. But of course, it could never be that easy. The intersection by my apartment is one of the worst I've ever seen, and it doesn't have a light. That time, I sat there watching cars go by for about 5 minutes (longest of my life) before I could finally get onto the main road. It was 4:55 by the time I finally got back to Copyworks, and I almost started bawling right there in front of the guy while I was trying to explain my dilemma. Thankfully he wasn't as heinous as the chick from before. He quickly walked me through everything that I needed and even helped me find clippies to bind the pages with. I thanked him profusely and then flew out the door to try to get to Agronomy Hall in time to deliver the documents. Two of the committee members had already gone home (it was 5:10 by this time), but the third unlocked the department office for me so that I could drop them in the mailboxes.

In the end it took me almost two hours to do something that should have only taken 15 minutes. Sometimes I think it's only my life that sucks that fucking bad.
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There is a HUGE ass party going on downstairs. In fact, I think that it involves two or three apartments (this is just a six apartment building). The building keeps shaking everytime someone slams a door or whatever the fuck else they're doing. There are a LOT of people walking up and down the streets, and a large number of them are walking up to our front entrance. I might have trouble sleeping tonight. :/
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How hell am I getting spam in my Gmail account if the only place I've used it online is Livejournal for reply notifications? Those fuckers are resourceful, I'll give them that.

I made pumpkin pie!
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At this moment, out of over a thousand undergrads, graduate students, and professors, I am the best weather forecaster in this national collegiate contest. I RULE!!! Now I have a shot at winning it this year if I don't totally fuck up in the next six months. I about fell out of my chair when I saw my name at the top of that list. And my boyfriend just won the last period, too! The Iowa State University team as a whole is ranked first in the nation as well since we have a lot of people ranked really high. Considering that there's a record number of people participating in the contest this year, I'd venture to say that we're doing pretty damn good.

GO ISU!!! GO ME! GO JEREMY! Woo hooo!
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Holy FUCK the traffic sucks right now. The big Iowa State-Nebraska game was today, so this town is packed with crazy ass drivers. The entire town of Ames is nothing but bumper to bumper gridlock. An accident happened right in front of me while I was driving home from Target. Whoever was driving the blue Taurus in front of me was either drunk, on a cell phone, or just a complete dumbass. At every fucking light that turned red, he would cruise along until he got RIGHT up on the ass of the car in front of him and then he would slam on his brakes for all they're worth. I almost rear-ended him once when he pulled that stunt, but I was able to stop in time. Then at the very next light, he tried to do it again but wasn't able to stop in time, so he plowed into the Lexus that was in front of him. I had wised up to his tricks by that point and was backed way the hell off, so I just sat there and watched him do it. I've never actually seen an accident happen before that I wasn't directly involved in. It wasn't anything major, though. I didn't see any noticeable damage on the Lexus when they both pulled off the road, but it did look like they hit pretty hard. Gotta love dent resistant bumpers.

Now I'm all tense from driving in that insane traffic. I need to just chiiiiiiiiill.
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For those of you that are defending Bush by saying that Kerry would be no better, allow me to explain why I think that is certainly NOT the case.

The most obvious reason is that the Republicans control the House AND Senate. That means that any Conservative measure, war measure, or anything tickling Bush's fancy will pass pretty much without question. I imagine that there will be no attempt made whatsoever to appeal to both sides of the aisle. If Kerry were President, he would have to make a harder effort to get things done by making his ideas as bipartisan as possible. This doesn't mean that everything he passes would be exactly the same as what Bush passes. Not by a long shot. Look at how Clinton was able to make his ideas work with a Republican controlled Congress. Plus, he holds the ultimate power to VETO the really ridiculous shit that the Congress would try to pass. But Republicans could never try to pass anything ridiculous now could they? Well, if banning gay marriage and trying to ban abortion aren't enough for you, then I wonder how great your "morals and values" really are. Why don't we reinstate slavery while we're at it, or take away the right for women to vote?

Anyway, here is a list of things that I predict will happen in the next four years, and we'll see how right I am:

1. We will still be in Iraq.
2. We will also be in Iran.
3. We won't do anything about North Korea (unless they strike first of course).
4. Outsourcing of jobs and war/defense spending will only increase, so as a result our economy and the deficit will be even worse than they are now.
5. Education, Social Security, agricultural, and health care funding/aid will decrease, because you know, killing people in the Middle East without being provoked is more important than taking care of people at home or ensuring that we can still feed the world.
6. Something that violates the separation of church and state will be passed, even if it is taken to the Supreme Court, because guess who will be appointing the new justices.
7. We will endure another terrorist attack, possibly as a direct result of Bush being re-elected but more probably because of our shitty foreign policy, but in the end Bush will look like the hero for "bringing the country together in this terrible time."
8. Osama bin Laden will still be at large.
9. We will be even more isolated from the rest of the world, partly because they won't understand why we re-elected him, and mostly because Bush doesn't believe the opinion of the world matters. So when we are attacked again, I don't expect to see many countries reaching out to help us.
10. Nothing will be done about the Patriot Act.
11. Roe v. Wade could be overturned or at the very least modified to better suit the God damn Conservative majority in this country.
12. Embryonic stem cell research will never get off the ground, and in ten or twenty years from now millions of people will have died thinking that there could have been a cure for their disease if the "morals" of the healthy hadn't have interfered.

I think I might save this list and bring it back every time one of these things happens.

EDIT: Yes, I know that Kerry just conceded, so don't be a fuckwit and comment saying "Bush won, so stop talking about Kerry being President."
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Well, this fucking sucks.

EDIT: I'm so fucking livid over the state of this country right now that I can't even write about it. Plus, it's 1:30 a.m. and I have class in the morning. Since when did Evangelical Christians control this country? ISSUES SHOULD MATTER MORE THAN "VALUES." While Christians are the majority in this country and want to see basic Constitutional rights robbed from citizens who they view as sinners and lesser beings (aka, homosexuals and pro-choice women), the United States will cease to be a democracy. That is all I'm fucking saying for now.
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I am completely mortified. Not only is my picture in the Daily twice today, but it is one of the most unflattering pictures of myself that I've ever seen, I'm in my bathing suit, and it's a fucking HUGE picture! How many thousands of people look at this paper every day?

If you will excuse me, I'm going to crawl into a hole now and die.
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When is the U.S. going to quit in their stubborn ass ways and convert to the metric system?

I think it's on its way out, and here's why:

1. Most (if not all) of the scientific world has already switched, but we have to waste a lot of time converting everything to the English system so that lamens people will understand it. Take meteorology for example. Temperature readings are all measured in degrees celsius by the instruments, but they have to be converted to Fahrenheit for public weather products and forecasts.

2. We have to use both types of measurement at the same damn time. Mechanics have to carry two sets of tools, because almost any motorized vehicle and farm equipment in this country has nuts and bolts in it that are both metric AND English.

In meteorology, the temp and dew point are both measured using celsius (although we should be using Kelvin in order for it to be true SI), but everything is else is measured according to the English system. Pressure is measured in inches at the surface (although it's in millibars above that), rainfall/snowfall is measured in inches, ceiling and cloud heights (same thing) are measured in feet, visibility is in miles, and wind speed is in knots. In order for meteorologists to be able to do any calculations whatsoever with this information, we have to convert every damn thing to metric values first. The same problem somewhat exists in hydrology, although they seem to rely more heavily on the English system.

Cars have spedometers that can display both metric and English values, because you never know what country you'll be driving in.

3. So much time is wasted in early education (and more advanced education) teaching all the conversion crap. I'm a junior in college, and we are STILL getting problems on our assignments that involve converting values from English to metric. Then there's also the whole issue of teaching students two types of measurement in school. Do you have any idea how much more we would learn if we didn't have to cover all that?

4. Teachers in elementary and high school are having students learn concepts and scientific stuff in metric more than English. We know about how much a kilogram is, or a kilometer, degree Celsius, etc. from what we learned in school. In fact, I think I have more of a problem telling you how much a pound is compared to a kilogram. When the schools start teaching this stuff at a young age, it's pretty much inevitable that the old English system people will die off and be replaced by a population that is increasingly trained on metric. It's like breeding out bad qualities in a species.

Yeah, I don't know why I just typed all that out. I guess I just got sick of doing the conversion shit in my homework and felt like ranting.
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Hey, fucker who keeps turning off the stairwell light. Yeah, you. If I find out who you are before I fall down the stairs and die, I will come back and haunt your ass like a bad case of herpes. Count on it.
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Today is not my day. First of all, I've caught a bug from someone, so I'm achy, sniffly, sneezy, sore, and coughing. I took some Tavist this morning to hopefully clear it up a bit, but it hasn't totally worked yet.

Second of all, I only got about two hours of real sleep last night because of the fact that I'm sick. I tossed and turned until damn near 5 am before I finally was able to doze off.

Third, the little sleep that I did get forced my body position to be in such a way that I've totally thrown my neck out of alignment again. It hurts so bad, and every time I sneeze, cough, or do anything that involves by neck bones in some way, I feel sharp twinges of pain. I may just have to say fuck it and go to a quackpractor, because I'm really getting tired of this shit happening.

Fourth, since my neck hurt every time I took a damn step on my way to class, I decided it would be better to take the bus. As per usual, I missed the bus I wanted, but I noticed that a Campus route bus was coming up behind it. I got to the stop well before it did, so I was thrilled that I actually caught a bus instead of having to walk. Well, the driver didn't even look to the stop to see if there was anyone there and drove right on by. I was so pissed that I yelled FUCK YOU to the driver as he went by, and a girl on her way to class heard me and laughed. Yeah, go ahead and laugh bitch. Luckily, another Campus bus pulled up by the time I got to State Gym, so I was able to get on it. I probably would have been late to class if I had to walk considering how slow I was going.

I just want to go home, put a heat pad on my neck, have a steaming cup of hot tea, and zone out for a few hours (or a lot of hours), but I have to put in two hours of work and go to one more class before I can do that. Thankfully my 11 am class has been cancelled, so I can work early and be home by 1. I also have to do laundry today. Bah.


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