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Today is Jeremy and I's 5th anniversary of being together. It would be nice to celebrate it somehow, but Jeremy and I are both working from 8am to 8pm today. Ugh. I think the cruise was our celebration, but I'd still like to commemorate the day somehow. Maybe I'll make a cake tonight.

The trees are starting to green up here. Something about that makes me very happy. I think our crabapple tree in the backyard might actually have flowers on it for the first time since we planted it two years ago.


Jun. 8th, 2008 10:28 am
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As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

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And Jeremy is (at least according to what I think)...


As a 1930s husband, Jeremy is

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Eep. Today is going to be a bad day somewhere between OKC and Des Moines. I'll be chasing up in southern Kansas with one of Jeremy's SPC coworkers who has the day off. Jeremy has to work today's high risk, and I guess CNN is there filming all day. So if you flip to CNN and they start broadcasting from Norman, Oklahoma, look for the skinny young guy with glasses in the corner. ;)


Nov. 11th, 2007 09:28 pm
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Here's our master bathroom before yesterday (actually this was way back before we even bought the house):

Here's our master bathroom now: )

And for good measure, here's an adorable picture of the two cutest ones in my life (you wouldn't believe how long they sat that way before I got the picture): )
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Jeremy and I decided to get out of the house this afternoon since the weather was gorgeous, so we drove in to Norman and played a round of disc golf. I have a habit of getting disgruntled because I can't aim for shit and usually end up about 15 or 20 shots behind Jeremy, but it's good exercise. After our game we stopped at Braum's for dinner and waited FOREVER to get mediocre food. 15 minutes might not seem like a long time to wait for food, but at a fast food place it seems like an hour. I suppose the wait was worth getting my chocolate almond malt, though.

It boggles my mind that there are only three weeks left of this semester. At the same time, though, I am extremely ready for it to be over because of my Radiation class. Two homework assignments a week really blows, and that's even a reduction in the work load! Back at the start of this semester we had three a week.
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Today is the first V-Day ever that Jeremy and I have actually been in the same location in the almost three years of our relationship. That makes it special, and he's cooking me a special dinner right now. Because of this I'm not allowed to see the kitchen until he says so. Ahh, romance that's not over the phone or internet. Long distance relationships suck.
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This ice storm has horrible timing. It started today and will last right up until almost the freakin' minute that my flight is scheduled to take off for San Antonio on Sunday. Most of the precip has been sleet so far, fortunately, but there will be a lot more freezing rain before this is over. All flights have been canceled into and out of Will Rogers Airport through at least tomorrow afternoon, but probably longer. Shiiiiit.

Now I just have to sit here and hope that a) Jeremy can make it home and back to work over the next couple of days, and b) I don't lose power here at the house. No power means no heat, no internet, and no phone. It also means my garage door will stop functioning, so I won't be able to leave the house even if I want to. This does make me somewhat tempted to put my car outside now just in case I do need to leave for some reason. Stupid ice storm. I don't even get school canceled for this, because I'm still on break! What a waste.
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What a shitty way to end 2006. I'm sick. This might be one of the first New Year's Eves that Jeremy and I can actually celebrate together, and I feel like death. Everyone around me has been sick lately, so I guess it had to happen eventually.

I keep hearing noises outside, and I can't figure out whether it's fireworks, dumbasses shooting off guns, or something else entirely. Oh, and Jeremy's playing mp3 clips of tornado sirens on his computer. Just 'cause. Now it's tv theme songs (specifically Night Court I think). We are a random pair.

As for the oh so popular 2006 in review, I graduated from college, I went storm chasing for 7,000 miles straight without seeing any tornadoes, I moved to Oklahoma and moved in with my boyfriend, and my first semester of grad school kicked my ass. That pretty much brings us to today.
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So I dropped my sister off at the OKC airport yesterday at around 11:15 am so that she could make her flight to Nashville that was supposed to arrive at around 4pm after a layover in Dallas. She did not even make it to Dallas until 5:30pm (I could have driven her there faster than that!), and she didn't land in Nashville until about 11:30pm. That's 12 fucking hours for 2.5 hours of being in the air. Fuck you American Airlines. My poor sister has horrible luck with flights.

Last night Jeremy decided on a whim that we needed to drive to south OKC at 9:30 to pick up an external hard drive case that he ordered on Circuit City's website. We did that, had a late dinner at Outback Steakhouse, and then went shopping at Wal-Mart. It was midnight before we got out of there, but we did pick up some super-cheap Christmas decorations that were all 75% off. He even bought a Christmas stocking for the cat so that she can get gifts too. I also got Egg Nog and Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee creamers for a dollar each. Hell yes! I love the week after Christmas.
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We spent the day today at Turner Falls. It's a natural swimming hole that's owned and maintained by a small town in southern Oklahoma. It has a big waterfall and a fun area with a diving board and water slide. Anywho, it was a perfect way to spend the hottest day of the year (it hit 104 for the high temp here at the house today).

Then we ate dinner at a Pizza Hut with no air conditioning on the hottest day of the year. Now that was fun, let me tell you. There weren't even any windows open, so with the pizza ovens running full blast it was almost unbearable in there.

I'm ready for winter. Winter in Oklahoma leaves something to be desired for those of us acclimated to the cold, however. I think Jeremy's planning on us going to Minnesota for Christmas vacation. Now there's a place that knows how to do winter.
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It's time for a cool down/hydration break after working outside for the last two hours. The builder of this subdivision brought some topsoil fill dirt in a dumptruck but left it in a huge pile so that it's our job to spread it around. You see, instead of laying down sod for the lawn, he just left bare ground figuring that the grass would fill in on its own. Well that was a stupid idea. We have more weeds and stickers than grass, and a few good rainstorms have washed huge ruts downslope to the ditch. The natural soil here is mostly clay, and the recent drought has made it rock hard so the grass is not only drying out but is also having trouble getting established in the areas that are still bare. The purpose of the rich top soil is to fill in the ruts and hopefully give the grass a chance to quickly grow into it to prevent more erosion. Jeremy and I have spent several hours in the past two days getting the dirt where it needs to be. Now Jeremy's at work all day, so the job falls to me. Woo. Hoo.

On an unrelated note, today is my journal's fifth anniversary. Yay!
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Happy 22nd Birthday to ME! I've received four birthday wishes already (one in person, one on LJ, one on IM, and one on Facebook), and I'm only 31 minutes into it. Methinks this will be a good birthday.

Make that five! Jeremy's singing to me over the phone. Silly boy. :p
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This wasn't a garden variety line of thunderstorms today! Three friends of mine in the meteorology department apparently spotted a tornado on the ISU campus near our department's building. There's a swath of pretty extensive tree damage extending from near Science I (far left, half of it's cut off in the picture) to the ISU power plant (right side). Guess where the meteorology department is? Agronomy Hall, right smack in the middle! All the trees in the Agronomy courtyard are a total mess. One of them (about a foot and a half in diameter) fell against the east wing and blocked the exit on that side, and another one of about the same size also came down. There were about six or eight trees there, and only one or two of them escaped any major damage. There were rumors going around that a tree fell on someone in front of Science I, but I also heard that the guy was able to get out of the way just in time. A huge two to three foot diameter tree on central campus was pretty much cleaved in half, and another meteorology friend of mine got pictures of it on her camera phone.

There has been some argument over whether that was all just straight-line wind damage instead of a tornado, since many have correctly pointed out that all the trees fell in the same direction. However, Eric (a met grad student here) did see a tiny little rope tornado form near the power plant, and there was a very nice hook echo that passed directly over campus on radar ahead of the main line, so I believe that there was actually a tornado. However, the winds were severe strength on their own, and most of the damage was probably a combination of the tornado and winds together. In fact, our little weather station on top of Agronomy measured a peak gust of 83 mph around the time of the tornado report, so it all adds up.

I'm disappointed that I didn't see anything. I was here at the apartment having lunch with Jeremy, and we were watching the shelf cloud move in ahead of the storm, but I'm blocked on all sides here to where I can't see much. Now I've come home from lab early to find that Jeremy's not even here anymore, so he must have heard about the damage from somewhere and went to check it out for himself. I wish I could have gone with him, but meh. I saw it all on my walk home. Now there's going to be some kind of mad media blitz. When I heard that a tornado was reported (no matter how piddly it actually was), I laughed right then and said, "Oh, I can see it now. The media's going to go nuts over it and say 'TORNADO STRIKES ISU CAMPUS!!!'" Sure enough, I saw a KCCI van, and WHO van, AND a fucking helicopter flying overhead as I was coming home.
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In an interesting turn of events, I will be celebrating Independence Day at the National Mall in Washington DC. I found out this morning that my last day in the field is Monday (the 4th), and I'll be done with that by 10am. In one of the more spontaneous decisions I've made in my life, I decided that I would be in DC with Jeremy by 7pm that evening so that we could see the fireworks together. It's amazing that we live in a time and place where it's possible to fly halfway across the country just to be with the one you love on a holiday that celebrates freedom and independence. Interesting turn of events indeed.

I had planned to be there for two weeks anyway, but we were under the impression that I wouldn't be able to leave until the 8th. I guess I'm just impatient. :)
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I cannot possibly study any more for atmospheric physics tonight, so now I listen to Mars Volta and chill.

I guess I can lay out my plans for the summer while I'm at it, so here goes:

In one week, I'll be in Washington, DC. I'm giving myself just enough time after finals to get my shit together, and then I'm gone. It is going to be so nice to get away, especially since I'll be with Jeremy.

God damn I miss that boy. More than anything, I just miss touching him. I need human contact after going without for so long, even when it's as simple as a hug, a back scratch, or a hand to hold. I never felt like I needed it when I was single, but I've developed an appreciation for it over the past year.

Anyway, back to the summer. I'll be in DC with Jeremy for three weeks until May 31st. We've already begun making plans for things to do. He saved all of his sightseeing of the area for when we're together, so we're trying to figure out when we want to do what. For May, I think we're going to explore northern and western Maryland a bit more. We're going to go camping (CAMPING!!! It's been years, so I'm stoked as hell) in the mountains somewhere where we can do a lot of hiking and exploring. I believe he has already reserved a campsite at one of the Chesapeake & Ohio Park sites. He also mentioned something in passing about heading east to the Chesapeake Bay and doing a little fossil hunting. I think most people would rather do more touristy stuff than that, but come on...I'm a geology minor! He knows how to appeal to my interests. :) He does still have to work during the week, so those are primarily weekend plans. Since he'll be gone during the day so much, I'm bringing my senior thesis research stuff so that I can get a jump start on it. I have a full load next fall, so I want to get as much out of the way as possible during the summer.

Once I get back to Iowa, I'll be participating in a research project just south of Ames. They're going to fly planes over a watershed and calculate soil moisture and whatnot from the air. They need a student to gather data on the ground, so that's possibly what I'll be doing through the first part of July. It's in the same watershed that my senior thesis focuses on, so I thought it was a good opportunity to have involvement with. Plus, it's paid experience, which is precious in my field of study. Most student work is volunteer-based.

By July 4th I'll be back in DC with Jeremy for a couple of weeks. I think at this point we're planning on heading out to the far western portions of Maryland (in the panhandle) to camp since it's supposed to be very scenic and beautiful out that way. Plus, I'm a sucker for mountains. What can I say....when you're from somewhere as flat as Kansas, mountains are fascinating. I also spent a lot of childhood family vacations in Colorado. Hopefully I'll see the ocean at some point, too, since I've never seen one before. Yes, I was in Connecticut a year and a half ago and never saw the ocean once. Long Island Sound, yes. Atlantic Ocean, no. And no, the Chesapeake Bay does not count in my book as ocean. I'm always on the wrong side of the plane when we land, so I never get a good look. I'm also told that DC is a hip place to be on the 4th of July by a native of the area, so we may have to catch the fireworks from the nation's capital for a cool memory and good photo-op.

I'll probably have to be back in Iowa by mid-July so that I can pack up my shit and be out of this apartment by the 31st. I'm hoping that my new apartment will open up early so that moving will be easier.

Anywho, that's my plan. It's not nearly as interesting as my sister spending the next six months in JAPAN, but meh. She better send me cool souvenirs or take pictures or SOMETHING. I'll get out of the US someday and see the world. It's just not happening anytime soon.
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"It took 40 minutes to go 7 miles."

That's why you don't drive to work at 8am on a weekday in Washington, DC. Poor Jeremy. Since I've grown up in the Midwest and largely in the country or in small towns that are 70 miles from anywhere, I can't even fathom that kind of traffic. Hell, I learned to drive on the dirt roads in Western Kansas where my biggest concern was how to drive around the combines and tractors. Otherwise I'd have to poke along behind them at 10 miles an hour. My Dad learned the same way when he was a kid, and he HATED driving in even Wichita because of the so-called traffic (ok, Kellogg Road during the 5pm rush hour can get a little hairy, I'll admit to that since I did rear-end someone in it once).

Jeremy does take the train on most days, and he can usually get to work in half the time that way. He just had to drive today because he has a softball game after work. It's just his fault for not going in earlier. That's what you get for sleeping in!
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It's fucking freezing in here, Mister Bigglesworth. Leave it to the weather to cool way the hell off right after the heat gets shut off in my building. Such is my luck.

Yesterday was one of the laziest days I've had in months, and it was glorious. I did absolutely nothing that would be deemed productive except to try to help Jeremy with a tech issue over the phone for about two hours. His video card is not sending the display to the tv correctly (or at all, for that matter) even though it was working perfectly fine yesterday. When he tries to do it he loses the display on his primary monitor, too, so he has to reboot into safe mode to uninstall the drivers and get his display back. Then he reinstalls the drivers and tries to send the display to the tv again only to end up back at square one. He was pretty much going in circles for about three hours last night....all to play MLB 2004. Guys and their sports...

I did manage to replace the memory in my computer yesterday, and HOLY FUCK THE DIFFERENCE IS AMAZING. I had no idea my poor system was struggling so much with the 256 mb it had. Now it has 512 mb of DDR PC 2700 (I know it's not 4000 or something extremely top of the line, but it's a drastic improvement), and it is one happy camper. I reduced the page file size, too, so believe me when I say that the zippiness factor is very high with this computer. It's like the force in a way. Best Buy has those memory cards on sale for like $40 after a $30 rebate, so I'm sort of tempted to run back down there and get another one. If I were to upgrade to a gig of memory, I could cut down on the HDD's page file work even more. Plus, my webcam is still giving the computer fits. I have a decent processor in this thing (AMD Athlon XP 2600+), so I don't think that's the problem. I guess I could always be wrong, though. OH, and Best Buy is selling 80 GB hard drives for $30. That's CHEAP. I called Mom and told her about it while I was there, and I ended up picking two more up for her and Marty. :p Eventually I'm going to get around to putting a fresh hard drive and OS in this machine (hopefully set up a dual boot of Windows XP and Linux Red Hat). Now I have the hard drive, so I'm one step closer!

God I'm a geek, but it's so much fun to be me sometimes!
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Ever notice how everything seems to go wrong at the worst possible times? I mentioned Jeremy's thesis before, right? Well, he was supposed to get it to me sometime last night so that I could print it all off and distribute the copies to his committee people. That didn't happen, though. He didn't actually EMAIL it to me until 3:30pm today, and today also happens to be the absolute and final deadline for submission. So, I burned the thing to a CD as fast as I could and drove like a maniac to the copy center. The lady there then told me that she was doing something for another customer and that I would have to wait about 15 minutes. I'm thinking..ok, sure, I'll still have time to get it over to the department. Well, she took the sweetest time she possibly could by first teaching a coworker how to work a machine, then ringing up some other customers, and even helping people who came in after me instead of asking them to wait. 40 minutes later, she came up to me and told me she couldn't get the disc to work. Yeah, thanks for nothing, bitch.

After that, I ran out to my car and drove like a maniac again down to Copyworks. I knew it would be more expensive, but I was running out of time and options. I went up to the chick at the desk and explained to her that I had an 80-page document on the CD that needed printing. I also explained that a few of the pictures were color and that I needed it done ASAP. She pointed across the room and said, "See that computer over there? It has a black/white printer and a color printer. Get the idea?" I shot her and her painted-on eyebrows the most evil glare I could manage and then strolled my ass over to the computer. I plugged the disc into the drive, and it DIDN'T WORK THERE EITHER. At this point it's like 4:45pm, and I knew that these committee people would probably be gone by 5.

I got out to my car, turned the ignition, and the thing fucking DIED on me. It almost didn't start again, which would have SUCKED MAJOR ASS. Once I got it going, I sped home to re-burn the disc. I screamed at my computer at least once in the process of doing so which prompted my roommate to come in and offer me chocolate, heh. Once I was sure that the CD fucking worked, I tried to get back to Copyworks to get the damn thing done. But of course, it could never be that easy. The intersection by my apartment is one of the worst I've ever seen, and it doesn't have a light. That time, I sat there watching cars go by for about 5 minutes (longest of my life) before I could finally get onto the main road. It was 4:55 by the time I finally got back to Copyworks, and I almost started bawling right there in front of the guy while I was trying to explain my dilemma. Thankfully he wasn't as heinous as the chick from before. He quickly walked me through everything that I needed and even helped me find clippies to bind the pages with. I thanked him profusely and then flew out the door to try to get to Agronomy Hall in time to deliver the documents. Two of the committee members had already gone home (it was 5:10 by this time), but the third unlocked the department office for me so that I could drop them in the mailboxes.

In the end it took me almost two hours to do something that should have only taken 15 minutes. Sometimes I think it's only my life that sucks that fucking bad.
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Jeremy has to write about 40% of his 80-page Master's thesis by Monday morning. It's really his fault for procrastinating to the last minute, but I can't help but feel bad for him. I'll be helping him by revising and checking for grammar mistakes tomorrow evening before he sends the final copy my way for printing and distibution to his committee people. His anguish over the thesis makes me kind of glad that the University of Maryland's graduate meteorology program is a course-track instead of thesis-track. If I stay at ISU, I'll end up writing a thesis like Jeremy. Bah, who knows what I'll do.

Speaking of papers, I have a 10-page term paper about glaciers due in a month for my Paleoclimate class. I should take a lesson from my boyfriend and start on it NOW. However, I too have the affliction of procrastination. Symptoms include extreme laziness, avoidance, and hearing voices that tell you things can always wait until next week. There is no cure for procrastination, but a swift kick in the ass is the best treatment. Please apply liberally.


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