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OMG, do you really want to go there?

1. Garden City, KS
2. Ingalls, KS
3. Syracuse, KS (two different places)
4. Swink, CO
5. Pueblo, CO
6. Colorado City, CO
7. Dalhart, TX
8. Brewster, KS
9. Winona, KS
10. Deerfield, KS (two different places)
11. Holcomb, KS
12. Glencoe, OK
13. Greensburg, KS (two different places)
14. Haviland, KS
15. Pratt, KS (two different places)
16. Ames, IA (three different places)
17. Blanchard, OK

I know I'm missing some. I only know about those early moves from memory snippets and what my parents have told me. This also doesn't count all the places my mom lived after the divorce.

My favorite? Probably Ames. Although I love love love our house here in Oklahoma, I liked Ames as a place to live much more than I do here. Least favorite? Probably Dalhart, TX, although I don't remember much about it. All I know is that the four of us were crammed into a tiny apartment and I pretty much had the sense that none of us were happy there.
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The July 4th war zone ambiance has started already. It's nice to be able to watch a fireworks display from the comfort of my front porch I guess. This is the first state I've lived in where any average Joe can walk into a fireworks stand, buy the BIG shells, and shoot them off anywhere he damn well pleases. I don't even think you need a permit or anything. In Kansas, you had to have a license/training to shoot the large shells off, and usually city displays were the only places you'd see them. Even for woosy stuff like fountains, black cats, and sparklers, the town I lived in required people to take them to designated places to shoot them off. They weren't allowed in city limits. Plus, I think they were only allowed ON July 4th or the few days around it. In Iowa, NOBODY could purchase fireworks or shoot them off except for cities. I was too young to remember what Texas and Colorado were like.

But Oklahoma? Last year there were two big fireworks displays within a quarter mile of our house, and I think they were better than the Norman one we drove 20 miles to see.
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Uh oh. Poor Iowa can't catch a break. :(

My grandparents are right in the middle of an area that could see tornadoes later today. Kansas apparently can't catch a break either.
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Things sound pretty bad in northeast Iowa (and Minnesota) from the tornadoes today. I'm not a trained damage surveyor, but just from the pictures I've seen I would put it easily into the EF4 range and maybe higher than that depending on what the damage to the school and businesses look like in Parkersburg. The video I just saw on KCRG's website looks just like Greensburg. :(

A friend of mine from ISU is one of the on-air meteorologists at KCRG, so it was sort of cool to hear him explaining the situation on the live stream they had on their website while it was going on. He had an image from GRlevel2 Analyst and was trying to explain velocity couplets. Greg Forbes was using the software on-air too on the Weather Channel. Today was the first day I've every seen anyone try to use GR on the air, and I saw it on two different channels. Gotta love technology.

EDIT: I just saw a flyover video on WHO's website of Parkersburg, and it looks like it might not be as bad as I thought. There's about a two to three block-wide path through town that was hit pretty hard, but it looks like at least about 60% of the town escaped major damage. I also read somewhere that they were having high school graduation today. :(
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Currently in Iowa: mid 30s, snow-covered, and extremely foggy
Currently in Oklahoma: mid 70s, sunny, and generally awesome

Now I just need to find a way to work outside. :D
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The Radiation midterm was alright I guess. I only did one small thing blatantly wrong that I'm sure of, and the rest of the points I'll miss will be because I had to rush through the exam. Dr. Fiedler writes tests that are much more involved than the 50 minute class period has time for, so I was in such a hurry to finish that I didn't notice that a few of the questions were asking for additional things, like "Explain how this relates to Figure 3" and "Define all the symbols used." Blech, I'm expecting (read: hoping for) a score in the mid 70s, but since the rest of the class was still working when the 50 minutes were up I have to hope that others did the same things I did. College grades are all about how you do relative to everyone else, regardless of how little you actually get right, and being around the average in grad school is fine with me. I have smart classmates, so I'd be in good company.

Tomorrow I'm making the 9+ hour drive to Ames. Thankfully I finally have a car with working cruise control. It's never good when your gas pedal leg starts randomly cramping up while you're driving down the road, believe me. I have a lot planned for next week between hanging with Mom (she's taking time off to spend time with me), hanging with the ISU meteorology contingent, celebrating my birthday on Wednesday (Hickory Park!!!), and then attending the Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference in Des Moines later in the week. It's sounding like I won't get to relax quite as much as I'd like to, but at least whatever I do will be a hell of a lot more fun than studying for midterms!

Oh, and it seems that there might be severe weather in Oklahoma while I'm gone. That figures.
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Current Temperature: 72.1 F

Heather's doing her homework outside today.

PS: Nyuk nyuk, look at Oklahoma and then look at Iowa. Red numbers are air temperature for you non-meteorologists. I know I'll hate being here when June rolls around, but right now I can gloat.
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Finally, I have my legitimate reason for preferring Oklahoma over Iowa. As of 3pm, it was 57 degrees here in Norman and 2 in Ames. I've been waiting to brag about this since the start of winter, but up until now we've been just as cold here as up there. Tomorrow it could be in the 60s!!

I don't have much else interesting to report. I just had to gloat. :p
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This figures. I come to Oklahoma for school and the good severe weather happens in Iowa (by the way, that's the percent probability of a tornado occuring within 25 miles of a given point). I was really looking forward to chasing today, but I don't want to drive all the frickin' way to Nebraska to see it. At this point, I'd be way too late anyway since I decided to sleep in this morning.

The even sadder part is that NOBODY at Iowa State is going chasing today either. They'd rather watch the Iowa-Iowa State football game. Dude, where are their priorities??? Play the game on the radio and drive! They can have both!
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This Iowa caucus shit is crazy. Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Dennis Kucinich are all here in Ames right now giving their last campaign speeches before the caucuses begin at 6:30. I have three presidential candidates less than a mile from me. If I was even 80% sure who I wanted to vote for, I'd go to these little campaign pow wows, but I don't know who I want to support.

The focus on this campus has been insane. Every single candidate has been here at least once in the last 6 months, and a couple of them have made several appearances. CNN filmed a few of their segments here about a week ago, too. I've been getting phone calls and flyers asking me to support candidates.

It's really amazing how the Iowa caucuses are becoming more and more important with each election. I can't wait to see what kind of rat race will be here in 2008. Hopefully it'll be republican candidates trying to beat a democratic president next time around. ;)
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Janeane Garofalo just called to ask me to support Howard Dean at a rally on campus today. Ok, so I think it was a recording, but that's still fucking cool. I love her.

Yes, yes, I love being in Iowa right now.
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Highs and lows of today:


- My world prehistory class. It's a course largely for Anthropology majors, but the whole archaeology thing fascinates me. The professor just makes it that much better, too.
- Watching CNN broadcast live from Ames, Iowa. Ok, so I watched it from home like a sane person instead of being out in the freezing cold in the meager attempt to be on national television for 2 seconds. I wanted to kill the dumbass who was banging on the campanile bell every 2 minutes while they were trying to film Crossfire, though.

- I slept through my alarm on the second fucking day of classes. Go me.
- While I was trying to get a drink from a water fountain in Carver Hall, I managed to spray water all down the front of my jacket that I was wearing.
- Two words: math professor. This guy takes the cake for being the worst instructor I have ever had, and I've had doozies. I can't understand a word he says, and I can't read much of what he writes on the board. He thinks that when we don't answer his questions in class it's because we don't understand basic fundamentals and proceeds to irritably scribble them down on the board, when in fact we don't answer his questions because we don't understand what he says. He goes off on tangents in class that have absolutely nothing to do with the material, but it's compounded by the fact that we don't realize this until about 30 seconds into his shpeals because we don't understand him. He bases many of his quiz and test questions on things we do in class instead of things from the book, which is just fucking terrific seeing as how I spend a good 75% of the class period lost with an overwhelming urge to fall asleep. I say grad students, professors, and TAs should pass some kind of English (spoken AND written) proficiency test before being allowed to teach a class.
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Water is condensing on the interior side of my window and freezing. FREEZING. Dat's not somethin' you see in Kansas. National Weather Service says it's -3 degrees outside. The wind chill's probably somewhere around -15. It's really fucking cold out there, folks. It's supposed to get down to -8 before it warms up again in the morning. I pity the poor souls who would rather stand in that and freeze to death than go without a smoke. You know you're addicted to something when you do shit like that.
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I don't understand why so many people here shuffle and scrape their feet along ice instead of actually picking them up and walking like the rest of us. Is it supposed to keep them from slipping or falling? Is it a throwback to their collective childhood?

Also, the sacred Columbia jacket is beyond my understanding. If you walk by 50 people at any given time on this campus, 48 of them are wearing Columbia coats. While I admit that yes, they look nice and come in pretty colors, I wonder why someone would spend so much money to be a lemming. I don't have one and don't plan on ever getting one. Call it my meager attempt to rebel against the mainstream or something.
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Ok, so I took the state quizzie thing. I answered the questions honestly and ended up with Maine...I've never been there in my entire life. Anyway, just to try an experiment, I did it again and answered every question with something related to prairies and buffalo and Native Americans and shit in an attempt to end up with Kansas as my perfect state. Which state popped up? IOWA. I may just be going to all the wrong places in this state, but uhh, where the hell are the prairies and buffalo here? All I've seen is a hell of a lot of corn, farms, towns, water, and forests. You want prairies? Take I-35 from Emporia to Wichita. You won't see anything but grasslands for 75 miles.


edit: I don't mean to bash Iowa. Aside from the happy little fields of dreams..err, corn, I think it's very beautiful in many parts of this state. I really think that people get the wrong idea about what's out here.
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I drove by the bars in Campustown at 5 pm, and there was already a huge line outside the door. People are ALREADY GETTING DRUNK. This is going to be a long ass weekend, especially if ISU loses. Rather than risking my life and limb by going somewhere...like a football game, I'm going to stay in the safety of my own apartment and watch it all on tv. I don't have tickets anyway. For tonight, I'm going to snuggle up on the couch with my kettle cooked tomato and basil chips and watch "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" that I discovered was only $5 at Target from Woolf's journal.

I just heard someone slam on their breaks and squeal their tires out on Lincoln Way, probably trying to avoid hitting someone. See what I mean? It's madness out there. I'm staying here, thanks.


Aug. 13th, 2003 10:39 am
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<td bgcolor="#000000">Birthday</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td><td bgcolor="#000000">Name</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td><td bgcolor="#000000">Born on</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">October 8, 1565</td><td bgcolor="#000000">occupation</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Executioner </td><td bgcolor="#000000">wealth</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">520,534</td>
past life by mugseymalone
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

I love Iowa. It's the hottest time of the season right now, and it's barely cracking 80 degrees everyday. It's so much better than the suffocatingly hot 100 degree weather that I had to put up with in Kansas. The nice, cool weather comes back to bite you in the ass when January rolls around, though.
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I'm back in Iowa!!! I'm not completely finished moving and unpacking, but I have enough done to live somewhat comfortably. Hauling all that shit up 2.5 flights of stairs was awful. Hopefully I don't have to do that again for a very very verrry long time.

My internet's not going to be hooked up until a week from this Monday, so I probably won't be online very much. I'll catch y'all later!
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Six days and counting until my last day at work.
Eight days and counting until I move to Iowa.
Zero days, zero hours, zero minutes, and zero seconds until I wish I were already in Iowa.

I got my packet from the honors program a few days ago. They gave me the names of the freshmen that will be my students, and the essays that they submitted with their Freshman Honors Program applications. I had a realization when I read through the essays. Not all honors students were born to be naturals at English and Grammar. Their essays were generally good, and were probably above average as far as topic choice and getting the message across goes, but I found myself getting an eye twitch every time I hit a run-on sentence. I'm so damn anal about these things.

Have any of you taken a cat on a long distance trip before? I'm really debating over whether she'll be ok in a pet taxi without giving her some kind of sedative. I'm kind of hoping that she'll eventually get used to the situation as we get down the road and start behaving. I know for a fact that she hates car trips. I've taken her places three times without a pet taxi, and she went absolutely ballistic. She had a tendency to crawl up right on the nape of my neck, dig her claws into my shoulders, and watch the world go by with astonishment and fear.
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For lunch today: cucumbers, green peppers, and baby carrots in pure apple cider vinegar. I can feel the acid eating away at my esophagus (wtf, I can't spell) as I type this. I need to find a basic beverage to drink.

14 days and counting until I can say "bye bye Kansas" and "hello Iowa." This summer has not gone by fast enough.


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