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Note to self:

From now on, when you butcher one of your old scripts to make a new script that does something completely different, DO NOT SAVE OVER THE OLD SCRIPT. You never know when you're going to need it again, like...ohhh, NOW for instance. Have fun writing the old script over again for the next hour.

P.S. You suck at life.

P.P.S. You need to take something for that headache.
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I have a question for you Excel whizzes. Let's say I have lots and lots (BIG understatement) of data in a spreadsheet that is formatted like this:


Is there a way in Excel that I can transpose the data so that it reads like this?

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The Radiation midterm was alright I guess. I only did one small thing blatantly wrong that I'm sure of, and the rest of the points I'll miss will be because I had to rush through the exam. Dr. Fiedler writes tests that are much more involved than the 50 minute class period has time for, so I was in such a hurry to finish that I didn't notice that a few of the questions were asking for additional things, like "Explain how this relates to Figure 3" and "Define all the symbols used." Blech, I'm expecting (read: hoping for) a score in the mid 70s, but since the rest of the class was still working when the 50 minutes were up I have to hope that others did the same things I did. College grades are all about how you do relative to everyone else, regardless of how little you actually get right, and being around the average in grad school is fine with me. I have smart classmates, so I'd be in good company.

Tomorrow I'm making the 9+ hour drive to Ames. Thankfully I finally have a car with working cruise control. It's never good when your gas pedal leg starts randomly cramping up while you're driving down the road, believe me. I have a lot planned for next week between hanging with Mom (she's taking time off to spend time with me), hanging with the ISU meteorology contingent, celebrating my birthday on Wednesday (Hickory Park!!!), and then attending the Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference in Des Moines later in the week. It's sounding like I won't get to relax quite as much as I'd like to, but at least whatever I do will be a hell of a lot more fun than studying for midterms!

Oh, and it seems that there might be severe weather in Oklahoma while I'm gone. That figures.
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Snippets from today...

1. I almost ran over a little box turtle on my drive into school this morning.

2. I found this new spangled calendar feature on Google (there's a link to it at the top of your Gmail window), and I happen to think it's awesome. Now I can view and edit my calendar both at home and at school! Yay! I guess this signals the end of me ever needing a paper planner now.

3. My grandmother and aunt are visiting my great aunt Peggy who lives about fifteen miles from me. I should find time to see them before they leave.

4. One of my office mates had a birthday today, so I got free cake!

5. As I was walking out to my car on my way home I stepped off a curb wrong and completely wiped out on the street. Both of my ankles are now sore as hell (one of them I landed on sideways, so yeah...that will smart a little). To make the experience even more enjoyable, someone was walking the other direction was like RIGHT THERE to see me go down. Fabulous.

6. I found out that I will FINALLY be getting a computer in my office by Tuesday (since Monday's Labor Day and all). It's a PC, but I'll take anything at this point. The only issue is that our room doesn't have half of its ethernet ports yet, so I might be internetless for another week or two on my machine. Others in the room will be hooked up though.

7. Speaking of Labor Day, THREE DAY WEEKEND! Woo hoo! Too bad Jeremy's working night shifts through all of it. :(
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Oh my God. I scanned my computer with Ad-Aware to clean out the spyware, and it found 8 files and registry keys to delete. Sure, ok, those are the normal ones that keep reappearing on my computer. Then I updated Ad-Aware and scanned again......

134 files and registry keys found. Holy fuck.

What's the lesson learned boys and girls? UPDATE THE SHIT ON YOUR COMPUTER.
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Highs and lows of today:


- My world prehistory class. It's a course largely for Anthropology majors, but the whole archaeology thing fascinates me. The professor just makes it that much better, too.
- Watching CNN broadcast live from Ames, Iowa. Ok, so I watched it from home like a sane person instead of being out in the freezing cold in the meager attempt to be on national television for 2 seconds. I wanted to kill the dumbass who was banging on the campanile bell every 2 minutes while they were trying to film Crossfire, though.

- I slept through my alarm on the second fucking day of classes. Go me.
- While I was trying to get a drink from a water fountain in Carver Hall, I managed to spray water all down the front of my jacket that I was wearing.
- Two words: math professor. This guy takes the cake for being the worst instructor I have ever had, and I've had doozies. I can't understand a word he says, and I can't read much of what he writes on the board. He thinks that when we don't answer his questions in class it's because we don't understand basic fundamentals and proceeds to irritably scribble them down on the board, when in fact we don't answer his questions because we don't understand what he says. He goes off on tangents in class that have absolutely nothing to do with the material, but it's compounded by the fact that we don't realize this until about 30 seconds into his shpeals because we don't understand him. He bases many of his quiz and test questions on things we do in class instead of things from the book, which is just fucking terrific seeing as how I spend a good 75% of the class period lost with an overwhelming urge to fall asleep. I say grad students, professors, and TAs should pass some kind of English (spoken AND written) proficiency test before being allowed to teach a class.
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Krets got me thinking about sad parts of movies, and I almost teared up as I was replaying the scenes in my head. That's how much of a crybaby I am. It wasn't all of them. In particular, it was Lonesome Dove and The Professional that almost made me cry. If you've seen either of them, you sure as hell know what I'm talking about. I know that Lonesome Dove is a western and (I'm pretty sure) a made-for-tv movie, but when you spend the last 1/4 of a show watching the main character die and then follow his lifelong best friend take his body back to where he asked to be buried, that's pretty intense shit. It's especially intense when the two best friends are Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones.
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Oh for fuck's sake. I ranted about apostrophes in grammar a few months back, right? Ever since then, I have been typing all of them the wrong fucking way. Most of the time I catch it, but sometimes I let it slip and then don't notice what I've done until it's a point where I can't change it. Is this a Freudian thing or have I just not noticed my stupidity until now?
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I'm such a dumbass. I uninstalled everything for my printer off the computer before I realized that I have no fucking idea where my installation CD is. Now I'm downloading the damn drivers off the Lexmark website, and it's taking a very long time. Watch, I'll find the CD after I get this done.
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*throws the textbook across the room*

Physics can kiss my ass, and so can the goddamn magnified images from fucking concave and convex lenses that you're supposed to fucking point at the stupid fucking sun and....I need to calm down before I break something.

Edit: Now that I'm a little more coherent, I offer an explanation. All the quizzes for this stupid class are online, and you only get one try to answer the questions. It was a four question quiz, so I carefully worked out each problem and picked the solution that I got. I got ALL FOUR QUESTIONS WRONG. That's a 0% percent on my quiz, friends, and this is the second time in a row that this has happened to me. I don't know why I fucking try.
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I have to write a program that codes or decodes morse code (depending on which choice the user wants). I'm having some issues with the morse to alphanumeric conversion. The program I wrote reads the code from a file and then spits out the alphanumeric equivalent on the screen. It compiles great, but when I try to run the morse code through it, it prints nothing. So here's my question: why isn't the program reading the data in properly?

This is the code I want to read in:

.- -... -.-.
.---- ..--- ...--
.... . .-.. .-.. ---
.--- . ..-. ..-.

Each individual letter is separated by a space.

Here's the C++ code )
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FUCKING HELL! I forgot to forecast again today. I just love how I always manage to fuck myself over just when I get going really good.

It's fucking freezing again in this apartment. The heat did kick in and actually work last time it got cold, but now it is the coldest it has been all season and the heat's not working again. I kinda nonchalantly told Daddy dearest about it tonight on the phone, and now he's on a crusade to make me look like a victim. He wants me to go buy an electric heater RIGHT NOW, then call the landlords tomorrow and chew some royal ass about the heat not working. Actually, he was *this* close to calling them himself, and he tried to get ahold of Mom to have her do it. I practically had to beg him not to, though, because in my opinion, there's nothing more annoying than a young girl (or boy) who has her mommy and daddy fight all her battles for her. Yes, it's cold. It's probably in the 40s in here, and I can't feel my fingers, toes, or nose. HOWEVER, I do have blankets, warm clothes, and hot tea, and I'm perfectly capable of keeping myself warm. I just reserve the right to whine about it a little.
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Something seriously fucked up my journal layout. All the text is huge, and it's just a totally different layout than it was before. Grrr.

Also, just when I thought I was finally turning my luck around in the forecasting contests, I went and fucked them both up yesterday. I think I'm cursed.
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So, last night I went to bed at around midnight or so. At about 2 am, I was jolted into the world of the living by something entirely undeserving of my consciousness. I heard somebody stepping in leaves, then the sound of a rubber tire scraping against concrete, and very odd sounding whistles that resembled a bird call. My first thought? Somebody's stealing my bike! Yeah, ok, my bike is a $40 Roadmaster from Wal-Mart. Nevertheless, that's the first thing that popped into my head. So, unable to go back to sleep until I investigated this little mystery, I walked out onto the fire escape and looked down at where the bike rack is. It was obviously dark, so I didn't see anything. At that, I tried to convince myself that I'm imagining things and tried to go back to bed. It was still bugging the shit out of me, though. So, I bolted out of bed for the second time, grabbing a flashlight on this trip, and went back out on the fire escape. Turned on the flashlight in the bike rack's direction...and lo and behold....my bike was still there. Man, did I feel like an ass. I kinda hope someone's bike was stolen so that I don't look like a paranoid freak.

You know what would be REALLY funny? If that was all just a fucking dream. Afterall, I had just taken my bike out of storage and was thinking heavily about that very subject. Eh, I think it was real. I'll have to see where the flashlight is when I get home.
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I think I overworked myself when I was washing and waxing my car outside a little bit ago. It's about 104 degrees outside today with an ass load of humidity, and I had nothing but a little bit of cherry limeade from Sonic to drink. When I got done with the washing part, everything got kind of dark and far away and I felt a little lightheaded. So...a little freaked out by this, I went inside (burning my feet on the sidewalk on the way) and rested for about 30 seconds. I grabbed what was left of my cherry limeade and headed outside to wax, burning my poor feet again. I tried to drink as much as I could and sit down or kneel if I felt dizzy, but it didn't help much. By the time I was finished with that, I was feeling kind of nauseated. Without even moving the car off the grass, I went back into the house, grabbed the biggest glass of ice water I could muster, and sat down at the computer to cool myself off and rest. The air conditioning is helping a lot.

Note to self: don't wash car at 3:30 p.m. in July.
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As a result of me wasting a half hour with a scanner and Photoshop, say hello to ME!

I need a shower so bad. It pretty much sucks when you can smell yourself stink. The only reason I haven't done it yet was because I had no clothes to wear, and I wasn't about to walk around this house naked for three hours. Now that my clothes are clean, I'm going to go reacquaint myself with the shower.
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I feel like banging my head against a wall today, so I will.

Why *thump* are *thump* you *thump* being *thump* such *thump* a *thump* heinous *thump* bitch *thump* today? *thumpthumpthump*

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Ok, so I had this huge ass post ready to go, and I fucked up and deleted it. Here it is in a nutshell:

I spilled half a bottle of Vanilla Coke all over the carpet in my boss's office. I've tried everything I can to clean it, and now it won't dry. This snowboard-sized wet spot in the middle of the floor has to be gone by tomorrow morning. I am such a complete dumbass.
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What's a girl to do? I can't make myself go to class today, I can't force myself to study, I can't get to sleep...

Dead Week indeed. I've been to one class in three days.


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