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I just saw Knapp and Storms go down live online. Seeing the implosion made me sadder than I thought it would. I have a lot of great memories in Knapp from my freshman year. I lived in Elm, but a bunch of my friends lived out in Towers and threw the greatest parties. Good times, good times. It'll be weird driving home and only seeing two towers left on the Ames skyline. They were the first things I noticed about Ames when I visited Iowa State for the first time.
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My cat's sleeping on the living room floor. On the coffee table, there's two bottles of Bacardi and a polaroid of her acting crazy.

So what should I think?
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There is a HUGE ass party going on downstairs. In fact, I think that it involves two or three apartments (this is just a six apartment building). The building keeps shaking everytime someone slams a door or whatever the fuck else they're doing. There are a LOT of people walking up and down the streets, and a large number of them are walking up to our front entrance. I might have trouble sleeping tonight. :/
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There is a HUGE party going on two buildings down from mine. It's only a tiny house, so there's about 30 or 40 drunk people wandering around in their backyard. Yeah, that really boosted my self-confidence when I was walking around in my big ass pajama pants and old high school t-shirt with my laundry basket. When I dress nice and look relatively presentable, no one's around to see it. What gives?

I suppose this is the first official Thirsty Thursday of the semester. Goodbye peaceful summer.
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In my geology class this morning:

Person 1 (big ass football player freshman) walks in the door.
Person 2 says "Hey, did you get tear-gassed?"
Person 1 laughs and says "Yeah."
Person 2 says "Awesome."

So basically the attitude I've seen on campus is that the rioters were cool, and the cops were automatonic thugs. I still maintain that anyone involved in the riot was a fucking drunk moron. Anyone not involved in the riot and still got pepper sprayed, tear gassed, or beaten probably had a choice in whether they were there or not.

I guess this is further enforced by the fact that maybe two stories in the entire Iowa State Daily today was about something other than VEISHEA or the riot.
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So, apparently a huge riot took place less than two blocks from my apartment last night. I had my window open, and I was having trouble sleeping because I kept hearing noises outside like pops of windows breaking. It was freaking me out, because it sounded kinda close by. Hm, people can be so stupid sometimes.
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I'm actually going out tonight! I has been far too long since the last time I went out on a Friday or Saturday night. I dearly hope I'll enjoy myself.

On that note, Happy Halloween!!!
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I drove by the bars in Campustown at 5 pm, and there was already a huge line outside the door. People are ALREADY GETTING DRUNK. This is going to be a long ass weekend, especially if ISU loses. Rather than risking my life and limb by going somewhere...like a football game, I'm going to stay in the safety of my own apartment and watch it all on tv. I don't have tickets anyway. For tonight, I'm going to snuggle up on the couch with my kettle cooked tomato and basil chips and watch "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" that I discovered was only $5 at Target from Woolf's journal.

I just heard someone slam on their breaks and squeal their tires out on Lincoln Way, probably trying to avoid hitting someone. See what I mean? It's madness out there. I'm staying here, thanks.
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Kayla, I got your pictures!!! That kitty is so damn cute, and I know what you mean now about Galen tearing his truck apart. Damn.

I may have to send ya some pics when I get this next roll developed.

The big Iowa vs. Iowa State game is tomorrow. Wish the home team luck, and pray no one dies from their drunken stupidity!
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Hmm, looks like I'm going to spend Saturday night playing Dragon Warrior and screwing around on the net. I'm not as upset about it tonight as I was last night for the simple fact that I finally got ahold of some of my friends. Apparently there's really nothing going on anywhere...that I can get into. Barhopping's not a choice for my 19 year-old ass. Can't say that I'd really enjoy it if I could go. 40-60 horny, sweaty, drunk college students all hanging on each other and trying to get laid don't exactly spell out my crowd.

Sidenote: Kill Hannah's starting to get airplay on the radio station here, and I saw them live six months ago at VEISHEA before anyone knew who they were (outside of Chicago that is). Yay! That's never happened to me before. Kinda nifty.
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Oh maaaan, do I have a story to tell you guys. I got home last night around midnight and went to bed around 1. At about 3:30 a.m., my roommate's cell went off. She answered it, and it was a friend of hers wanting to know if her boyfriend could stay the night in our dorm room, because he was really flat ass drunk and had nowhere to go. Amy said yeah, sure, and went and picked him up. He passed out on the futon within seconds, so we crawled our tired asses up to bed and went back to sleep. At about 5:30 a.m., we were both awakened by the sound of running water. We both sat up and looked to see where it was coming from. The bastard was standing up right in the middle of our fucking room PISSING ON THE CARPET. Amy was screaming at him to stop, but he just kept on pissing! Finally, she ushered him outside to piss since this is a girls dorm. We were sitting there bewildered for a minute because we couldn't believe what has just happened. He came back in and went right back to sleep! So, we went from bewildered staring at the carpet to amazed staring at him. We got out some dish soap and water and Amy started scrubbing the carpet. After that we sprayed Febreze on the spot and stuck a fan there to help dry it. We don't think he remembers doing it.

You wanna know the kicker? Somebody is coming by here TODAY to buy this carpet from us!

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This is certainly interesting weather. We got a winter weather bulletin that said we should expect "Showers and thunderstorms with freezing rain, sleet or snow." It starting hailing outside this morning out of nowhere. There was no thunder, no wind...no indication of any thunderstorm and then...hail. Eeenteresting...

*Edit* Correction, It was SLEET this morning instead of hail, which would not explain the thunder I heard after it was over, but eh. Those were the biggest sleet pellets I've ever seen.

I think I'm going to stroll down to the theater and see Chicago tonight. I've really been wanting to see it, and it's an excuse not to go to the frat party tonight. I've decided after my last experience with one that frat keg parties are not my thing. How are those things considered fun?
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Well, the day is officially here. It is Valentine's Day, and I still intend to hold to my promise. I will kiss a guy today. I'm going to a party tonight, so it will probably be a hell of a lot easier to get done with both people concerned being drunk. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be the one that I have tiny crush on. Wish me luck!

Of all the days, mother nature has picked TODAY to turn Iowa into the fucking Icecapades. All the sidewalks, grass, trees, etc are covered in black ice. It's only pure luck that I haven't fallen on my face yet. I can't believe that people are riding their bikes today. That's really fucking dangerous for the people walking around them. I've heard of one that has wiped out already.
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LMAO! I took this quiz and said to my roommate, "MMM!! Have you ever had an orgasm?" I do NOT think she knew I was talking about a drink.

""Which cocktail are you?""

brought to you by Quizilla


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