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An email I just received:

"Hi Heather,

Although, the ORISE program has not been reopened things are moving
forward. For planning purposes I need a little information. When would
you plan to leave OHD to return to college? You should plan on leaving
at the end of the week.

Please let me know. Thank you.


So they have accepted me (FINALLY) for the ORISE thing at OHD in Maryland. My entry in the running for the SCEP position in Des Moines is already in the pipes, and I've told Dr. Hornbuckle that I can assist him with his field project this summer. What the fuck do I do now?
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I feel like complete shit this morning. I feel nauseous, dizzy, run down, my throat hurts, and my nose is stuffy. On top of all that, I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm groggy as hell. I tried to eat some pop tarts this morning to calm my tummy down a bit, but it's starting to rumble again. Gah, I just want to go home. Maybe I will. I only have one more class today (hydrology), and it's not exactly nuclear physics, so it's safe to skip as interesting as it may be. I'm at work right now, but everything I'm doing here can be done from home. However, there's also the thought going through my head that if I managed to peel myself out of bed and drag my ass all the way over here, then I might as well stick it out for the rest of the day. Hmph, decisions, decisions.
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I want a viable third candidate, damn it. I still hate Bush just as much as when he took office in 2000, but I'm not crazy about Kerry, either. I greatly respect that he is pro-choice and believes in equal rights for everyone, but there are just some issues that he has been weak on for me, and I'm not convinced that he's going to get much of what he talks about accomplished once he's President.

I'm probably about as left liberal as one can be. If this were a multi-partisan democracy where all parties were given equal respect and weight in major elections, then I would probably be better aligned with what Nader stands for. I watched an interview with him on PBS the other day, and he said it perfectly. "We should live in a society where people feel that the best option is to vote for the party that best fits their views, instead of what we have today where people feel that it's more important to vote against what they hate." I probably didn't quote him exactly, but that's close to what he said, and it's completely true in my situation. I would vote for Nader if it didn't mean that it would give Bush the majority of votes in the election. Instead of voting for the party that wants what I want, I feel obligated to vote for the guy who has the best chance to defeat the current administration. It sucks, but it's the reality of the situation.

That program on PBS also featured the other major third party candidates, such as Badnarik of the Libertarian Party and Peroutka of the Constitution Party. David Cobb (Green Party Candidate) was on the program, too, and he described a new approach to voting that I would love to see put into place. It's a priority listing method where the voter would list their top three picks for President, and the choices would then be weighted so that the first pick would receive more points then the second and so on. It would give third parties a decent chance at being viable, but it will probably never happen while the Republicans and Democrats hold the power in this country. There's no way in hell that they want to give that power up to other people. Plus, that means less votes for them during election time, and they certainly don't want that.

So yeah....I will be voting for Kerry when November 2nd rolls around, but it won't be because I believe he's the best man for the job. In this bipartisan system of politics, I'm just voting for who I believe is the better man for the job. *sigh*
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Fuck. It's decision time boys and girls. I called the local photography place to get an estimate on repairing my camera, and he told me it would probably run about $100 to fix it, but it's $20 just to send it in and get an actual estimate. I can purchase a new body for the camera for around $100 off of Ebay. The interesting thing to note is that I can purchase a complete camera (body and lens, some with other accesories) for between $50 and $80 off of Ebay as well. The cameras just appear to be well used, but still work. Then I could sell my camera body for $20 or so as is and bring the expense down even more.

I could also just do some looking around on the net and fix it myself with a little bit of help from people who know what they're doing. Anyone know someone I could send it to who could fix it for cheaper than $100?

Here's where the real decision comes in. I've been wanting a digital camera for some time now. If I were to sell every camera accessory, lens, filter, body, flash, thing I have seperately on Ebay and somehow managed to get the going rate out of them all, I could make between $175 and $200 total. Since I'm a new seller, I'd probably make no more than $140, but since I got the original camera body and lens for free, I don't think I'd be losing much compared to what I paid for everything else. I can get a decent digital camera for between $180 and $200. I'm not talking about the $800 digital SLRs with all the bells and whistles (although that would be nice). I'm talking about the small Sony Cybershots and Nikon Coolpixes and whatnot. I'll probably greatly miss the ability to do long exposures and to use filters and other fun gadgets, but I'd be saving a hell of a lot of money on developing film that doesn't turn out the way I want. There's a problem with digital cameras, though. They depreciate in value far FAR worse than the manual film stuff I have now. There's no way in hell I could ever sell it for what I buy it for, and I'd have to constistently spend $200-$300 dollars to upgrade to the newer, better cameras every couple of years. My little K1000? Yeah, it'll probably worth the same 5 or 10 years down the road that it is now, and there's always a huge plethora of accessories and parts for it on Ebay.

So, here are my choices:

a) Send my camera body in to be repaired for $100.
b) Buy a new camera body off Ebay for $100 and sell mine for $20.
c) Buy a used, complete camera off Ebay for $50-$80 and sell mine for $20.
d) Fix the damn thing myself.
e) Sell the whole shebang and get a digital camera.

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*smacks forehead*

A radio station in Des Moines is running a contest where some randomly selected person from a group of call-ins is going to win a million dollars. Everytime someone is the right number caller and gets their name on the list, the DJ asks them what they will do with the million. Here's the one I just heard:

DJ: "So what will you do with the money if you win?"
Caller: "I'm going to buy jewelry!"
DJ: "Nice. What kind of jewelry? You going for the diamonds?"
Caller: "Oh yeah, lots of diamonds!"

Ahem, if bling is the first thing you think of buying when you're offered a million dollars, you sure as hell do not deserve that money. What would I do with the money you may ask? I would:

a) Pay off my education that already has me almost $20,000 in debt with graduation still two and a half years away.
b) Buy a car that doesn't constantly break down, pollute the environment, and guzzle gas like there's no tomorrow.
c) Buy clothes that don't have holes and stains in them.
d) Invest the rest so I will never again have to wonder if I can afford to eat the next day or pay the rent next month.

(I also might give some money to select members of my family who are in as bad or worse a financial situation than I am right now.)

I could add a few charitable donations to that list, but given the state of human nature in this world/country, I wonder how many people actually would donate money once they had the opportunity. I also wonder if I would be criticized for the pure insignificance on the global scale of the organizations I would contribute to. I.E., who gives a rat's ass about a few dogs and cats in cages when there are people starving to death and dying of curable diseases in the world? I may burn in hell for this if there is a God, but I do not place the life of a human above the life of anything else. We are not superior to much of anything on this planet.

Whew, I don't rant like that very much anymore.
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If you were in an online photo contest, and the theme for the week was "Wide Open Spaces," would you submit:

Picture A )


Picture B )

Decisions, decisions...

Edit: Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a horizon straight when you're dealing with a locale as flat and horizontal as Kansas? Neither of those horizons are straight now that I look at them. I should have used a tripod. Eh well.
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I've been so good about going to class thus far this semester, so is it entirely wrong if I feel like cutting my last class today? A month into the semester, the only class I skipped was due to the batty window incident. What if I tell you that the notes for this class that I want to skip are posted on the web and readily printable? And there's no quiz or exam? And it's not math or analysis intensive?

You know I'll get an ok out of you soon.

I'm going home.
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Meghan got me thinking about this. Which Democratic candidate would you like to see as a president and why? I'm not saying that they have a guaranteed win on their hands. I just want to know who you think would make the best leader if Bush and members of other parties are not an option. Pretend you're voting in a democratic caucus or something. Indulge me. I want to find out more about the candidates anyway.
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I don't think I've been this bored in my entire life. I've got to think of SOMETHING to do. Here are my choices:

1) Get some actual exercise and go running at Lemon Park,
2) Go out in the country and take some pictures, or
3) Make some junk food and hide upstairs settling a score with Final Fantasy Tactics for a couple of hours.

As you might notice, none of these activities requires money...well, directly. Getting exercise and going into the country requires driving there, taking pictures requires developing the film at some point, and making junk food requires using up groceries.

Hmmm...what to do, what to do...


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