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The homepage I designed for the OU School of Meteorology went live today! http://weather.ou.edu

It's good to know that people think I'm good at something. It's also nice to have a skill that I know I can do well. I'm the first to admit that I royally suck at deriving equations, and my knowledge of computer programming is embarrassingly limited. I'm not athletic, nor do I have a green thumb. I'm socially awkward most of the time (typically when I'm sober, which is most of the time), and I can't hold my liquor. I hate cleaning and have no concept of saving money. HOWEVER, I can design kickass webpages. At least I have something.
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I'm dreading seeing the final score of the Iowa-Iowa State game later today. It's going to be ugly. I think ISU is probably the worst team in the Big 12 right now. :(

I'm switching out my keyboard today for Jeremy's old one. While losing the top row of number keys is bad enough (I've been copying and pasting exclamation points and parentheses for months now), just today I realized that my B key is starting to fail. I went to www.faceook.com twice this morning. ANNOYING.
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I have a question for you Excel whizzes. Let's say I have lots and lots (BIG understatement) of data in a spreadsheet that is formatted like this:


Is there a way in Excel that I can transpose the data so that it reads like this?

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...or look back through the thousands of comics in the PhD Comics archive to find the one about what to do while your script is running just so you can post about how you're waiting for your script to run. I have no life, but at least I got the damn thing working! It may take about four days to finish (literally, I'm leaving it running over the weekend), but it's working!
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What the hell has been going on with Google today?

I watched the entire original Star Wars trilogy tonight....just because I felt like it. I know people have criticized the newer trilogy for various reasons, but I actually think the two trilogies tie together well. The newer ones are pretty true to the originals as far as the story and characters go. I'm definitely not going to say that Episodes I, II, and III are better than the originals in any way other than possibly special effects, but I'm just saying they work well together in general. It's a shame that I only have Episodes IV, V, and VI on old, crappy, 1990 VHS cassettes that cause the picture to bounce up and down during the entire movie, but meh. After awhile you get used to it.

Jeremy's new computer came today, so I'll get mine back finally! Don't get me wrong, the laptop is amazing and all, but there's only so much of this touchpad mouse and lack of scrolling thing that I can take. I want my mouse back.
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Snippets from today...

1. I almost ran over a little box turtle on my drive into school this morning.

2. I found this new spangled calendar feature on Google (there's a link to it at the top of your Gmail window), and I happen to think it's awesome. Now I can view and edit my calendar both at home and at school! Yay! I guess this signals the end of me ever needing a paper planner now.

3. My grandmother and aunt are visiting my great aunt Peggy who lives about fifteen miles from me. I should find time to see them before they leave.

4. One of my office mates had a birthday today, so I got free cake!

5. As I was walking out to my car on my way home I stepped off a curb wrong and completely wiped out on the street. Both of my ankles are now sore as hell (one of them I landed on sideways, so yeah...that will smart a little). To make the experience even more enjoyable, someone was walking the other direction was like RIGHT THERE to see me go down. Fabulous.

6. I found out that I will FINALLY be getting a computer in my office by Tuesday (since Monday's Labor Day and all). It's a PC, but I'll take anything at this point. The only issue is that our room doesn't have half of its ethernet ports yet, so I might be internetless for another week or two on my machine. Others in the room will be hooked up though.

7. Speaking of Labor Day, THREE DAY WEEKEND! Woo hoo! Too bad Jeremy's working night shifts through all of it. :(
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POS Computer Update: Everything I had on my hard drive is now blown off, and there's now a fresh version of XP Pro on here in its place. I've been on here for several hours now installing and such, and it hasn't died on me yet. The printer's working fine now, too. I just have one problem. The two CDs I burned as back-ups that contain all my downloaded music and many many pictures are not being read correctly by either of my CDROM drives. The third one I burned seems to work great, though. It's an oddity. I'm just sitting here hoping and praying that the CDs will work once I get DirectCD and Roxio reinstalled and get a UDF reader on here. I don't know if I can replace a lot of the shit that was on those two CDs. I was able to save the most important docs and files on floppy disks and email, though, so all is not lost.

It is going to be fucking COLD here tomorrow. The Weather Channel said the high tomorrow would be 9 degrees. That's in Fahrenheit. Wind chills tonight are going to be 10-20 degrees below zero. Dayum.
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I got this idea from Katie, but I changed it to ten since I'm such a music freak.

Top Ten Singles of 2003...according to me.
(In no particular order)

1. Bring Me to Life--Evanescence
2. Hey Ya--Outkast
3. Beautiful--Christina Aguilera
4. So Far Away--Staind
5. Clocks--Coldplay
6. Faint--Linkin Park
7. Bright Lights--Matchbox Twenty
8. Hurt--Johnny Cash
9. Here Without You--Three Doors Down
10. Swing Swing--All-American Rejects (I had to do it.)

My computer is still having major problems. The battery didn't fix the problem, and I am very amazed that it's running while I'm typing this. I think it's time to upgrade to XP.
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I got a new battery for my motherboard today. Hopefully this means that the damn computer will stop shutting down at random and often inconvenient times. It was getting so bad that I couldn't go five minutes today before it shut off. Technology continues to hate me.

I need coffee.
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Well, that's certainly interesting. What would cause the PHP code to fail on every single file in a directory...and quite possibly the whole server? This site that I maintain for my adviser uses PHP to link every page to a stylesheet and header, but the pages can't find those things, so the whole layout on at least 30 or 40 of them is totally fucked. I'm not EVEN going to start pasting the style code into every one of those pages. Not at 12:30 am on a day when I have two finals. No way in hell. There has to be an easier solution. Something probably just got tweaked with the server to where it doesn't recognize PHP. I emailed the resident techie guru of our department. He knows everything there is to know about computers, servers, and programming languages.

That said, I'm going to bed.
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Phlegm is my friend.

I have a question for you HTML/Java savvies. I have code for a mouse rollover on my site, and once I've visited the link and hit the Back button, the link stays in the rollover state instead of the original state and the rollover action quits working. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here, click on one of the links, and then hit the Back button to get back to the page. Unless the problem is browser-specific, the link you clicked on should have a permanent shadow behind it. How do I fix that?
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I'm such a dumbass. I uninstalled everything for my printer off the computer before I realized that I have no fucking idea where my installation CD is. Now I'm downloading the damn drivers off the Lexmark website, and it's taking a very long time. Watch, I'll find the CD after I get this done.
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I have to write a program that codes or decodes morse code (depending on which choice the user wants). I'm having some issues with the morse to alphanumeric conversion. The program I wrote reads the code from a file and then spits out the alphanumeric equivalent on the screen. It compiles great, but when I try to run the morse code through it, it prints nothing. So here's my question: why isn't the program reading the data in properly?

This is the code I want to read in:

.- -... -.-.
.---- ..--- ...--
.... . .-.. .-.. ---
.--- . ..-. ..-.

Each individual letter is separated by a space.

Here's the C++ code )
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My C++ program and I just had a breakthrough in our relationship. For the first time since its conception, it actually did what I wanted it to do. We still have a long way to go together, but we're taking it one step at a time.
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Now that I have a right-clicking mouse on my computer at work, I've been playing around with Gimp. I don't know yet what it can do with images, but I do know this: Gimp sucks ASS at anything that involves text. It has that annoying Hyperstudio quality about it where if you click out of the text at any point, it's stuck there on the page right where you left it. There's also very few fonts to choose from, you have pretty much no ability to make a statement carry over to more than one line unless you use an additional plug-in, it's clumsier than hell when it comes to adding drop shadows and bevels, and new text boxes don't automatically create new layers. All in all, I ended up using Powerpoint of all things to create what I needed to create, because Gimp just wasn't doing it for me. God I miss having Photoshop. I guess I still kind of do have it, but I always run the risk of freezing up the old clunker of a computer before I get a chance to save my work. Technology hates me.
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I need to ask a favor of you guys. I'm building up the website for my student portfolio for a class, and I need to know that everything lines up ok in various browsers. Ignore the bottom part of the page. I'm still working on that. Here's the link:


I also know that not all the links take you somewhere. This is definitely a work in progress.

Thanks a bunches!
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I just spent over 30 minutes fixing up an image for my boss's website for his class, and the FUCKING POS COMPUTER FROZE. I was so close to being finished with it, too. Macintosh computers fucking SUCK.
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Mon, 6 Oct 2003 04:20:08 UTC
1st 128K took 4840 ms = 27081 Bytes/sec = approx 225 kbits/sec
2nd 128K took 3790 ms = 34584 Bytes/sec = approx 288 kbits/sec
3rd 128K took 5270 ms = 24871 Bytes/sec = approx 207 kbits/sec
4th 128K took 4120 ms = 31814 Bytes/sec = approx 265 kbits/sec

Speed Test
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Sorry, I meant to post this in a community, but I'll leave one here too in case any of you know C++...

help...this error is irritating me more than you'll ever know

Errors returned from compiler: )


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