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Muaaahahahahaha. New camera! 12 megapixels of win. :D
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Happy 22nd Birthday to ME! I've received four birthday wishes already (one in person, one on LJ, one on IM, and one on Facebook), and I'm only 31 minutes into it. Methinks this will be a good birthday.

Make that five! Jeremy's singing to me over the phone. Silly boy. :p
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Now give me my fucking props! :p
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Before: http://www.meteor.iastate.edu/~mt206/windmill/oldforecasting.html

After: http://www.meteor.iastate.edu/~mt206/windmill/forecasting.html

I'd call it an improvement! I'm giving weather discussions and forecasts for a nonmajor meteorology course of about 200 students. As part of the course, they have to make at least 25 forecasts during the semester, and they will use this page to help them. When I took the course, I found the page very inconvenient to use, ugly, and I thought some of the recommended websites were useless. So...when they asked me to be their meteorology student lackey, I begged them to let me change the page, because there was no way I could use it to give the forecast discussion. It didn't take much convincing for them to let me fuck with it (gee, I wonder why). So, there you go. I at least find it much easier to use, and I'm hoping that the students will like it, too.
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This is for the "What is it?" challenge in [livejournal.com profile] photochallenge, so in all fun, I'll let you guys guess, too. You're not allowed to cheat, so don't peek at what other people guessed in the community unless you're really truly stumped. I don't think it's that hard to figure out, though.
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This week's theme for [livejournal.com profile] photochallenge is Weather! How appropriate! Having only a film camera really limits how many challenges I can actually participate in, so it's nice to be able to enter one for once. Here's the picture I picked:

Bigger version...cut for you slow internet people. )
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I was bored this morning, so I made a wallpaper for my computer in Photoshop. I had to size it down and add a border to submit it, though. People with 800x600 res on their monitors don't appreciate viewing an image that's 1152x864.

Anywho, time to find something to eat and actually get something productive done.
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Ok, I've had it. I'm tired of looking at myself every time I walk by a mirror and thinking "You need a hair cut" or "Why don't you color your hair? You look so plain and average." I'm scheduling a pro consultation this week. Hopefully they don't tell me that I need to have sorority girl blonde hair, though. That would make me even more painfully average on this campus. I just want something that makes me feel pretty. Considering that I'm female, I don't think that's an outrageous request. Whatever they do to me, though, I'm willing to bet that post snip-n-strip, I'll be spending an extra hour every morning blow drying and curling. Actually, I'll probably do it for about a week and then go back to the I-spent-30-seconds-on-my-hair-this-morning look.

Whatever the aftermath is, though, you better believe that my attention whoring ass will be posting pictures.
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Alrighty folks, for your viewing pleasure and amusement, I give you Tyson Ritter of the All American Rejects as I knew him. (This was pretty damn funny if I do say so myself. I couldn't find the other three guys, so they must have moved to Stillwater after I left.)

Here's the pics )
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I suppose if I'm going to sit here and gab about taking pictures, I might as well show you what I do with all my free time, huh?

Ok, that link was fucked up. Anyway, you go to http://miraje.deviantart.com and scroll down the page. Below "Recent deviations" there's a link that says "deviation Gallery." Click on that.
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I've found a new obsession...Deviant Art. It doesn't matter whether you're into photography, writing, sketching, computer-created images, music, cartoons, anything. You can post your work to this public community and let other people see it. It's got tons of features and fun little doo-dads on it. It's just cool. I LOVE it. It has a journal on it, too, but I much prefer LJ. If you join, let me know what your user name is!
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As a result of me wasting a half hour with a scanner and Photoshop, say hello to ME!

I need a shower so bad. It pretty much sucks when you can smell yourself stink. The only reason I haven't done it yet was because I had no clothes to wear, and I wasn't about to walk around this house naked for three hours. Now that my clothes are clean, I'm going to go reacquaint myself with the shower.
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I set up a webpage for all the pictures I take as per my new hobby, photography.

I see London, I see France...
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Alrighty folks, I'm trying this Friendster thing, so add me if you wish. I used miraje5@go.com for the email.
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We kicked some major ass tonight at the symphonic band concert. The auditorium improved the sound of our playing 201%, so we were just blown away at how good the songs sounded. We...are musical geniuses. Hell yes. Bow before the great Iowa State University Symphonic Band...oh, and don't forget an extra bow for the fifth chair alto saxophone..ME!
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Every once in awhile, I get into a weird, creative funk and pretend I'm an artist. I did that tonight for some reason and made something in Photoshop. Maybe I'll just post my creations as I do them since this is my journal and all.

Tonight's waste of time )
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I am a weather DEMON! Right now I'm participating in this national forecasting contest for Meteorology majors. Basically, I have to predict the high temp, low temp, and precipitation for the next day for a designated city. We're doing Fargo, North Dakota right now, and I am kicking ASS! I'm ranked 69th out of some 900 students participating, and that's including upperclassmen, grad students, AND professors. I need my props now, thanks.


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