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This might be a stupid question, but I'm asking it anyway since I keep running into the same problem time and time again while writing my thesis. Let's say you introduce something in your paper that has a long name which is usually shortened to an acronym, like so:

"The Hydrologic Laboratory Research Distributed Hydrologic Model (HL-RDHM) is blah, blah, and blah." (yes, I'm pretty sure the word hydrologic appears twice in the name of this thing)

If you use up your parentheses to introduce the acronym that will be used later in the paper, where then does the reference go? Does it go within the same set of parenthesis and then is separated with a semicolon? Does it get its own parentheses and then look weird sitting next to something else that is already in parentheses? Do you put the reference somewhere else entirely? This is a particularly bad sentence for me because the "blah blah blah" part actually talks about a separate model that has its own damn reference. Otherwise I'd just put the HL-RDHM's reference at the end of the sentence.
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Are we not allowed to change the colors/etc. on the new paid user layouts or am I totally missing it somewhere? I like it, but I always seem to have to tweak things to what I like (for example, I hate that the text is white on the layout I'm using now and really, really want to change it). Help?
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Why is Excel completely stupid when it comes to exporting the charts and graphs into image files? It really shouldn't be this difficult to figure out how to do it, so is there something reeeeaaally obvious that I'm overlooking? I'm trying to avoid copying it into Powerpoint and then saving as an image since a) that seems to degrade the quality of the image, and b) that would be a huge pain in the ass. Death to Microsoft.

It's interesting that I just finished in an hour what I said I'd have done in two weeks. I must be awesome.
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I feel a video game marathon coming on. I need a break from homework and studying anyway.

What should I play?

- Tomb Raider
- Driver
- Mario Kart 64
- Mario 64
- Baldur's Gate (PC game)
- Diddy Kong Racing
- Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- Paper Mario

(If you couldn't tell already, I'm in a bit of an N64 mood today)
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Watch as steam rolls out of Heather's ears. Why can't all browsers follow the same rules? Is that too much to ask?

I'm building a webpage for the National Forecasting Contest here in my department. I realize that it looks like a mess at the moment. Bear with me. My problem is with the header and news thing at the top. Mozilla and anything Netscape-based displays it just fine. IE 5.x (Mac version), however, doesn't get the width right and has about a 3 pixel section of the table hanging outside of the main div. I don't know what other IE versions do to it, but I'd be willing to bet they have a similar problem. I've been messing with width attributes in both the CSS and the HTML for about two hours now, and I just cannot get IE to squeeze it all in. I've tried hacks, too. It does not want to cooperate with me.

Anyone else have a suggestion?

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"Hot buffalo wing w/bleu cheese" flavored kettle chips. Eeeeeenteresting....

I'm having trouble locating a few of the songs I want to download on WinMX. Does anyone know where I can get (or am willing to send if you have it) these songs?

SR-71--Paul McCartney
Peter Moon Band--Vincent
Edwin McCain--Maggie May
Owsley--Band on the Run
Ben Folds--Songs of Love
Franky Perez--Cold Hard Rain
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Where have you guys been getting those customizable cartoon faces for your icons? I've seen two versions now and have no idea where to get either. Yes, I'm bored. Do you have to even ask?
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Calling all people who run unusual browsers or low res displays!!! Go to this site and let me know how it looks to you. I've already tested IE, Netscape, and Mozilla, so unless you have ancient versions of those, don't worry about it. It's pretty basic code, but I suppose it's always good to check. I'm tossing around the idea of making the graphic bigger, but if it already takes up the whole screen on 800x600, I'll leave it alone.
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Fuck. It's decision time boys and girls. I called the local photography place to get an estimate on repairing my camera, and he told me it would probably run about $100 to fix it, but it's $20 just to send it in and get an actual estimate. I can purchase a new body for the camera for around $100 off of Ebay. The interesting thing to note is that I can purchase a complete camera (body and lens, some with other accesories) for between $50 and $80 off of Ebay as well. The cameras just appear to be well used, but still work. Then I could sell my camera body for $20 or so as is and bring the expense down even more.

I could also just do some looking around on the net and fix it myself with a little bit of help from people who know what they're doing. Anyone know someone I could send it to who could fix it for cheaper than $100?

Here's where the real decision comes in. I've been wanting a digital camera for some time now. If I were to sell every camera accessory, lens, filter, body, flash, thing I have seperately on Ebay and somehow managed to get the going rate out of them all, I could make between $175 and $200 total. Since I'm a new seller, I'd probably make no more than $140, but since I got the original camera body and lens for free, I don't think I'd be losing much compared to what I paid for everything else. I can get a decent digital camera for between $180 and $200. I'm not talking about the $800 digital SLRs with all the bells and whistles (although that would be nice). I'm talking about the small Sony Cybershots and Nikon Coolpixes and whatnot. I'll probably greatly miss the ability to do long exposures and to use filters and other fun gadgets, but I'd be saving a hell of a lot of money on developing film that doesn't turn out the way I want. There's a problem with digital cameras, though. They depreciate in value far FAR worse than the manual film stuff I have now. There's no way in hell I could ever sell it for what I buy it for, and I'd have to constistently spend $200-$300 dollars to upgrade to the newer, better cameras every couple of years. My little K1000? Yeah, it'll probably worth the same 5 or 10 years down the road that it is now, and there's always a huge plethora of accessories and parts for it on Ebay.

So, here are my choices:

a) Send my camera body in to be repaired for $100.
b) Buy a new camera body off Ebay for $100 and sell mine for $20.
c) Buy a used, complete camera off Ebay for $50-$80 and sell mine for $20.
d) Fix the damn thing myself.
e) Sell the whole shebang and get a digital camera.

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I need your help, photography people. I need to know how much it will cost me if I take a Pentax K1000 in for repair. The hinge/spring is busted on the mirror, so it won't return to the down position. This makes my viewfinder useless, because all I see is black. I probably also need to get the foam replaced, because there is a little bit of stickage going on. Any idea how much that's going to cost?
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Ok LJ style gurus, I need help. How do you make the background color of your posts transparent? I'm using a stylesheet system for my settings, so any div tags won't work. I need a line of code that will work in the css. Anyone?
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Alright Amesters, I need help. You remember the post I made awhile back about photographing a local band, right? Well, the original plan was to shoot the pictures outdoors in an alley in the downtown district of town, but they don't want snow in the picture. This shit isn't going away anytime soon, and they need the picture soon. So, I need to find another location here in town to get the shots. I was thinking of doing it in an old rundown building like old Sweeney Hall or Morrill Hall. I can't get into Morrill, obviously, but you get the general idea. Josh (the guy in the band) suggested the MU, but it's hard to get a decent picture in with so many people around. Anyone have any ideas?
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Phlegm is my friend.

I have a question for you HTML/Java savvies. I have code for a mouse rollover on my site, and once I've visited the link and hit the Back button, the link stays in the rollover state instead of the original state and the rollover action quits working. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here, click on one of the links, and then hit the Back button to get back to the page. Unless the problem is browser-specific, the link you clicked on should have a permanent shadow behind it. How do I fix that?
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Who posted the little cartoon about the cat sitting on the guy's lap? I tried looking for it, but I'm not sifting through 80 of y'all's journals to find it. That's right, I said y'all. It sounded right.
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Meghan got me thinking about this. Which Democratic candidate would you like to see as a president and why? I'm not saying that they have a guaranteed win on their hands. I just want to know who you think would make the best leader if Bush and members of other parties are not an option. Pretend you're voting in a democratic caucus or something. Indulge me. I want to find out more about the candidates anyway.
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mmmmmm...Jack's Original Mexican Style Pizza, and it's all mine.

I bought new shoes. You can't turn down a $3 pair of shoes at Payless. Some of them were hideous looking, but these were actually very cool. Right now I'm wearing them around the house to break them in, because they're stiffer than....hm. I need a good analogy here. All of the things that came to mind were either gross or perverted.
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Ok boys and girls, what program do you use to create animated icons? I've seen some pretty damn hilarious ones in the last day or two and I want to be a follower.

On a second note...WHY THE FUCK DID HE HAVE TO SHOOT TONY?!?!?!?! ...and then, just to leave it hanging like that with..with..a close up of him dying for fuck's sake. I CANNOT WAIT A WEEK TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! God DAMN, the writers of 24 love to play sick and sadistic tricks on their fans.

....whew, now that I'm more composed, I didn't put that behind a tag as a spoiler because I'm about 80% sure that none of you have even heard of 24 anyway (with the exception of Steph of course).
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Yay for debate! I very much appreciate when people actually do it with some amount of respect for one another instead of giving up and resorting to attacks on intelligence and other childish namecalling. *cough*debate*cough* So people disagree. That doesn't make either side any less of a person, and I hate it when people think otherwise.

Anyway, who would like to tell me why I'm getting a volume of 0 on this integration in cylindrical coordinates? When you do a triple integral to find the volume of a cylinder-based solid, does your theta value range from 0 to 2-pi (I can't do theta symbols or pi symbols in here)? I think that's where I'm getting hung up, because my integration involves sin and cos, and when I put in 0 and 2-pi...they're the same value so they cancel each other out. Yeah, so I will not be surprised if no one replies to this, lol. Only I'm crazy enough to take a class in this shit.
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I need to ask a favor of you guys. I'm building up the website for my student portfolio for a class, and I need to know that everything lines up ok in various browsers. Ignore the bottom part of the page. I'm still working on that. Here's the link:


I also know that not all the links take you somewhere. This is definitely a work in progress.

Thanks a bunches!


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